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Multichannel Marketing Business Case Report 2014: Differentiated Innovation to Meet the Evolving Need of Stakeholders (Pharma sector)

出版商 EyeforPharma 商品編碼 306115
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 51 Pages; 10 Tables
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多管道行銷商業範例報告 Multichannel Marketing Business Case Report 2014: Differentiated Innovation to Meet the Evolving Need of Stakeholders (Pharma sector)
出版日期: 2014年04月30日 內容資訊: 英文 51 Pages; 10 Tables






  • 報告背景
  • 歷史觀點

第1章 MCM定義與角色

  • 不發展數位行銷的理由
  • 市場壓力
  • 與其他部門比較的醫藥品行銷成熟度

第2章 管道最佳化

  • 誰透過怎樣的管道提出怎樣的需求?
  • 醫療專家與患者 - 主要差異
  • 利益相關者需求
  • 最新數位管道
  • 產品生命週期影響資源分配
  • 引進MCM策略

第3章 多管道行銷(MCM)策略

  • 實際管道
  • 創新策略的重要性
  • 非促銷管道
  • 新管道

第4章 MCM策略實施

  • 確認列表 - 準備好整合策略了嗎?
  • 重要的成功要素
  • 成功的阻礙
  • 回應技能落差:組織提升技能的機會

第5章 增加管道數量

  • 屬性 - 重要性與反應計畫方法
  • 對應群眾資料需求
  • 注意Janssen - 2型糖尿病患者追蹤、發表Invokana(canagliflozin)

第6章 未來預測

  • 情報管理能力的提升
  • 適應性將成為關鍵
  • 對業務的支援提升


  • MCM將MCLM再進化
  • 高度活用數據
  • 多管道相當普遍

Maximizing multichannel marketing strategies and their capabilities.

The Multichannel Marketing Case Report, 2014, gives insight on the MCM landscape. Although pharma have an array of strategy options, the problem lies in finding the resources to implement the changes, whether it may be time or talent. The next strategic step is to define what has been achieved as well as how the results were attained. Through case studies, the report will help identify what is working and how to build a framework for future projects.

The report includes:

  • Case study driven: Focusing on your competitors and how they are developing their multichannel strategies
  • Optimize channel effectiveness: Identify stakeholder needs from pharma companies and understand how channels can be used to commercially leverage optimum periods within a production lifecycle
  • Implement a winning strategy: Which critical success factors define successful projects? Learn what can be done to shift your corporation menality

Key reasons to purchase this report:

  • Business Case studies: Gain insight from 10 industry leaders on who has done what, when, how and why, to find out where you can adapt your strategy for future success
  • Optimize your channel effectiveness: Primary insights on which channels are most effective, when to use them, and at what frequency
  • Best practice implementation: Learn the step-by-step process required to implement a successful MCM strategy
  • Monitoring and tracking tactics: Simple tactics to turn raw CRM data into valuable insights
  • Skilling up your staff: Identify the training methods required to ensure effective implementation of new channel tactics
  • Leverage multichannel: Integrate channels into your promotional mix so they compliment your sales force
  • Stay compliant: Regulatory framework mapped out for each major region, and each emerging channel so you don't have to
  • Lifecycle Management: Understand the best time to launch each channel so you don't waste any resources

Table of Contents

Executive summary

  • Background to this report
  • Chapter 1 - Role of MCM
  • Chapter 2 - Channel optimization
  • Chapter 3 - Deploying MCM strategies
  • Chapter 4 - Implementing an MCM strategy
  • Chapter 5 - Growing channel numbers
  • Chapter 6 - What does the future hold for MCM?



  • Background to this report
  • Historical perspective

1. Definition and role of MCM

  • 1.1 Why digital marketing is not developed
  • 1.2 Market pressures
  • 1.3 Pharmaceutical marketing maturity compared with other sectors

2. Channel optimization

  • 2.1 Who wants what through what channel?
  • 2.2 Healthcare professionals and patients - key differences
  • 2.3 Stakeholder needs
  • 2.4 Emerging digital channels
  • 2.5 How a product life cycle influences resource allocation
  • 2.6 Deploying an MCM strategy

3. Multichannel marketing strategies

  • 3.1 Proven channels
  • 3.2 The importance of innovative strategies
  • 3.3 Nonpromotional channels
  • 3.4 Emerging channels

4. Implementing an MCM strategy

  • 4.1 Checklist - Are you ready for an integrated strategy? ..
  • 4.2 Critical success factors ..
  • 4.3 Barriers to success ..
  • 4.4 Address the skills gap: opportunities to upskill your organization ..

5. Growing channel numbers

  • 5.1 Attribution - its importance and how to plan it in
  • 5.2 Meet audience needs for information
  • 5.2.1. Focus on Janssen - Patient adherence in type 2 diabetes, launch of Invokana (canagliflozin)

6. What does the future hold?

  • 6.1 Improved information management capabilities
  • 6.2 Adapting will be key
  • 6.3 Improved aid for the sales force

Industry learning

  • MCM evolves into MCLM
  • Advanced data leveraging
  • Multichannel will become ubiquitous



List of figures:

  • Figure 1: Survey of marketers' confidence in their digital expertise
  • Figure 2: Challenges to MCM adoption
  • Figure 3: Pharma organizations' confidence in their MCM strategy
  • Figure 4: MCM strategy confidence
  • Figure 5: Physician channel preferences
  • Figure 6: At what stage in a product's life cycle should products be deployed?
  • Figure 7: Do you have a process whereby an emerging channel is assessed?
  • Figure 8: The most important channel to a brand's or product's success
  • Figure 9: How much effect does promotional innovation have on sales in the pharma industry?
  • Figure 10: MCLM maturity model
  • Figure 11: Current vs. day in the life of a physician and pharma
  • Figure 12: Maturity of MCM capabilities
  • Figure 13: How pharma sales and marketing executives rate the performance of their organization
  • Figure 14: Top five business priorities in 2013

List of tables:

  • Table 1: Challenges to MCM adoption
  • Table 2: Confidence in MCM strategy
  • Table 3: Confidence in MCM strategy
  • Table 4: Stakeholder needs from pharmaceutical companies
  • Table 5: Main social media channels
  • Table 6: Regulation differences of key regions
  • Table 7: At what stage should each channel first be deployed?
  • Table 8: The most important channel to a brand's product's success
  • Table 9: How much effect does promotional innovation have on sales in the pharma industry?
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