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Mobile Payments, E-Money and Mobile Credit in Japan

出版商 Eurotechnology Japan KK 商品編碼 286472
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 201 Pages, 44 Figures, 106 Photos, 7 Tables
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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日本的行動付款 Mobile Payments, E-Money and Mobile Credit in Japan
出版日期: 2014年05月12日 內容資訊: 英文 201 Pages, 44 Figures, 106 Photos, 7 Tables




  • 摘要整理:行動付款及手機信用卡-顛覆性創新
  • 行動付款、手機信用卡
  • 作為顛覆性創新的行動付款、手機信用卡
  • 作為行動通訊產業的新經營模式的行動付款
  • 信用卡企業的Dokomo的投資:新經營模式的建立
  • Dokomo的新iD信用卡品牌
  • Dokomo的策略
  • DCMX信用卡品牌
  • KDDI The Card
  • SoftBank Card
  • QuicPay及行動付款推廣論壇
  • SmartPlus 及 Visa-Touch
  • 日本的電子貨幣
  • Edy電子貨幣
  • 樂天Edy KK(前BitWallet KK)
  • 零售商店的電子貨幣:7-11便利店‐Nanaco
  • 零售商店的電子貨幣:AEON Group‐WAON
  • 跟三菱東京行動銀行及Edy的鏈接
  • i-Mode及行動FeliCa手機錢包的實例
  • Edy及行動FeliCa手機錢包的合作夥伴:All Nippon Airways(ANA)
  • FeliCa 及 Mifare
  • FeliCa手機錢包:手機錢包是什麼、理由
  • 經營模式及FeliCa/行動FeliCa的生態系統
  • 行動付款平台的日本的行動網際網路
  • 行動商務、行動付款及行動交易
  • 行動內容付款:行動音樂
  • 經由行動網際網路的郵購:線上購買、行動大型購物中心
  • 行動競標
  • Dokomo競標策略:線上、行動競標的策略性投資
  • KDDI/AU的行動商務倡議
  • 當作電車票的電話:Suica
  • 行動電話預約、支付鐵路旅遊:ExpressCard
  • 倫敦和東京的行動交通付款比較:倫敦交通局對於行動付款車的再發明至少要花10年的理由
  • 行動電話預約、支付鐵路旅遊:實例--小田急情侶車俱樂部
  • 付款通知單付款用條碼及QR編碼
  • Dokomo硬幣
  • 摘要:行動付款、電子貨幣及手機信用卡



Electronic money (e-money) and mobile payments started in Japan 1999 - about 10 years ago, and are growing exponentially. Both mobile payments and e-money are substantial parts of Japan's economy today, and a substantial part of payment transactions and money in circulation are e-money including mobile phone based e-money.

This report includes a large number of statistics and usage data and projections out for growth expected for the next years. The report explains case studies and business models, which are successful in Japan and which can also be applied to other markets elsewhere in the world. The present report gives a comprehensive overview of the variety of mobile payment services in operation in Japan, explains in detail how several proven mobile payment systems work, and explains the trends for mobile payments, transactions and mobile credit. The report describes the fundamental shift of paradigm occuring in the wireless communication industry and driven from Japan. This report includes descriptions of the newest electronic money systems, including SUICA, PASMO, Nanaco, VISA-Touch, WAON and more.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary: Mobile Payment and keitai credit - disruptive innovation

Mobile payments and keitai credit

  • Market dynamics
  • The competitive landscape for e-money, mobile payments, and keitai credit in Japan (chart)
  • Prepaid ecash
  • Postpaid keitai credit
  • Wallet phones create a new layer in the credit business landscape (incl chart)

Mobile payments and keitai credit as disruptive innovation

Mobile payments as aew business models for the mobile communications industry

  • Why are new business models needed for mobile communications?

DoCoMo's invstment in credit card companies: building new business models

  • DoCoMos investment in credit card companies
  • Credit card payments are a much bigger market than mobile communications (graphic comparing Japans mobile communications market with Japans credit card payment market since 1990 with projection to 2010)
  • Japans credit card payment and cash advance market (pie chart showing market shares of credit card companies)
  • DoCoMos investment in credit card companies: implications
  • Overview of DoCoMos recent strategic investments beyond the wireless communications field

DoCoMo's new iD credit brand

  • Overview
  • iD - trends and significance
  • iD POS terminal including usage estimations
  • POS terminal for iD
  • ATM in convenience store with iD and Edy/Felica terminal
  • Felia reader for bank ATM

DoCoMo's strategy

  • iD - strategy

DCMX Credit Card brand

  • Overview
  • branding strategy and introduction campaign
  • trends and risks
  • DCMX on the i-mode menu

KDDI The Card

  • Overview
  • KDDI The Card and Quicpay
  • KDDI money program

SoftBank Card

  • Overview

QuicPay and the mobile payment promotion forum

  • QuicPay Overview
  • The mobile payment promotion forum: overview, purpose and history, list of stearing committee member companies, list of founding members, list of companies
  • considering to join
  • QuicPay prototype (2004)
  • QuicPay demonstration (2005) purchasing music online
  • QuicPay market introduction campaign and marketing message

SmartPlus and Visa-Touch

  • SmartPlus Overview
  • Visa Touch Overview and usage numbers

e-money in Japan

  • Japan's major e-cash systems
  • Why electronic cash?
  • National introduction of ecash
  • Ecash is private business in Japan
  • Requirements for electronic cash
  • Legal situation and legal basis of ecash in Japan
  • Ecash replacing coins in Japan, overview of coin circulation in Japan

EDY Electronic Cash

  • What does the name Edy mean?
  • Edy overview
  • Edy timeline and history
  • Edy in FeliCa wallet phones: demonstration of basic functions - checking the balance, paying
  • Cash register (POS) with Edy reader/writer
  • Edy charger: loading cash into Edy
  • Usage statistics: number of Edy cards issued (2001-2005, with projection to 2010)
  • Usage statistics: number of Edy transactions per month (2001-2005, with projection to 2010)
  • Usage statistics: number of Edy transactions per card and per month (2001-2005, with projection to 2010)

Rakuten Edy KK (formerly BitWallet KK)

  • Company outline
  • Shareholders and equity ratios

Electronic cash at retailers - Seven-Eleven: Nanaco

  • Outline
  • JAVA application version for mobile phones and mobile payment
  • main menu of electronic money JAVA application
  • Comparing card and mobile phone version for electronic money
  • Marketing message at introduction
  • POS
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Nanaco: main characteristics

Electronic cash at retailers - Aeon Group: WAON

  • Outline
  • Marketing WAON
  • Kids' WAON
  • Why does AEON issue WAON

Tokyo-Mitsubishi mobile banking and link to Edy

  • Mobile banking and transactions
  • Tokyo-Mitsubishi mobile banking, with demonstrations of content and basic functionalities and user experience
  • Edy and mobile banking, with demonstrations of content and basic functionalities and user experience: transfering cash from the bank account to Edy on the mobile phone
  • Edy and mobile banking: viewing the transaction record (user experience)
  • Mobile consumer banking and ecash

i-Mode and mobile FeliCa wallet phone examples

  • AM/PM convenience stores
  • Payment with Edy and wallet phone at the point of sale (POS)
  • Customer relationship management with FeliCa wallet phones
  • Customer Club experience via FelIca wallet phone (mobile CRM)
  • Ticket Pia
  • Electronic mobile event tickets

Edy and mobile Felica wallet phone partner: All Nippon Airlines ANA

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) and mileage club for Edy and wallet phones
  • JAL - Japan Airlines

FeliCa and Mifare

  • Overview and system description
  • Felica chip and NFC antenna
  • Felica and Mifare (example: London's Oyster card)
  • SONY and NXP joint venture

FeliCa Wallet phones: What are wallet phones and why

  • How many wallet phones are there in Japan? (graphics for DoCoMo wallet phones, and all operators, data for 2004-2007 with projection to 2011)
  • Wallet phone system overview
  • Overview
  • Example: P506iC (introduced on July 10, 2004)
  • i-Mode Felica transaction partners
  • Why wallet phones, what are wallet phones
  • DoCoMo i-Mode Felica wallet phone description
  • Schematic overview of the i-Mode Felica System
  • Why wallet phone
  • Trends of mobile communications, phases of development
  • Mobile phone - stages of development
  • Implications for the mobile carrier

Business models and the FeliCa/mobile FeliCa ecosystem

  • Overview
  • Business models and the FeliCa/mobile FeliCa ecosystem
  • Graphical view of the ecosystem, including a schematic presentation of revenues for DoCoMo and the key players

Japan's mobile internet as a platform for mobile payments

  • Mobile payments today in Japan
  • The i-Mode Ecosystem
  • Mobile internet penetrates Japan (graphics showing mobile internet subscriber numbers for 1999-2005)
  • Todays 3G i-Mode in a nutshell: users pay for content

M-commerce, mobile payments and mobile transactions

  • Japans mobile internet supports a range of m-commerce and m-transactions
  • Mobile mail order, e-commerce and m-commerce (market size estimations: 1998-2010)

Payment for mobile content: mobile music

  • Overview of mobile music market

Mail order via mobile internet: Online purchasing, mobile shopping malls

  • Online purchases by mobile phone
  • Examples of most effective mobile commerce
  • Commerce features unique to mobile phones
  • M-commerce: shopping by mobile phone
  • Examples of mobile phone online bookstores
  • Examples of mobile phone online music stores
  • Mobile shopping mall
  • Event tickets by mobile phone, example of leading mobile store
  • Selling flowers by mobil phone

Mobile auctions

  • Overview
  • AU auctions via mobile phone
  • AU auctions

DoCoMos Auction strategy: strategic investment in online and mobile auctions

  • Overview

KDDI/AU's mcommerce initiatives

  • Overview
  • AU shopping and auction menu
  • AU shopping
  • Au auctions via mobile phone
  • AU records and EZ music store
  • AU style

Phones as train tickets: SUICA

  • Overview
  • Mobile SUICA
  • SUICA users: (graphics for 2001-2007 with projections to 2008,
  • number of SUICA cards, number of monthly train passes vs prepaid fare cards, number of combined SUICA and credit cards)
  • SUICA as ecash in competition to Edy

Reserving and paying with mobile phone for train travel: example - ExpressCard

  • Overview of the ExpressCard
  • Table of key data, market size, usage characteristics, and sales volume estimation
  • ExpressCard mobile selling system description
  • Seat reservation and purchase via PC internet site
  • Seat reservation and purchase via mobile phone, screen image of top menu
  • Mobile reservation, and purchase site, login screen image and description
  • Researvation and purchase sequence, screen images
  • Paper ticket issue of tickets purchased by mobile phone
  • Estimation of market size

Comparing mobile transport payment in London and Tokyo: why does it take Transport for London at least 10 years to reinvent the mobile payment wheel?

  • Comparing Oyster and Suica

Reserving and paying with mobile phone for train travel: example - Odakyu romance car club

  • Overview of the Odakyu romance car club
  • Mobile reservation, and purchase site, login screen image and description
  • Researvation and purchase sequence, screen images
  • Summary


  • Overview: PASMO
  • Marketing

Bar codes and QR codes to pay bills

  • QR codes for paying bills at a convenience store
  • Paying bills by mobile phone
  • Mobile bill paying system

DoCoMo coin

  • Overview of DoCoMo coin system

Summary: Mobile payment, e-money and keitai credit

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