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Wallet Phone Japan Report: Learn the State of the Art of the Most Advanced Wallet Phone Economy

出版商 Eurotechnology Japan KK 商品編碼 304623
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 190 Pages, 20 Figures, 80 Photos, 6 Tables
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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日本的手機電子錢包市場 Wallet Phone Japan Report: Learn the State of the Art of the Most Advanced Wallet Phone Economy
出版日期: 2014年05月18日 內容資訊: 英文 190 Pages, 20 Figures, 80 Photos, 6 Tables

全球第一個手機電子錢包,是2004年6月10日NTT DoCoMo發售的P506iC。其後10年間,手機電子錢包大幅進化滲透。在日本傳統的手機電子錢包廣泛利用的同時,Apple的iOS和Android為基礎的智慧型手機也在日本和全球擴大機電子錢包應用程式的佔有率。


第1章 摘要整理:手機電子錢包

第2章 概念:手機電子錢包是什麼,為何要手機電子錢包

  • 手機電子錢包是什麼
  • 起源
  • Suica的20年發展歷史
  • 概念:i-mode手機加FeliCa智慧卡成為手機電子錢包
  • 為何要手機電子錢包
  • 手機電子錢包:行動電話的下個階段
  • 行動電話:發展的階段
  • 對手機經營者的影響

第3章 硬體設備、軟體平台/系統

  • 手機電子錢包系統概要
  • 概念:i-mode手機加FeliCa智慧卡成為手機電子錢包
  • Felica和Felica的內部
  • Felica手機電子錢包的內部(近距離無線通訊的IC晶片和天線系統)
  • Felica與規格、NFC通訊規格
  • 主要的FeliCa卡的技術資料
  • FeliCa及其他IC卡比較
  • 記憶體的限制
  • NFC規格
  • Felica、Mifare、其他NFC
  • Felica、Mifare、SUICA、OYSTER卡
  • SONY和NXP的合資企業
  • 安全和隱私
  • 安全:主要的問題
  • 安全:解決方案
  • 隱私

第4章 生態系統

  • 手機Felica手機電子錢包的生態系統
  • 經營模式和生態系統
  • 手機電子錢包數
  • Felica Networks Inc:企業
  • Felica Networks Inc:JR東日本的投資

第5章 用途和案例研究

第6章 Edy:電子貨幣

第7章 手機電子錢包的用途和案例研究

第8章 競爭激烈的市場、FeliCa手機電子錢包的替代產品、國際標準、互通性



The world's first wallet phone was the P506iC, which was commercially introduced by NTT-Docomo on July 10th, 2004 with a suite of applications linked to the wallet.

In the 10 years since 2004, wallet phones have developed and expanded greatly. While traditional Japanese wallet phones are still widely in use in Japan, Apple iOS and Android based smartphones are rapidly growing in marketshare and are expanding the universe of wallet phone applications in Japan and globally.

Wallet phones are mobile phones equiped to include bank cards, credit cards, house keys, company access control IDs, electronic cash, train tickets and many more functions. Wallet phones in principle can take over all functions which our wallet has.

Wallet phones enable mobile operators to enter new industries, especially the payment and credit card industries. For this reason wallet phones represent innovation and disruption for established industries, such as credit cards.

This report describes the technology and the eco-systems of wallet phones, and describes several application case studies richly illustred with photographs and descriptions of how wallet phones present value to consumers, and how wallet phones impact established industries.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary: wallet phones
  • The concept: What are wallet phones and why
    • What are wallet phones?
    • Origin
    • Suica's 20 year development history
    • concept: i-mode phone plus FeliCa smartcard as wallet phone
    • Why wallet phones
    • Wallet phones: driving cell phones forward to the next stage
    • mobile phones: stages of development
    • implications for the mobile carrier
  • Hardware, software platforms and systems
    • Wallet phone sysstems overview
    • Concept: i-mode phone plus FeliCa smartcard as wallet phone
    • Felica and Inside view of Felica (with pictures of cut open FeliCa cards)
    • Inside view of Felica wallet phone showing FeliCa IC chip and antenna system for near field communication (NFC)
    • FeliCa and standards, NFC communication standards
    • Technical data of selected FeliCa cards (anticollision type, ordinary and with magnet stripe for non-contactless read/write)
    • FeliCa compared with other IC-Cards
    • Memory limitations
    • NFC standards
    • Felica, Mifare, and near field communications (NFC)
    • Felica and Mifare, SUICA vs OYSTER Card
    • SONY and NXP joint venture
    • Security and privacy
    • Security - key issues
    • Security - solutions
    • Privacy
  • The Eco-System
    • The mobile Felica wallet phone eco-system
    • Business models and eco-systems
    • How many wallet phones are there (graphics showing wallet phone numbers for DoCoMo and competing mobile operators for 2004-2008 with projections and estimations towards 2012)
    • Felica Networks Inc - The Company
    • Felica Networks Inc - JR East investment
  • Applications and case studies
    • DoCoMo's entry into the credit card and consumer loans business
    • Wallet phones create a new layer in the credit card business landscape - overview of the credit card landscape after introduction of wallet phones and mobile credit transactions
    • DoCoMo's investments in mobile credit business development
    • Sice of Japan's credit card payment industry (credit card payment volume for 1990 with projections to 2010)
    • Market shares of Japan's major credit card issuers
    • Implications
    • Graphics and summary of DoCoMo's major recent investments to develop mobile payments business
    • DoCoMo's iD platform
    • DoCoMo's iD platform - usage statistics and analysis
    • DoCoMo's DCMMX mobile credit brand
    • Quicpay contactless payments
    • Electronic cas ahd electronic / mobile payments in Japan
    • Electronic cas ahd electronic / mobile payments landscape (overview, analysis with graphics)
    • Facts and analysis of electronic cash in Japan
    • Impact on traditional coins and money (with statistics of coins in circulation (total volume, cash value data for 2004 - 2005)
    • Requirements for ecash
    • Legal requirements for ecash
  • Edy - electronic cash
    • Overview
    • Edy - timeline
    • Number of Edy e-cash cards issued (data for 2000-2007, with projection to 2010)
    • Number of Edy transactions per month (data for 2000-2007, with projection to 2010)
    • Number of Edy transactions per month per card (data for 2000-2007, with projection to 2010)
    • Cash register (POS) with Edy reader/writer
    • National introduction of e-cash
    • Edy charger unit for retail use
    • Edy in felica wallet phones
    • Edy gift
    • Bitwallet KK
    • Electronic banking and Edy
    • Wallet phones and ATMs
  • Wallet phone applications and case studies
    • Preview service January - June 2004
    • Service after introduction from July 10, 2004
    • Partner network
    • Initial 11 services
    • Additional 23 services from August 2004
    • Cash register (POS) with Edy reader/writer
    • Case study: Bic Camera
    • Case study: Yodobashi Camera
    • Case study: Karaoke
    • Case study: electronic door key
    • Case study: Coca Cola Cmode
    • Case study: Copy machines
    • Case study: game parlor
    • Case study: event ticketing
    • Case study: customer relationship management at convenience stores
    • Case study: ticketing and customer relationship management at an Airline (All Nippon Airways ANA)
    • Case study: phones as train tickets - SUICA and PASMO
    • Case studies: Townpocket, i-touch, and other touch to activate services
  • Competitive market place, alternatives to FeliCa wallet phones, global standards and interoperability
    • Wallet phones as a competitive tool, competitive landscape and first-mover advantage
    • EZ-Felica
    • Vodafone KK's wallet phone concept
    • Mobile Felica and Mopass
  • Summary: Wallet phones
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