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穿戴式設備顯示面板:市場概況與未來預測 (到2017年)

Display panels for wearable devices: Market overview and forecast through 2017

出版商 Digitimes Inc. 商品編碼 337320
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 32 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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穿戴式設備顯示面板:市場概況與未來預測 (到2017年) Display panels for wearable devices: Market overview and forecast through 2017
出版日期: 2015年07月23日 內容資訊: 英文 32 Pages


本報告提供中文圈 (台灣、中國) 的穿戴式設備顯示面板的生產趨勢相關分析,穿戴式設備整體及顯示面板用的TFT LCD (TFT (薄膜電晶體) 液晶顯示器) 及AMOLED (主動式矩陣式有機發光二極體) 的生產、銷售趨勢預測 (今後4年份 ) ,及台灣、中國製造商今後的投資預測,週邊各國廠商的比較,今後的產品開發、市場發展的方向性等相關調查與考察。


  • 穿戴式顯示器的新需求
  • 穿戴式LTPS (低溫多晶矽) 及AMOLED
  • 中文圈的LTPS的生產能力 (今後4年份)
    • 日本的LTPS TFT LCD的生產能力
    • 韓國的LTPS TFT LCD的生產能力
    • 中國的LTPS TFT LCD的生產能力
    • LTPS製造商生產能力:各地區
    • LTPS生產能力佔有率:各地區 (總計8年份)
  • 中文圈的AMOLED生產能力趨勢 (今後4年份)
    • 中國廠商:至2017年有10處AMOLED生產線運作
    • 台灣廠商:AMOLED的投資需要更慎重的立場
    • 中國AMOLED生產量在2015年趕過台灣
    • BOE:大型AMOLED面板和中型、小型面板的雙方平衡投資


  • AUO:耐磨顯示器的開發
  • Innolux:耐磨顯示器的開發
  • CPT and HannStar:耐磨顯示器的開發
  • E-Ink's:耐磨顯示器的開發
  • Taiwan PMOLED:耐磨顯示器的開發


  • BOE
  • Tianma Microelectronics
  • CSOT
  • EverDisplay
  • GVO
  • Truly
  • Holitech
  • 摘要

中文圈市場未來預測 (今後4年份)

  • 中文圈的智慧型手錶用面板出貨量的預測
  • 中文圈的智慧帶用面板出貨量的預測
  • 台灣、中國、日本、韓國製造商比較
  • 摘要

The wearables market is a growing focal point for many vendors and players in the display panel supply chain. This Digitimes Research Special Report looks at developments in panel applications in the wearable industry, with a specific focus on panel makers in Greater China. The report also covers the investments being made moving forward (through 2017) in order to meet end-market demand, including capacity expansion for small- to medium-size TFT LCD and AMOLED panels.

This Digitimes Research Special Report also provides in-depth analysis regarding the technological and strategic advantages from makers both in China and Taiwan, and compares their shipment prospects from 2015-2017 to give readers a comprehensive understanding of how the panel supply chain in Greater China is shaping developments in the wearables market.

Table of Contents


Emerging demand for wearable displays

  • Chart 1: Cost factors and technology barriers for smart devices

LTPS and AMOLED for wearables

  • Table 1: Display technologies by device
  • Table 2: Most high-end devices use AMOLED displays
  • Table 3: Types of displays being used by device type

LTPS capacity in Greater China, 2014-2017

  • Japan LTPS TFT LCD production capacity
  • Chart 2: Japan LTPS capacity, 2011-2017 (k2m)
  • Korea LTPS TFT LCD production capacity
  • Chart 3: Korea LTPS capacity 2011-2017 (k2m)
  • Taiwan LTPS TFT LCD production capacity
  • Chart 4: Taiwan LTPS capacity 2011-2017 (k2m)
  • China LTPS TFT LCD production capacity
  • Chart 5: China LTPS capacity, 2011-2017(k2m)
  • LTPS maker production capacity changes by regions
  • Chart 6: LTPS capacity by global region, 2017 (k2m)
  • LTPS production capacity share by region - 2010-2017
  • Chart 7: Global LTPS capacity share by region, 2010-2017

Greater China AMOLED capacity expansion, 2014-2017

  • China makers will have 10 AMOLED production lines in operation in 2017
  • Table 4: China AMOLED fabs and production timelines, 2014-2017
  • Taiwan makers are investing more conservatively in AMOLEDs
  • Table 5: Taiwan AMOLED fabs and production timelines, 2014-2017
  • China will surpass Taiwan in small- to medium-size AMOLED production in 2015
  • Chart 8: Taiwan and China small- to medium-size AMOLED panel production, 2014-2017 (k2m)
  • BOE balancing investments in both large size and small- to medium-size AMOLED panels
  • Chart 9: BOE small- to medium-size AMOLED and LCD capacity, 2014-2017 (k2m)

Taiwan makers

AUO wearable display development

  • Table 6: AUO wearable display development plans

Innolux wearable display development

  • Table 7: Innolux wearable display development plans

CPT and HannStar wearable display development

  • Table 8: CPT and HannStar wearable display development plans

E-Ink's wearable display development

  • Table 9: E Ink wearable display development plans

Taiwan PMOLED wearable display development

  • Table 10: Taiwan PMOLED makers, wearable display development plans

China makers


  • Table 11: BOE's opportunities for wearable displays

Tianma Microelectronics

  • Table 12: Tianma opportunities for wearable displays


  • Table 13: CSOT opportunities for wearable displays


  • Table 14: EverDisplay opportunities for wearable displays


  • Table 15: Visionox/GVO opportunities for wearable displays
  • Table 16: GVO's roadmap for AMOLED panels
  • Chart 10: Plastic AMOLED panel module thinness advantages


  • Table 17: Truly opportunities for wearable displays


  • Table 18: Holitech opportunities for wearable displays


Greater China forecast through 2017

Chart 11: Global panel shipments for smart watches and smart bands, 2014-2017 (m panels)

Chart 12: Global smart watch and smart band panel shipments, 2014-2017 (m panels)

Greater China smart watch panel shipment forecast

  • Chart 13: Greater China smart watch panels shipments, 2014-2017 (m panels)
  • Chart 14: Greater China share of worldwide smart watch panel shipments, 2014-2017

Greater China smart band panel shipment forecast

  • Chart 15: Greater China smart band panels shipments, 2014-2017 (m panels)
  • Chart 16: Greater China global share of smart band panel shipment, 2014-2017

Comparison of Taiwan, China, Japan, and Korea makers

  • Table 19: Strengths and weaknesses of makers by region


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