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Global In-Game Advertising Market - 2020-2027

出版商 DataM Intelligence 商品編碼 972298
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 約2個工作天內
遊戲中的廣告的全球市場:2020年∼2027年 Global In-Game Advertising Market - 2020-2027
出版日期: 2020年11月21日內容資訊: 英文




第1章 全球遊戲中的廣告市場:調查手法和範圍

第2章 全球遊戲中的廣告市場:市場定義和概要

第3章 全球遊戲中的廣告市場:摘要整理

第4章 全球遊戲中的廣告市場:市場動態

  • 影響市場的要素
    • 促進因素
    • 阻礙因素
    • 機會
    • 影響分析

第5章 全球遊戲中的廣告市場:產業分析

  • 波特的五力分析
  • 流行病學
  • 開發平台分析
  • 供應鏈分析
  • 價格分析
  • 法規分析
  • 償付分析
  • 未滿足需求

第6章 全球遊戲中的廣告市場:COVID-19分析

  • 市場分析COVID-19
  • COVID-19的價格動態
  • 供需頻譜
  • 疫情期間與市場有關的政府舉措
  • 製造商策略性舉措
  • 結論

第7章 全球遊戲中的廣告市場:各廣告類型

  • 簡介
  • 市場規模分析·與前一年同期比較成長率分析:廣告各類型市場區隔
  • 市場魅力指數:廣告各類型市場區隔
    • 靜態廣告
    • 動態廣告
    • 廣告遊戲

第8章 全球遊戲中的廣告市場:各遊戲類型

  • 簡介
  • 市場規模分析·與前一年同期比較成長率分析:各遊戲類型
  • 市場魅力指數:遊戲各類型市場區隔
    • PC/筆記型電腦遊戲
    • 主機遊戲
    • 智慧型手機/平板電腦遊戲

第9章 全球遊戲中的廣告市場:各地區

  • 簡介
  • 市場規模分析·與前一年同期比較成長率分析:各地區
  • 市場魅力指數:各地區
  • 北美
  • 歐洲
  • 南美
  • 亞太地區
  • 中東·非洲

第10章 全球遊戲中的廣告市場:競爭情形

  • 競爭模式
  • 市場定位/佔有率分析
  • M&A分析

第11章 全球遊戲中的廣告市場:企業簡介

  • RapidFire
  • PlaywireMedia,
  • Electronic Arts Inc.
  • Double Fusion
  • Engage Advertising
  • Giftgaming,
  • Media Spike Inc.
  • IronSource
  • Social Tokens Ltd.
  • Gamelin
  • Social Growth Technologies, Inc.
  • Alphabet Inc.
  • Anzu Ltd.
  • Motive Interactive Inc.
  • Adverty AB等

第12章 全球遊戲中的廣告市場:重要考察

第13章 全球遊戲中的廣告市場:DataM



Market Overview

In-Game Advertising allows the developers to show their mobile or pc game ads to their users. It allows them to increase their game's revenue. In-game advertising provides the platform to showcase the name or products featured in digital games. In-Game Advertising can be integrated into the game through the background or highly integrated within the game.

Different types of advertisements such as rewarded video ads, wall ads, and interstitial ads are provided by the developers. It is an effective way to boost game engagement and retention among the users. In-game advertising connects the brand with the emotions of the users. It provides the high rate of acceptance among the users.

The global in-game advertising Market size was worth US$ XX billion in 2018 and is estimated to reach US$ XX billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of XX % during the forecast period (2020-2027).

Market Dynamics

Rising Growth of Mobile Games is Driving the Market

The market is driven by the increasing demand for the in-game advertising with the rising adoption of the various mobile games across the globe. In-game advertising has provided the platform to the marketers to reach consumers in a brand-safe environment. It has been observed that there have been increased in the proportion of the free-to-play mobile games with in-game advertising as the large number of the developers sold ad space to monetize their content. Mobile games can be played easily on the mobile phones, tablet, smartwatch, PDA, portable media player or graphing calculator. Mobile games such as Pokmon Go, Player Unknowns Battle Ground, and Free Fire are mostly used by the gamers. Smartphones have expanded the mobile games beyond the consoles and personal computers. There is increasing popularity of the online games on mobile platforms. Mobile games can be run on various platforms such as Apple's iOS, NTT DoCoMo's DoJa, Sun's Java, Qualcomm's BREW, and Google's Android.

Growing Penetration of the Internet is expected to boost the market growth over the forecast period

There is increasing penetration of the internet with the growing availability of the fast and cheaper internet services. The internet is the most transformative and fast-growing technologies. The usage of the internet has increased with the high adoption of the smartphones for gaming purposes. According to the Our World in Data Organziation, the number of the internet users has increased from 413 million in 2000 to over 3.4 billion in 2016. Every day, an average of 640,000 people went online for the first time over the past five years. The China has 765 million of internet users, India has 391 million of internet users, United States has 245 million of internet users, and Japan has 116 million of internet users in during the year 2016-2017.

Rising Funding & Investment for In-Game Advertising is expected to fuel the Market Growth

Several public & private companies are raising the funding and investment for In-Game Advertising. For instance, in August 2018, had raised the funding of USD 6.5 million in for its programmatic in-game advertising platform with real-time analytics. Its in-game advertising platform can seamlessly integrates digital ads directly into the gameplay, without disrupting the user experience. In June 2020, Admix had raised the funding of the USD 7 million in Series A funding. This funding would be used to bring ads to games, esports, virtual reality and augmented reality.

COVID-19 Impact Analysis

The global in-game advertising market has received immense impetus from the COVID-19 pandemic, as there is increase in the usage of the mobile games since the lockdown. There has been increased by 50% in daily active users of HD games due to COVID-19 across the globe. There is increased in the number of installing the apps for playing the games. The game advertisement revenue has witnessed the drastic growth due to increase in the number of the marketers and developers promoting their games for increasing the users. In-game advertising has provided the higher interaction of the users. It has raised the retention, and converted more players for the games. In-game advertising has served the approach to evolve the new and changing consumer behaviors.

Several government has raised their initiatives to promote the use of in-game advertising. For instance, in April 2020, the UK Government had revealed the usage of in-game advertising to connect with the increased use of gaming platforms as the people are staying home to save lives. The UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is using in-game advertising to promote the usage of the games among the younger audience. The use of the video games for public health messaging would avoid unnecessary trips and large gatherings for the prevention of the COVID-19 infection. It also provide the lucrative opportunities to get in front of influential brand decision makers while being home and shopping online.

Segment Analysis

Static Ads segment is Expected to Hold the Largest Share in the In-Game Advertising Market

By Ad Type, in-game advertising is classified as the static Ads, dynamic Ads, and advergaming. The static Ads segment is anticipated to hold the significant market share in the in-game advertising market owing to the higher usage of the static Ads as the platform by the developer for promoting the games. Static Ads have greater impact on consumers in comparatively lesser time. Static Ads are programmed directly into a game. These ads can be integrated into both personal computers and mobile games. Static Ads are integrated into the storyline of the game. These ads allows the players to interact with the advertisement through the questions. These ads allow the game players to be exposed to the advertisement. The static Ads allows the more customization as these ads provides the game developers and advertiser to plan the adverstisement.

Dynamic Ads are displayed as posters, billboards or hoarding are strategically throughout games. These ads can be given onto the consoles, mobile, and flash games. These ads are the real-time advertisements that can be inserted and removed from games in Real-Time. Dynamic Ads can accommodate time sensitive campaigns such as promotions. Dynamic Ads are the extremely fast in comparison to the static Ads.

By Game Type, PC/Laptop Games Segment is Expected to Hold the Largest Share in the In-Game Advertising Market

The market is classified as the game type as the PC/laptop games, console games, and smartphone/tablet games. The PC/laptop games segment accounts for the highest market share of XX% in 2019 due to the large number of the PC/laptop games being played by the players worldwide. PC/laptop games provide the high graphic resolutions online games. According to the Entertainment Software Association, every year approximately 65% of American households play PC/laptop games. Around, 26% of people age-group over 50 age-group play the PC/laptop games. PC/laptop games are the interactive digital medium comprising the different genres of digital games. PC games are the interactive multimedia played on the personal computer. These games are distributed via standard storage devices such as CDs and DVDs. PC games comprised of the diverse and user-determined gaming hardware and software, greater capacity in input, processing, video and audio output. PC games have multiplied rapidly and their fidelity has increased over the years.

Geographical Analysis

North America region holds the largest market share global In-Game Advertising Market

North America region is dominating the global in-game advertising market accounted for the largest market share in 2019 due to the growing adoption of games as a medium of advertisement by the developers. There is increase in the launch of the new games with high quality for smart phones, tablets, and consoles. Several developers are using the in-game advertising as these advertisements can be displayed during the games and are non-interrupting. In-game advertising allows the developers to reach the large users and increase their market presence. In-game advertising allows the players to seamlessly play their games without any difficulties. The growing technological advancement in the gaming platforms shall have a positive impact on the market. The advancement of technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality has improved the quality of the games. These technologies have generated new level of interest among gamers. Big data provides the personalization to the gamer's experience with the game. The growing investment in the 5G technology by the telecom providers shall increase the adoption of games with high internet requirements.

Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow at the fastest CAGR during the forecast period

Asia-Pacific region is estimated to be the fastest-growing region in the global in-game advertising market owing to the increasing availability of the free mobile/ PC games using the in-game advertising to increase their revenues. In-game advertising integrated with the mobile/ PC games provides the location and tracking features. The drastic market growth is expected to be observed in the developing countries such as India, and China due to increasing number of online game players. There is high demand for the social and mobile games. There is presence of lucrative opportunities in-game advertising in Asia-Pacific region. In-game advertising provides the various opportunities such as advertisers content creation or while creating their own advergames to the advertisers. There is increasing number of the manufacturing developing the gaming smartphones, tablets, PC, and laptop. The growing domestic income and purchasing power of the people shall stimulate the market growth over the forecasted period.

Competitive Landscape

The in-game advertising market studied is a fragmented market with the presence of large number of market players. RapidFire, PlaywireMedia, Electronic Arts Inc., Double Fusion, Engage Advertising, Giftgaming, Media Spike Inc., Gamelin, Social Growth Technologies, Inc., and Motive Interactive Inc. are the market players with significant market growth. The major players are adopting several growth strategies such as platform launches, acquisitions, licensing, mergers and collaborations, which are contributing to the growth of the in-game advertising market globally. For instance,

Mergers & Collaborations:

  • In August 2020,, world-leading in-game advertising platform had entered into the collaboration with the Ubisoft, leading video game publisher to bring the blended in-game ads into Trackmania.
  • In April 2020,, world-leading in-game advertising platform had entered into the collaboration with the Nielsen Connectivity to bring the advanced advertising effectiveness measurement, optimization, and real-time brand-specific metrics to in-game ad campaigns, driving a new wave of investment in video game advertising. This collaboration would allow the media sellers to measure the performance of advertising campaigns running on their digital properties quickly and effectively. It would help the media sellers to increase their value for brands and agencies.
  • In September 2020, Bidstack, In-game ads firm had entered into the collaboration with the Real Cricket creator Nautilus Mobile for a new advertising partnership. Under the terms of agreement, Bidstack would design non-intrusive ads that would be integrated into the in-game environment in Real Cricket 20. Nautilus would monetise the free space within its game efficiently.
  • In August 2019, Bidstack Group, the native in-game advertising platform had entered into the collaboration with the Epic Games' Unreal Engine. This collaboration would allow the video game developers to monetise their titles through developing the advertising space within their currently live and soon-to-be-launched games, via a new Bidstack plugin.

Platform Launch:

  • In September 2020, Adverty AB had launched in-game brand advertising format i.e., In-Menu that enables contextually relevant IAB display banner ads on menu screens in between gameplay. In-Menu is an in-game advertising unit that provides the performance-based, programmatic advertising to Adverty's range of seamless ad solutions. It enhances a highly innovative product suite that includes the In-Play format that allows brands to take over billboards and other virtual outdoor sites within games.
  • In September 2019, Adverty AB had launched the seamless in-game advertising platform into casual action mobile game. It allows the 1 billion gamers to connect with brands in joyful, brand safe environments during gameplay worldwide.
  • In September 2016, Zero Games, a gaming company had launched the PLAKC, a native advertising platform or the casual gaming industry. This platform would be adding the more features that makes it attractive for a marketer/advertiser. It would allow the marketer/advertiser dynamically change advertising creatives on the fly, have dashboard to for observing the campaign's performance


  • In September 2020, Microsoft had plans to acquire ZeniMax Media Inc. for $7.5 billion in cash. This acquisition would provide the company the ownership of some of ZeniMax's proprietary technology, including the Creation Engine, used by Bethesda to build truly massive worlds on a comparatively rapid cadence, and the id Tech engine, used in games like DOOM and RAGE 2
  • In May 2014, RapidFire had acquired the IGA Worldwide's proprietary technology i.e., Radial Network for delivering real-time advertisements inside of video games. Radial Network provides the brands and advertisers to reach gamers playing AAA game titles across console, computer, and mobile video games. This technology would allow the advertisements to be streamed in real-time inside of a video game's 3D environment on objects such as billboards, hoardings, buses, and posters
  • In July 2011, Live Gamer, an online marketplace for players had acquired the BrandPort, video game ad network GamerDNA and engagement advertising platform to add the advertising capabilities for game publishers.


  • In September 2020, AdColony, the in-app marketplace for brands had entered into an exclusive partnership with global in-game advertising platform, Anzu. Under the terms of agreement, AdColony would provide the Anzu's market-leading blended in-game advertising solutions across both display and video to brands and agencies in Australia and New Zealand.

Why Purchase the Report?

  • Visualize the composition of the In-Game Advertising Market segmentation by Ad Type, Game Type, treatment type, and end-user highlighting the key commercial assets and players.
  • Identify commercial opportunities in In-Game Advertising Market by analyzing trends and co-development deals.
  • Excel data sheet with thousands of data points of In-Game Advertising Market- level 4/5 segmentation.
  • PDF report with the most relevant analysis cogently put together after exhaustive qualitative interviews and in-depth market study.
  • Product mapping in excel for the key product of all major market players

The global In-Game Advertising Market report would provide an access to an approx. 61 market data table, 58 figures and 230 pages.

Target Audience

  • Service Providers/ Buyers
  • Industry Investors/Investment Bankers
  • Education & Research Institutes
  • Research Professionals
  • Emerging Companies
  • Manufacturers

Table of Contents

1. Global In-Game Advertising Market Methodology and Scope

  • 1.1. Research Methodology
  • 1.2. Research Objective and Scope of the Report

2. Global In-Game Advertising Market- Market Definition and Overview

3. Global In-Game Advertising Market- Executive Summary

  • 3.1. Market Snippet by Ad Type
  • 3.2. Market Snippet by Game Type
  • 3.3. Market Snippet by Region

4. Global In-Game Advertising Market- Market Dynamics

  • 4.1. Market Impacting Factors
    • 4.1.1. Drivers
      • Growing Adoption of the Mobile Games
      • Rising Internet Penetration
      • XX
    • 4.1.2. Restraints:
      • Game Piracy
      • XX
    • 4.1.3. Opportunity
    • 4.1.4. Impact Analysis

5. Global In-Game Advertising Market- Industry Analysis

  • 5.1. Porter's Five Forces Analysis
  • 5.2. Epidemiology
  • 5.3. Pipeline Analysis
  • 5.4. Supply Chain Analysis
  • 5.5. Pricing Analysis
  • 5.6. Regulatory Analysis
  • 5.7. Reimbursement Analysis
  • 5.8. Unmet Needs

6. Global In-Game Advertising Market- COVID-19 Analysis

  • 6.1. Analysis of Covid-19 on the Market
    • 6.1.1. Before COVID-19 Market Scenario
    • 6.1.2. Present COVID-19 Market Scenario
    • 6.1.3. After COVID-19 or Future Scenario
  • 6.2. Pricing Dynamics Amid Covid-19
  • 6.3. Demand-Supply Spectrum
  • 6.4. Government Initiatives Related to the Market During Pandemic
  • 6.5. Manufacturers Strategic Initiatives
  • 6.6. Conclusion

7. Global In-Game Advertising Market- By Ad Type

  • 7.1. Introduction
  • 7.2. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Ad Type Segment
  • 7.3. Market Attractiveness Index, By Ad Type Segment
    • 7.3.1. Static Ads*
      • Introduction
      • Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%)
    • 7.3.2. Dynamic Ads
    • 7.3.3. Advergaming

8. Global In-Game Advertising Market- By Game Type

  • 8.1. Introduction
  • 8.2. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Game Type
  • 8.3. Market Attractiveness Index, By Game Type Segment
    • 8.3.1. PC/Laptop Games*
      • Introduction
      • Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%)
    • 8.3.2. Console Games
    • 8.3.3. Smartphone/Tablet Games

9. Global In-Game Advertising Market- By Region

  • 9.1. Introduction
  • 9.2. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Region
  • 9.3. Market Attractiveness Index, By Region
  • 9.4. North America
    • 9.4.1. Introduction
    • 9.4.2. Key Region-Specific Dynamics
    • 9.4.3. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Ad Type
    • 9.4.4. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Game Type
    • 9.4.5. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Country
      • U.S.
      • Canada
      • Mexico
  • 9.5. Europe
    • 9.5.1. Introduction
    • 9.5.2. Key Region-Specific Dynamics
    • 9.5.3. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Ad Type
    • 9.5.4. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Game Type
    • 9.5.5. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Country
      • Germany
      • U.K.
      • France
      • Italy
      • Spain
      • Rest of Europe
  • 9.6. South America
    • 9.6.1. Introduction
    • 9.6.2. Key Region-Specific Dynamics
    • 9.6.3. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Ad Type
    • 9.6.4. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Game Type
    • 9.6.5. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Country
      • Brazil
      • Argentina
      • Rest of South America
  • 9.7. Asia Pacific
    • 9.7.1. Introduction
    • 9.7.2. Key Region-Specific Dynamics
    • 9.7.3. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Ad Type
    • 9.7.4. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Game Type
    • 9.7.5. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Country
      • China
      • India
      • Japan
      • Australia
      • Rest of Asia Pacific
  • 9.8. Middle East and Africa
    • 9.8.1. Introduction
    • 9.8.2. Key Region-Specific Dynamics
    • 9.8.3. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Ad Type
    • 9.8.4. Market Size Analysis, and Y-o-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Game Type

10. Global In-Game Advertising Market- Competitive Landscape

  • 10.1. Competitive Scenario
  • 10.2. Market Positioning/Share Analysis
  • 10.3. Mergers and Acquisitions Analysis

11. Global In-Game Advertising Market - Company Profiles

  • 11.1. RapidFire*
    • 11.1.1. Company Overview
    • 11.1.2. Product Portfolio and Description
    • 11.1.3. Key Highlights
    • 11.1.4. Financial Overview
  • 11.2. PlaywireMedia,
  • 11.3. Electronic Arts Inc.
  • 11.4. Double Fusion
  • 11.5. Engage Advertising
  • 11.6. Giftgaming,
  • 11.7. Media Spike Inc.
  • 11.8. IronSource
  • 11.9. Social Tokens Ltd.
  • 11.10. Gamelin
  • 11.11. Social Growth Technologies, Inc.
  • 11.12. Alphabet Inc.
  • 11.13. Anzu Ltd.
  • 11.14. Motive Interactive Inc.
  • 11.15. Adverty AB


12. Global In-Game Advertising Market- Premium Insights

13. Global In-Game Advertising Market- DataM

  • 13.1. Appendix
  • 13.2. About Us and Services
  • 13.3. Contact Us