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Global L-Carnitine Market - 2021-2028

出版商 DataM Intelligence 商品編碼 1022281
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 180 Pages
商品交期: 約2個工作天內
左旋肉鹼的全球市場(2021年∼2028年) Global L-Carnitine Market - 2021-2028
出版日期: 2021年08月06日內容資訊: 英文 180 Pages




第1章 全球左旋肉鹼市場-範圍調查手法

  • 調查手法
  • 市場範圍

第2章 全球左旋肉鹼市場-主要趨勢與開發

第3章 全球左旋肉鹼市場-摘要整理

  • 各等級的市場明細
  • 各用途的市場明細

第4章 全球左旋肉鹼市場-市場動態

  • 影響市場的要素
    • 成長要素
    • 阻礙因素
    • 市場機會
  • 影響分析

第5章 全球左旋肉鹼市場-產業分析

  • 波特的五力分析
  • 供應鏈分析
  • 專利分析
  • 法規分析

第6章 全球左旋肉鹼市場-COVID-19分析

  • 市場上的Covid-19分析
    • COVID-19前的市場方案
    • 目前市場方案
    • COVID-19後或今後方案
  • Covid-19的價格趨勢
  • 需求與供給的頻譜
  • 大流行時的市場相關的政府舉措
  • 製造商策略性舉措

第7章 全球左旋肉鹼市場-各等級

  • 簡介
    • 市場規模分析及與前一年同期比較成長分析
    • 市場魅力指數
  • 食品、醫藥品等級
  • 飼料等級

第8章 全球左旋肉鹼市場-各應用領域

  • 簡介
    • 市場規模分析及與前一年同期比較成長分析
    • 市場魅力指數
  • 動物飼料
  • 醫療保健產品
  • 機能性食品、飲料
  • 其他

第9章 全球左旋肉鹼市場-各地區

  • 簡介
    • 市場規模分析及與前一年同期比較成長分析
    • 市場魅力指數
  • 北美
    • 簡介
    • 各主要地區的動態
    • 各等級:市場規模分析,及與前一年同期比較成長分析
    • 各用途:市場規模分析,及與前一年同期比較成長分析
    • 各國:市場規模分析,及與前一年同期比較成長分析
  • 南美
    • 簡介
    • 各主要地區的動態
    • 各等級:市場規模分析,及與前一年同期比較成長分析
    • 各用途:市場規模分析,及與前一年同期比較成長分析
    • 各國:市場規模分析,及與前一年同期比較成長分析
  • 歐洲
    • 簡介
    • 各主要地區的動態
    • 各等級:市場規模分析,及與前一年同期比較成長分析
    • 各用途:市場規模分析,及與前一年同期比較成長分析
    • 各國:市場規模分析,及與前一年同期比較成長分析
  • 亞太地區
    • 簡介
    • 各主要地區的動態
    • 各等級:市場規模分析,及與前一年同期比較成長分析
    • 各用途:市場規模分析,及與前一年同期比較成長分析
    • 各國:市場規模分析,及與前一年同期比較成長分析
  • 中東和非洲
    • 簡介
    • 各主要地區的動態
    • 各等級:市場規模分析,及與前一年同期比較成長分析
    • 各用途:市場規模分析,及與前一年同期比較成長分析

第10章 全球左旋肉鹼市場-競爭情形

  • 競爭模式
  • 競爭的策略分析
  • 市場地位/佔有率分析
  • 合併和收購分析

第11章 企業簡介

  • ChengDa PharmaCeuticals Co.Ltd.
    • 企業概要
    • 產品系列、概要
    • 要點
    • 財務概要
  • HuangGang HuaYang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • Kaiyuan Hengtai Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • Merck KGaA
  • Cayman Chemical
  • Northeast Pharmaceutical Group Co.
  • Lonza Group
  • Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Corp
  • Avanscure Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.
  • Foodchem International Corporation

第12章 全球左旋肉鹼市場-重要考察

第13章 全球左旋肉鹼市場-DataM

  • 附錄
  • 關於本公司、服務
  • 諮詢方式


Product Code: DMFB3812

Market Overview:

L-carnitine is a natural compound synthesized from lysine and methionine, which is similar to the body amino acid. L-carnitine participates in the transformation of fats to energy, which helps in the treatment of carnitine deficiency. Moreover, carnitine deficiency develops long-chain fatty acids that are not available for B-oxidation or energy production, which causes excessive lipid accumulation in organs such as muscle. In addition, carnitine is also necessary to maintain the function and morphology of the brown adipose tissue. The global L-Carnitine market value is expected to reach US$ XX billion in 2028 from the recorded market size worth of US$ XX billion in 2020, growing at a CAGR of XX% during the forecast period (2021-2028).

Market Dynamics

Growing health concerns among geriatric population is driving the growth of the market

The growing geriatric population susceptible to various body disorders such as kidney, heart, and others is expected to boost the L-carnitine market's demand during the forecast period. L-carnitine plays a significant role in keeping up the requirements to produce energy in the body, as it is involved in carrying long-chain fatty acids to the mitochondria for energy production. Moreover, the extensive use of L-carnitine in treating carnitine deficiency in end-stage renal diseases resulting from dialysis has compounded L-carnitine consumption in the form of products. This product is used to treat carnitine deficiencies resulting from low carnitine absorption and chronic kidney failure.

Furthermore, increasing concerns regarding the quality and safety of meat have promoted the use of supplements in animal feed. The use of L-carnitine as a supplement in animal feed is likely to provide various benefits including growth performance and improved reproduction process. It is used in the feed of different domestic animals such as cows, pigeons, racing horses, and pigs to enhance their average gain rate and daily performance and growth. The expansion of the animal feed industry is likely to increase the demand for L-carnitine over the forecast period.

Technological advancements related to manufacturing techniques are projected to play a significant role in driving the market growth. Complexity in the manufacturing process and misleading advertisements promoting hyped product benefits are expected to hamper the market growth. The industry is also expected to face regulatory limitations due to the excessive amount of waste and wastewater created through the manufacturing processes.

Market Segments

Increasing the use of L-carnitine and its derivatives for animal feed is estimated to propel market growth

Feed grade is widely used as a key ingredient in animal feed and animal pharmaceuticals. It is an essential component for energy metabolism in animals and offers a wide range of benefits to various species including weight management and healthy function of heart and liver. It is also primarily used as a supplement for pets with heart disease, especially dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs. Moreover, it is used as an essential supplement for the treatment of obesity, hyperlipidemia, and diabetic ketoacidosis, which are conditions commonly found in cats and dogs. The product is preferred for the treatment of fatty liver syndrome in cats. In the case of cows, L-carnitine supplements are used to increase their rate of lactation. Also, oral administration of L-carnitine is advised for growing sheep to elevate plasm glucose concentrations. Consistent consumption of L-carnitine supplements has proven to have positive effects on growth performance, carcass composition, and breeding performance of pigs.

Geographical Penetration:

North America dominates the global L-carnitine market during the forecast period

The United States holds the largest share of the market in this region owing to the recommendation by medical professionals to individuals with genetic disorders whose bodies are unable to synthesize carnitine naturally. Moreover, the rising L-carnitine consumption to improve lean body mass in people is boosting the market's growth in this region. In addition, L-Carnitine's has significant benefits such as enhancing endurance, weight management, and promoting efficient conversion of food into energy are anticipated. This benefit is expected to drive L-carnitine consumption during the forecast period.

Competitive Landscape:

The global L-Carnitine market is highly competitive with some of the pioneers and new emerging players in the market. ChengDa PharmaCeuticals Co.,Ltd., HuangGang HuaYang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Kaiyuan Hengtai Chemical Co., Ltd., Merck KGaA, Cayman Chemical, Northeast Pharmaceutical Group Co., Lonza, and Foodchem International Corporation are some of the key players in the L-carnitine market. The major players are adopting several growth strategies such as product launches, acquisitions, and collaborations, contributing to growing the L-carnitine market globally. For instance, the Lonza Group launched a new formulation named under the brand MuscleGuard™ which is a combination Lonza's Carnipure®L-Carnitine, Creatine and Leucine with vitamin D. The solution is claimed to deliver effective results towards development in performance and recovery pf sport persons by increasing their muscle strength, mass and activity.

COVID-19 Impact: Pandemic had a positive impact on global L-carnitine market

As consumers are widely looking for immunity boosting ingredients, the demand for L-carnitine is expected to increase during the pandemic. Different studies showed that acetyl L-Carnitine (LC) positively affects the development and maturation of T lymphocytes, involved in the immune response to viral agents. It also contributes to the inhibition of ROS production and to the remodulation of the cytokine network typical of the systemic inflammatory syndrome. Researchers at the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit (IEU), Bristol Medical School, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK, found that carnitine and its derivative acetyl-carnitine provide a protective effect against severe COVID-19. Doubling of carnitine or acetyl-carnitine is tied to a 40-percent reduction risk of disease progression. This is expected to influence the market positively.

Why Purchase the Report?

  • Understand the current market scenario and viability of global L-carnitine market over the forecast period
  • Visualize the composition of the global L-carnitine market in terms of grade and application to identify major players, growth potential and market strategies
  • Identify the key regulations prevailing in the market and understand their impact on the market over the forecast period
  • Understand the key business factors such as market competition, product pricing, new product developments, and patent filings pertaining in the market

What we offer?

  • PDF report with the most relevant analysis cogently put together after exhaustive qualitative interviews and in-depth market study
  • Excel data sheet with valuable data points of the global l-carnitine market - Regional and Country level segmentation
  • Product mapping in excel for the key products of all major market players
  • Market Share Analysis covering business revenues ($) and revenue share (%) of key market players

Target Audience:

  • Food Ingredients Manufactures
  • Animal Feed Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Industry Investors/Investment Bankers
  • Education & Research Institutes
  • Research Professionals

Table of Contents

1. Global L-Carnitine Market -Scope and Methodology

  • 1.1. Research Methodology
  • 1.2. Scope of the Market

2. Global L-Carnitine Market -Key Trends and Developments

3. Global L-Carnitine Market - Executive Summary

  • 3.1. Market Snippet by Grade
  • 3.2. Market Snippet by Application

4. Global L-Carnitine Market - Market Dynamics

  • 4.1. Market impacting factors
    • 4.1.1. Drivers
    • 4.1.2. Restraints
    • 4.1.3. Opportunities
  • 4.2. Impact analysis

5. Global L-Carnitine Market - Industry Analysis

  • 5.1. Porter's five forces analysis
  • 5.2. Supply chain analysis
  • 5.3. Patent Analysis
  • 5.4. Regulatory Analysis

6. Global L-Carnitine Market - COVID-19 Analysis

  • 6.1. Analysis of Covid-19 on the Market
    • 6.1.1. Before COVID-19 Market Scenario
    • 6.1.2. Present COVID-19 Market Scenario
    • 6.1.3. After COVID-19 or Future Scenario
  • 6.2. Pricing Dynamics Amid Covid-19
  • 6.3. Demand-Supply Spectrum
  • 6.4. Government Initiatives Related to the Market During Pandemic
  • 6.5. Manufacturers Strategic Initiatives

7. Global L-Carnitine Market - By Grade

  • 7.1. Introduction
    • 7.1.1. Market size analysis, and y-o-y growth analysis (%), By Grade Segment
    • 7.1.2. Market attractiveness index, By Grade Segment
  • 7.2. Food & Pharmaceutical Grade*
    • 7.2.1. Introduction
    • 7.2.2. Market Size Analysis, US$ Million, 2019-2028 And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), 2020-2028
  • 7.3. Feed Grade

8. Global L-Carnitine Market - By Application

  • 8.1. Introduction
    • 8.1.1. Market size analysis, and y-o-y growth analysis (%), By Application Segment
    • 8.1.2. Market attractiveness index, By Application Segment
  • 9.2. Animal Feed*
    • 8.1.3. Market Size Analysis, US$ Million, 2019-2028 And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), 2020-2028
  • 8.2. Healthcare Products
  • 8.3. Functional Food & Beverages
  • 8.4. Others

9. Global L-Carnitine Market - By Region

  • 9.1. Introduction
    • 9.1.1. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Region
    • 9.1.2. Market Attractiveness Index, By Region
  • 9.2. North America
    • 9.2.1. Introduction
    • 9.2.2. Key region-specific dynamics
    • 9.2.3. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Grade
    • 9.2.4. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Application
    • 9.2.5. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Country
      • U.S.
      • Canada
      • Mexico
  • 9.3. South America
    • 9.3.1. Introduction
    • 9.3.2. Key Region-Specific Dynamics
    • 9.3.3. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Grade
    • 9.3.4. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Application
    • 9.3.5. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Country
      • Brazil
      • Argentina
      • Rest of South America
  • 9.4. Europe
    • 9.4.1. Introduction
    • 9.4.2. Key Region-Specific Dynamics
    • 9.4.3. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Grade
    • 9.4.4. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Application
    • 9.4.5. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Country
      • Germany
      • U.K.
      • France
      • Italy
      • Rest of Europe
  • 9.5. Asia Pacific
    • 9.5.1. Introduction
    • 9.5.2. Key Region-Specific Dynamics
    • 9.5.3. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Grade
    • 9.5.4. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Application
    • 9.5.5. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Country
      • China
      • India
      • Japan
      • Australia
      • Rest of Asia Pacific
  • 9.6. Middle East and Africa
    • 9.6.1. Introduction
    • 9.6.2. Key Region-Specific Dynamics
    • 9.6.3. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Grade
    • 9.6.4. Market Size Analysis, And Y-O-Y Growth Analysis (%), By Application

10. Global L-Carnitine Market - Competitive Landscape

  • 10.1. Competitive scenario
  • 10.2. Competitor strategy analysis
  • 10.3. Market positioning/share analysis
  • 10.4. Mergers and acquisitions analysis

11. Company Profiles

  • 11.1. ChengDa PharmaCeuticals Co.Ltd.*
    • 11.1.1. Company Overview
    • 11.1.2. Product Portfolio and Description
    • 11.1.3. Key Highlights
    • 11.1.4. Financial Overview
  • 11.2. HuangGang HuaYang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • 11.3. Kaiyuan Hengtai Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • 11.4. Merck KGaA
  • 11.5. Cayman Chemical
  • 11.6. Northeast Pharmaceutical Group Co.
  • 11.7. Lonza Group
  • 11.8. Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Corp
  • 11.9. Avanscure Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.
  • 11.10. Foodchem International Corporation

12. Global L-Carnitine Market - Premium Insights

13. Global L-Carnitine Market - DataM

  • 13.1. Appendix
  • 13.2. About us and services
  • 13.3. Contact us