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Market Access Excellence for Emerging Markets

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醫藥品產業的新興市場上優秀市場進入 Market Access Excellence for Emerging Markets
出版日期: 2015年05月01日 內容資訊: 英文



  • 市場進入的成功案例:12件詳細的案例研究
  • 金磚四國 (巴西、俄羅斯、印度、中國) 及 MINT (墨西哥、印尼、奈及利亞、土耳其) 各國的價格、市場進入問題的定性分析
  • 對市場進入小組的資源配置、動機提供的相關指導
  • 跨國境活用考察的市場分類的策略
  • 在新興市場中的成功明顯為Win-Win的企業聯盟


Product Code: 596200359

What knowledge, strategies, and resources do you need right now to maximise your company's pricing and access in critical emerging markets?

With 12 in-depth case studies, ‘Market Access Excellence for Emerging Markets’ analyses the pricing and market access issues you must understand now in critical, high-growth markets around the globe. Gain insights on the ever-shifting payer landscape and be better prepared to innovate in market access. In addition, receivean Advisory Highlights management summary which covers key findings from the report.

Emerging markets are a key driver of the global pharmaceutical industry's growth-and will be for years to come. IMS Health has predicted that by 2017 they'll account for one-third of industry sales and still be growing at double-digit rates. Good news, but there are challenges on par with the opportunity. FirstWord's ‘Market Access Excellence for Emerging Markets’ report summarises them, analyses them and prepares you to meet them.

Key Benefits

  • Know which types of markets offer the greatest potential returns-and what those markets want from you
  • Understand how to position your product to drive value with payers in diverse emerging markets
  • Understand the similarities in coverage and pricing systems across borders, so you can leverage experience in one market for success in others
  • Learn how others have achieved success in emerging markets and how you can apply their learnings to benefit your company and portfolio
  • Know what a successful market access team looks like-and how you should go about resourcing and incentivising yours

Answers to Critical Questions

  • Can emerging markets be separated into groups so that insights gained in one market can benefit your company in others?
  • How should you resource and incentivise your market access team depending on the opportunities to communicate the value of your products?
  • How might you encourage local stakeholders to move toward value-based contracting and away from an aggressive focus on net prices?
  • How can you minimise the risks of international price referencing and therapy area referencing?
  • How can you engage customers in cash markets?
  • What types of partnerships are a win-win for companies and payers in emerging markets?
  • What are the pluses and minuses of working with civil society in emerging markets?
  • How to leverage your company's HEOR and Medical Affairs functions for emerging markets?

Top Takeaways

  • Twelve impactful case studies detailing market access success
  • Qualitative analysis of pricing and market access issues in both the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and MINT (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey) countries
  • Guidance on resourcing and incentivising market access teams
  • Strategies for grouping markets to leverage insights across borders
  • Win-win payer partnerships with proven success in emerging markets

Experts Interviewed

  • Head of Emerging Markets Pricing, top 10 pharma company
  • Vice-President and Principal, Pricing & Market Access in Emerging Markets, top 10 pharma company
  • Head of Emerging Markets, Corporate Market Access, top 20 pharma company
  • Global Market Access Director, top 10 pharma company
  • Director, emerging markets specialist consultancy
  • Market Access Manager, pharma company
  • Medical Director for Oncology Latin America & Canada, top 10 pharma company

Table of Contents

Executive summary

Research objectives, methodology and definitions

Introducing emerging markets

  • Emerging-market archetypes
    • Table 1: Funding and pricing systems in key emerging markets
  • Market access timeliness
    • Figure 1: Median time to market access in emerging markets (months), illustrating key steps
  • International price referencing
    • Figure 2: International price reference countries for key emerging markets
  • HTA referencing
  • Global trade regulations
  • Summary: evidence needs in emerging markets
    • Figure 3: Development trajectories in market access

Case Studies For Self-Pay Markets

  • Tiered pricing in cash markets
  • Confronting international and local affordability
    • Case study #1: Sanofi and diabetes in Brazil and Indonesia
  • Avoiding ‘leakage’ and price erosion
    • Case study #2: Novartis and Opthalmology in Philippines
    • Case study #3: Novartis Oncology Programmes in India
  • Problems of tiered pricing in rare diseases
  • Local licensing and second brands
    • Case study #4: Roche's Hepatitis C second brand in Egypt
    • Case study #5: Gilead Sciences and local licensing in Hepatitis C
  • Price cuts: a simpler option ?
    • Case study #6: GSK's emerging-market price cuts
  • Defensive pricing at loss of exclusivity
    • Case study #7: Sanofi and biosimilar enoxaparin in Brazil
    • Figure 4: Pricing of low-weight heparins in Brazil
  • Discount cards: an option for broad portfolios
    • Case study #8: Selected discount cards in emerging markets
  • Building coverage from the ground up
    • Case study #9: Roche and Swill Re tie-up in China
  • Summary: market access options for self-pay markets
    • Table 2: Options for self-pay emerging markets

Case studies for price & HTA markets

  • Price markets vs. HTA markets
    • Figure 5: Stakeholder map - Mexico is an example of the ‘price market’ archetype
  • HTA Markets: an emerging opportunity
    • Figure 6: Stakeholder map - Korea is an example of the ‘HTA market’ archetype
  • Can emerging markets handle risk-sharing ?
    • Case study #10: GSK and UNIMED risk-share in Brazil
  • Product development partnerships: a good risk ?
    • Case study #11: Selected biotech partnerships in Brazil
    • Summary: technology sharing is high-risk for innovators

Readying emerging market teams for market access

  • When to invest in market access skills
  • “Old school” vs. market access
  • Readying teams for change
    • Table 3: Skills mix options for emerging markets
  • Policy Matters in Emerging Markets
  • Getting the incentives right
    • Case study #12: GSK's developing-country KPIs
  • Conclusions

Options for market access in emerging markets

  • Table 4: Summary: market access challenges & options in key emerging markets
  • A vision for the future

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