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2016 Voice Biometrics Product and Market Report

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文
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語音生物辨識產品與市場分析 2016 Voice Biometrics Product and Market Report
出版日期: 2016年07月20日 內容資訊: 英文



第1章 摘要整理

第2章 簡介

第3章 調查手法

第4章 所謂語音生物辨識

  • 定義
  • 結構
  • 結構要素
  • 準確度
  • 調諧
  • 供應商定義

第5章 語音生物辨識的利用和優點

  • 各產業領域
  • 誤解

第6章 客服中心的語音生物辨識

  • 登記
  • 檢驗
  • 詐欺認證

第7章 客服中心以外的語音生物辨識的利用

第8章 數字簽名

第9章 遵守與法規

第10章 語音生物辨識的趨勢與課題

  • 趨勢
  • 課題

第11章 語音生物辨識所扮演的角色

第12章 語音生物辨識的競爭情形

第13章 語音生物辨識市場活動分析

  • 市場活動分析

第14章 客服中心語音生物辨識市場預測

第15章 高層級功能摘要

第16章 高層級技術摘要

  • 安全
  • 管理
  • 整合

第17章 供應商與解決方案

  • 企業概況
  • 供應商提供的服務與產品
  • 儀表板和報告

第18章 實行分析

  • 實行流程
  • 實行最佳業務實踐
  • 訓練和專門服務
  • 維修與支援

第19章 語音生物辨識市場技術創新

第20章 價格設定

  • 就地
  • 雲端
  • 管理服務

第21章 企業報告

  • Auraya Systems Pty Ltd
  • NICE
  • Nuance Communications, Inc.
  • TradeHarbor, Inc.
  • ValidSoft UK Ltd.
  • Verint Systems




Voice biometrics is not a new technology; it has been around for close to 20 years and has been used in a variety of industries. However, recent technical innovations, improvements in the speed and cost of the implementation process, and availability of these applications in the cloud are making voice biometrics more accessible for companies and their customers. Voice biometrics is a technology that uses the distinct characteristics of each speaker's voice to identify them. Since each voiceprint is unique to every individual and non-replicable, biometrics can be a highly effective and secure method of identification, authentication, or even proof of life. For contact centers, voice biometrics has emerged as an important tool for effectively and securely handling customer identification, authentication and fraud mitigation. As the old and proven ways of verifying callers are being challenged as too unreliable and risky due to social engineering, voice biometrics is emerging as the most viable and cost-effective approach for providing security, which is an essential element of the servicing experience.

When it comes to contact centers, voice biometrics' primary applications remain authentication and fraud mitigation, two uses that could save companies millions of dollars and improve the customer experience. The need for strong, multi-factor authentication is increasing, as the number of fraud attacks on enterprises, government agencies and personal systems continues to grow. Voice biometrics is an ideal method for validating callers and preventing fraudulent activity in contact centers. The voiceprints that are the foundation of a voice biometrics program cannot be decoded, reconstructed or used by another system, even if the voice biometrics application is hacked.

The voice biometrics market is confusing because each vendor has their own unique approach and no two solutions are alike. Prospects cannot easily compare the functionality, effectiveness and accuracy of the offerings, and it is difficult to verify vendor claims. This Report is designed to demystify the market and its products, and synthesize the information in a cohesive manner to give IT and business managers the information they need to better understand this emerging IT sector.

The 2016 Voice Biometrics Product and Market Report is the only in-depth analysis of these emerging solutions, covering vendors, products, functional capabilities, prices, and more. This Report presents information about how these solutions are being used, their benefits, as well as insights into emerging best practices. It also analyzes market trends and challenges, product innovation, reviews the competitive landscape, and presents market activity data and 5-year projections. The Report covers seven vendors who provide voice biometrics solutions to contact centers, although most of these solutions are designed for broader use across many verticals. The 6 vendors covered in detail in this Report are Auraya, NICE, Nuance, SESTEK, TradeHarbor and Verint Systems. A seventh vendor, ValidSoft, is covered at a high level.

Key Elements of This Report

  • Definition of voice biometrics: what it is, how it works, and an examination of the functional components that comprise these solutions
  • Insights into the current uses and applications of voice biometrics and their benefits for customers, contact centers and agents
  • A look at non-contact-center applications for voice biometrics, including e-Signature
  • Discussion of the regulatory issues that can potentially impact the voice biometrics market
  • A review of the market trends and challenges that are driving investments and vendor innovation
  • The role of voice biometrics in the customer journey
  • Review and assessment of the voice biometrics competitive landscape
  • Voice biometrics market activity analysis and 5-year market growth projections
  • Overview of the 7 leading and contending voice biometrics vendors, including company snapshots and product offerings
  • Implementation analysis, including vendor methodology, best practices, training and professional services, and maintenance and support
  • Discussion of voice biometrics market innovation, including new features and enhancements that are planned for delivery in the next 12 - 18 months
  • Vendor pricing models for on-premise, cloud-based and managed service voice biometrics solutions
  • Detailed company reports for the 7 leading and contending voice biometrics vendors, analyzing their products, functionality and future product development plans
  • Comprehensive Voice Biometrics Vendor Directory
  • Voice Biometrics Glossary of Terms

Report Highlights

  • Voice biometrics is replacing outdated and fraud-prone authentication processes : Contact centers are adopting voice biometrics to protect their customers and cut losses while improving the service experience.
  • The voice biometrics market is seeing increases in global presence and momentum : Voice biometrics solutions are starting to be used around the world, due to their effectiveness and proven value. While early adopters primarily used the technology in their contact centers, many companies in a variety of verticals have begun to find new uses for these solutions throughout the enterprise.
  • Companies and consumers alike benefit from voice biometrics : Voice biometrics technology helps both contact centers and their customers by addressing customer security and privacy concerns, smoothing the way for improved rapport between customers and agents, and reducing contact handling time and operating costs.
  • Voice biometrics is an important element of omni-channel support : To address the growing number of communications channels, voice biometrics solutions are beginning to support interactive voice response (IVR), mobile apps, web applications, and audio and video conference calls.



Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction

3. DMG Consulting Research Methodology

  • 3.1 Report Participation Criteria

4. What is Voice Biometrics?

  • 4.1 DMG's Definition of Voice Biometrics
  • 4.2 How it Works
  • 4.3 Voice Biometrics Application Building Blocks
  • 4.4 Accuracy
  • 4.5 Tuning
  • 4.6 Vendor Definitions of Voice Biometrics

5. Voice Biometrics Uses and Benefits

  • 5.1 Vertical Applications
  • 5.2 Misconceptions about Voice Biometrics

6. Voice Biometrics in Contact Centers

  • 6.1 Enrollment
  • 6.2 Verification
  • 6.3 Fraud Identification

7. Non-Contact-Center Voice Biometric Applications

8. e-Signature

9. Compliance and Regulations

10. Voice Biometrics Trends and Challenges

  • 10.1. Voice Biometrics Trends for 2016
  • 10.2 Voice Biometrics Challenges for 2016

11. Voice Biometrics' Role in the Customer Journey

12. Voice Biometrics Competitive Landscape

13. Voice Biometrics Market Activity Analysis

  • 13.1 Measuring Contact Center Voice Biometrics Market Activity

14. Contact Center Voice Biometrics Market Projections

15. High-Level Functional Summary

16. High-Level Technical Summary

  • 16.1 Security
  • 16.2 Administration
  • 16.3 Integration

17. Vendors and Solutions

  • 17.1 Company Snapshot
  • 17.2 Vendor Offerings and Products
  • 17.3 Dashboards and Reporting

18. Implementation Analysis

  • 18.1 Implementation Process
  • 18.2 Implementation Best Practices
  • 18.3 Training and Professional Services
  • 18.4 Maintenance and Support

19. Voice Biometrics Market Innovation

20. Pricing

  • 20.1 Premise-Based Pricing
  • 20.2 Cloud-Based Pricing
  • 20.3 Managed Service Pricing

21. Company Reports

  • 21.1 Auraya Systems Pty Ltd
  • 21.2 NICE
  • 21.3 Nuance Communications, Inc.
  • 21.4 SESTEK
  • 21.5 TradeHarbor, Inc.
  • 21.6 ValidSoft UK Ltd.
  • 21.7 Verint Systems

Appendix A: Voice Biometrics Glossary of Terms

Appendix B: Voice Biometrics Vendor Directory


  • Figure 1: Voice Biometrics Technology Building Blocks
  • Figure 2: Accuracy
  • Figure 3: Tuning
  • Figure 4: Vendor Definitions of Voice Biometrics
  • Figure 5: The Uses and Benefits of Voice Biometrics
  • Figure 6: Summary of Voice Biometrics Benefits
  • Figure 7: Uses and Benefits, by Vendor
  • Figure 8: Vertical Solutions
  • Figure 9: Enrollment
  • Figure 10: Verification
  • Figure 11: Fraud
  • Figure 12: e-Signature
  • Figure 13: Privacy Laws Applicable to Voice Biometrics
  • Figure 14: 2016 Voice Biometrics Trends
  • Figure 15: 2016 Voice Biometrics Challenges
  • Figure 16: Voice Biometrics Improves the Customer Experience
  • Figure 17: Contact Center Voice Biometrics Customer Growth Rate, 2016 - 2021
  • Figure 18: High-Level Functional Summary
  • Figure 19: High-Level Technical Summary
  • Figure 20: Security
  • Figure 21: Administration
  • Figure 22: Integration Capabilities
  • Figure 23: Company Snapshot of May 2016
  • Figure 24: Product Modules
  • Figure 25: Dashboards and Reporting and Analytical Capabilities
  • Figure 26: Implementation Process
  • Figure 27: Implementation Best Practices
  • Figure 28: Training and Professional Services
  • Figure 29: Maintenance and Ongoing Support
  • Figure 30: Emerging Voice Biometrics Capabilities, by Category
  • Figure 31: Pricing: Premise-Based Voice Biometrics Solution
  • Figure 32: Pricing: Cloud Based Voice Biometrics Solution
  • Figure 33: Pricing: Managed Service Voice Biometrics Solution
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