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LNG Forecaster

出版商 Drewry Shipping Consultants Limited 商品編碼 305832
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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全球LNG運輸船市場預測 LNG Forecaster
出版日期: 2015年10月01日 內容資訊: 英文

本報告提供LNG (液化天然氣) 運輸船的貿易,運費,現貨行情及定期租用的船費等相關的總括性調查,全球、地區的天然氣消費、生產的發展趨勢,各國的LNG進口量相關詳細分析,各進口國的天然氣、石油、煤炭、LPG及包含LNG價格的競爭燃料的價格的綜合分析,LNG船舶,及LNG計劃等相關資料彙整。

第1章 摘要整理

  • LNG船舶
  • LNG需求
  • LNG接收站
  • 競爭燃料的價格

第2章 LNG貿易、價格

  • 天然氣價格
  • LNG價格
  • 原油價格
  • 煤炭價格
  • LNG貿易

第3章 LNG船舶

  • LNG運輸船
  • LNG訂單情形
  • 拆卸
  • 運費
  • LNG運輸船的展望

第4章 LNG計劃

  • LNG計劃
  • 風險指標
  • 契約

第5章 附錄





Every quarter, Drewry's LNG Forecaster delivers a wealth of market intelligence on the global natural gas market, LNG trade and shipping sector. It gives a comprehensive insight into LNG trade, freight rates, spot rates and time charter rates. Fleet developments are covered in detail, with extensive regional trade statistics covering LNG import volumes including its pricing per country of imports. Chapters are:

Executive Summary

The chapter covers topical overview of the market, with special focus section to address key issues, trends and recent events in the LNG market. This is followed by a series of sections covering various aspects of global LNG trade and shipping market.

LNG trade and prices focuses on:

  • Global and regional natural gas consumption and production developments
  • Detailed analysis on LNG imports volumes per country
  • Comprehensive analysis of competing fuel prices including natural gas, oil, coal, LPG and LNG prices per country of imports.

LNG shipping provides:

  • In-depth assessment of the LNG fleet development in terms of the in-service fleet, orderbook, deliveries, new orders, demolition with forward-outlook and synopsis of the fleet capacity supply into the market up to 2019.
  • It further examines key areas such as LNG shipping economics such as freight rates, spot, short- and long-term charter rates and asset prices developments in the market.

LNG projects summarises:

  • Global LNG liquefaction plants and regasification terminals, existing, under-construction, new start-up, planned and proposed projects regionally.
  • It gives a comprehensive view on the expected LNG production capacity development per region up to 2020.

LNG Forecasterscriptions offer 12 months' access to Drewry's LNG One World online platform. LNG One World provides up-to-date news, editorial analysis and a wealth of statistical data and intelligence on all aspect of the LNG sector.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

  • LNG Shipping
  • LNG Demand
  • LNG Terminal
  • Competing Fuel Prices

2. LNG Trade and Prices

  • Natural Gas Prices
  • LNG Prices
  • Crude Oil Prices
  • Coal Prices
  • LNG Trade

3. LNG Shipping

  • LNG Fleet
  • LNG Orderbook
  • Demolitions
  • Freight Rates
  • LNG Shipping Outlook

4. LNG Projects

  • LNG Projects
  • Risk Index
  • Contracts

5. Appendices

6. Listings



  • LNG Fleet
  • LNG Imports
  • Freight Rates ($ per Day)
  • Far East LNG Price ($ per Mmbtu)
  • Natural Gas Production (Million Tonnes)
  • Natural Gas Consumption (Million Tonnes)
  • Natural Gas Prices ($ per Mmbtu)
  • Natural Gas Future Prices at Nbp (Pence per Therm)
  • Natural Gas Future Prices at Henry Hub ($ per Mmbtu)
  • LNG Prices ($ per Mmbtu)
  • Competing Fuel Price ($ per Mmbtu)
  • Crude Oil Prices ($ per Barrel)
  • Coal Prices, High Cv ($ per Tonne)
  • Propane Prices ($ per Tonne)
  • Butane and Naphtha Prices
  • LNG Exports by Major Countries ('000 Tonnes)
  • Japan LNG Imports and Prices
  • South Korea LNG Imports and Prices
  • China LNG Imports and Prices
  • Taiwan LNG Imports and Prices
  • Uk LNG Imports and Prices
  • Belgium LNG Imports and Prices
  • Greece LNG Imports and Prices
  • Italy LNG Imports and Prices
  • Spain LNG Imports and Prices
  • Usa LNG Imports and Prices
  • Thermal Coal Imports (Million Tonnes)
  • Trade Matrix 3Q15 ('000 Tonnes)
  • LNG Imports Forecast (Million Tonnes)
  • LNG Trade Matrix 2014 (Million Tonnes)
  • Million Tonne-Mile Demand Matrix 2014
  • LNG Fleet Development
  • LNG Orderbook
  • New Orders
  • Deliveries
  • Demolitions
  • Freight Rate ($ per Day)
  • Quarterly Vessel Demand Matrix (Above 125,000 Cbm)
  • Newbuilding Price and Investment Return Analysis (160,000 Cbm Vessel)
  • Representative Operating Cost for Modern 150-160,000 Cbm LNG Vessel ($ per Day)
  • Freight Rate Forecast
  • LNG Shipping Costs (170,000 Cbm Capacity LNG Carrier) Units: $/Mmbtu
  • Distance (Round Trip, Miles)
  • Distance (Round Trip, Miles)
  • Representative Average Bunker Prices ($ per Tonne)
  • Global Liquefaction Capacity
  • LNG Liquefaction Plants
  • Liquefaction Projects Under Construction
  • Major Liquefaction Projects Planned
  • Floating LNG Projects
  • Forecast LNG Liquefaction Capacity
  • Global Regasification Capacity
  • LNG Regasification Plants
  • Fsru Projects
  • Project Updates
  • Contract Updates
  • LNG Contracts by Major Countries
  • LNG Contracts Due to Expire in 2016-2018


  • Regional Groupings
  • Natural Gas Conversion Factors
  • Natural Gas Physical Conversion Factors
  • Natural Gas Conversion Factors: Rates of Flow
  • LNG Liquefaction Plants: Existing
  • Current LNG Receiving Terminals
  • LNG Receiving Terminals Under Construction
  • LNG Fleet Listing (End-December 2015)
  • LNG Carrier Orderbook, End-December 2015
  • Current LNG Contracts by Importing Country


  • LNG Carrier New Orders, Oct to Dec 2015
  • LNG Carrier Deliveries, Oct to Dec 2015
  • LNG S&P Transactions, Oct to Dec 2015
  • LNG Carrier Demolition Sales,Oct to Dec 2015
  • LNG Carrier Fleet Age Profile, End-December 2015


  • Drewry Far East Trade Index (1Q10=100)
  • Drewry Shipping Demand Index (1Q10 =100)
  • Global Terminal Utilisation (Liquefaction)
  • Drewry Short Term Freight Index (1Q10=100)
  • Drewry Far East LNG Price Assessment ($ per Mmbtu)
  • Drewry Competing Fuel Price Assessment ($ per Mmbtu)
  • LNG Imports, 4Q15 (M Tonnes)
  • Average LNG Prices, 4Q15 ($ per Mmbtu)
  • Average Natural Gas Prices, 4Q15 ($ per Mmbtu)
  • Average Competing Fuel Prices, 4Q15 ($ per Mmbtu)
  • Average Bunker Fuel Prices, 4Q15 ($ per Tonne)
  • US Gas Production & Consumption (MCF)
  • US Gas Stocks (BCF)
  • Gas Trade (Million Tonnes)
  • Spot LNG Trade
  • Gas Consumption by Sector: Japan, 2014
  • Gas Consumption by Sector: China, 2014
  • Gas Consumption by Sector: South Korea, 2014
  • Gas Consumption by Sector: Taiwan, 2014
  • Gas Consumption by Sector: India, 2014
  • Gas Consumption by Sector: USA, 2014
  • LNG Share of Gas Demand, 2014
  • Share of World's Primary Energy
  • Gas Price Comparison ($ per Mmbtu)
  • Spot LNG Price (Japan)
  • Drewry Far East Trade Index (1Q10=100)
  • Drewry Shipping Demand Index (1Q10 =100)
  • Drewry Far East LNG Price Assessment ($ per Mmbtu)
  • Drewry Competing Fuel Price Assessment ($ per Mmbtu)
  • Asia Pacific Imports ('000 Tonnes)
  • LNG Inventory (Million Tonnes)
  • Europe Imports ('000 Tonnes)
  • LNG Fleet Development (Number of Vessels)
  • LNG Fleet Age Profile (Average Age in Years)
  • Fleet by Engine Type
  • Fleet by Containment System
  • Orderbook to Fleet Ratio
  • Speculative Orders to Orderbook Ratio
  • Orderbook by Engine Type
  • Orderbook by Containment System
  • Drewry Short-Term Freight Index (1Q10=100)
  • LNG Spot Freight Rate Comparison ($ per Day)
  • Drewry LNG Spot Freight Vix
  • Spot Price and Spot Charter Rate Comparison
  • Spot Vessel Availability
  • Newbuilding Price ($ Million)
  • Second-Hand Price ($ Million)
  • Drewry Lead Time for LNG Vessel (Years)
  • Asset Value Forecast ($M)
  • LNG Shipping Supply-Demand Balance
  • US LNG Delivered Cost ($ per Mmbtu)
  • Onshore Liquefaction Projects Under Construction
  • Floating LNG Projects
  • FSRU Projects

Please note: All report tables and charts are also available in Excel format, enabling easy manipulation of report data.

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