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HIV -- KOL Insight and Consensus Outlook Modules

出版商 FirstWord 商品編碼 292627
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 183 Pages + Data File
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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HIV:KOL的洞察及達成共識的展望 HIV -- KOL Insight and Consensus Outlook Modules
出版日期: 2014年02月24日 內容資訊: 英文 183 Pages + Data File

本報告提供由美國、歐洲屈指可數的KOL獨家專訪擔保,提供KOL的洞察(KOL Insight)模組、HIV市場總括的檢討,及產品層級的銷售資料的年度實際成果與預測的資料分析模組,為您概述為以下內容。


  • KOL洞察報告
    • 全球HIV市場上目前/預測的治療趨勢、臨床產品,及商業性促進要素、阻礙要素的定性分析:來自第一流臨床醫生的詳細專門見解
    • HIV市場趨勢的背景中的市場主要企業、市售產品、後期開發階段的平台治療藥、現在與未來的產品定位比較
  • 活動主導的更新
    • HIV治療趨勢中的未來活動主導的變化相關最新的KOL見解的優點
  • KOL洞察的優點
    • 未來HIV市場發展的理解與評估
    • 現在、未來的治療流程分析
    • 市場動態,NRTI的NNRTI的產品與價值,Integrase抑制劑、蛋白分解酵素抑制劑的理解
    • 醫生特定的治療選擇方法與理由的評估
    • 改變處方習慣的新產品的潛在性評估
    • 學習能形成未來HIV治療的最尖端研究
    • 今後12個月的所有重要發展和KOL的意見調查 - 沒有額外費用!


  • 共識報告
    • 在13個主要分析師、中介企業選出的主要HIV市場參數中預測的定性數量變化相關的詳細5年共識展望
    • 各HIV市場規模、產品銷售額、企業的市場佔有率、競爭情形及詳細的市場預測表
  • 互動分析文件
    • 為了深入、評價主要企業、市場、產品趨勢,利用從2007年到2017年的詳細市場模組、產品銷售額資料的互動的Excel市場分析模組
  • 共識展望的優點
    • 未來的銷售額預測、預測的市場成長的評估
    • 市場參數圖、商業性展望圖表
    • 市值的評估:各企業、產品
    • 調整策略以競爭為基礎的投資焦點
    • 積極的銷售、品牌策略的設定
    • 跟上主導活動的市場資料更新



A complete ongoing analysis of current trends, forecasts and landscape modifiers

Harnessing the real world insights from leading US/European KOLs and research analysts, this study critically examines the HIV sector to expose the real potential. If you need instant access to an accurate, unbiased, qualitative review of the latest treatment trends along with a five-year quantitative HIV market forecast and insights as to the how HIV treatment will develop, look no further than FirstWord's Therapy Trends: HIV. This insightful FirstWord research is provided in two comprehensive modules:

  • The KOL Insight: HIV module provides a complete review underpinned by exclusive in-depth interviews with leading KOLs from the US and Europe
  • The Consensus Outlook: HIV data analysis module provides annual historical and forecast product-level sales data based on leading equity analysts' projections. Key findings are given in a written analysis to support the visual data analyses provided in charts and tables

KOL Insight

KOL Insight Report

  • A qualitative analysis of the current and predicted treatment trends, clinical products and commercial drivers and resistors in the global HIV market, informed by in-depth expert views of the leading clinicians
  • Compare the market's key players, marketed products, late-stage pipeline drugs, current and future product positioning, in the context of HIV market trends

Event-driven Updates

  • Benefit from the latest KOL views about significant future event-driven changes in HIV treatment trends

KOL Insight Benefits

  • Understand and assess future HIV market development
  • Analyse current and future treatment algorithms
  • Understand the market dynamics, products and values of NRTI's NNRTI's, integrase inhibitors and protease inhibitors
  • Assess how and why clinicians will choose a particular therapy
  • Evaluate the potential for new products to change prescribing habits
  • Learn about cutting edge research that will shape HIV treatment in the future
  • Track all the important developments and KOL opinions for the next 12 months-at no additional cost!

Consensus Outlook

Consensus Report

  • An in-depth 5-year Consensus Outlook report of predicted quantitative changes in key HIV market forecast parameters drawn from 13 leading analyst and brokerage companies
  • Chart HIV market size, product sales, market share by company, competitive status and detailed forecasts

Interactive Analytics File

  • Use the interactive Excel market analytics module of detailed market and product sales data from 2007 to 2017 to drill down and assess key company, market and product trends

Consensus Outlook Benefits

  • Evaluate future sales forecasts and predicted market growth
  • Map your market parameters and chart commercial prospects
  • Assess market value by company and product
  • Tailor your strategic and investment focus based on the competition
  • Set proactive launch and branding strategies
  • Keep up with event-driven market data updates

This report is continually updated in response to market developments-stay in touch with the latest developments and thinking and maximise the value of this report.

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