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Drug analysis: Allergan

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 58 Pages
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藥物分析:Allergan Drug analysis: Allergan
出版日期: 2017年12月12日 內容資訊: 英文 58 Pages




  • R&D投資的增加
  • 開發平台的更新
  • 最近的銷售
  • 成長展望
  • 突出的智慧財產權的保護


  • 學名藥壓力開始呈現穩定的季度


  • 收購的足跡
  • 增長的醫藥品
  • 停止跟Pfizer Allergan 的聯合計劃
  • Allergan 轉換至增長的品牌醫藥品企業
  • 2017年的展望:收購及R&D支出
  • Allergan的SWOT分析
  • Allergan的主要活動·催化劑


  • 處方藥的銷售額展望
  • 治療領域動態
  • 各地區的醫藥品銷售額展望
  • 前十名產品
  • 推動成長因素·抑制因素
  • 銷售/核心/到期分析
  • 財務展望
  • 收購與合併的歷史



Product Code: DMKC0172113

Updated analysis and forecasts based on Q3 2017 company-reported sales.

PharmaVitae explores Allergan's prescription pharmaceutical performance and outlook, encompassing corporate strategy, marketed portfolio, pipeline potential, and financial performance over 2016-26.


  • Overview - Allergan will finish 2017 positively with pharmaceutical revenues of $15.7bn, up 8% from FY2016, although generic pressures loom in 2018.
  • Mid-term outlook - Botox and the successful launch of Vraylar are driving Allergan's pharmaceutical revenue growth, together adding over $2.4bn in sales out to 2021.
  • Long-term outlook - Topline revenue will climb to reach around $20bn by 2025, driven by the growth of Botox, as well as the CNS and gastroenterology portfolios.
  • Pipeline - Allergan has focused its resources on six "star" R&D programs that, if successful, will drive long-term growth.
  • Events - A Refuse to File letter has been issued for Vraylar for the treatment of PNS, as Esmya is filed for approval for use in uterine fibroids.


  • Q3 2017: Impressive growth of Botox and recently launched products will drive Allergan's revenues in the short term, as generic pressures loom in 2018. Allergan has divested its generics and Anda businesses to its shift focus to branded pharmaceuticals.
  • Botox will provide sustained growth across both therapeutic and cosmetic indications.
  • Allergan's CNS portfolio will expand due to the growth of new drugs to treat neurological disorders.
  • Allergan's genitourinary portfolio will grow by $181m out to 2026, carried by sales of the oral contraception franchise Lo Loestrin Fe and the launch of pipeline candidate Esmya.
  • During 2016-26, the gastroenterology portfolio will grow at a 10.2% CAGR, driven by best-in-class Linzess and Viberzi in IBS.

Model updates:

  • Kybella sales downgraded.
  • Vraylar supplementary approval treating PNS delayed.
  • Restasis generic competition brought forward to Q4
  • 2018. Revised Rhofade sales.

Analysis structure:

  • Explore and visualize revenue dynamics in Allergan's portfolio out to 2026 using 10-year in-house sales forecasts segmented by the following sections.

Company context:

  • How is Allergan strategically poised out to 2026?
  • What are Allergan's key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?
  • What are Allergan's key catalysts during the current year?

Facts and figures:

  • What is Allergan's forecasted sales performance out to 2026?
  • What is the revenue trajectory of Allergan's current top 10 products out to 2026?
  • Which therapy areas will experience the largest growth and decline?
  • What are the portfolio weightings of Allergan based on the lifecycle of its products?

Key therapy areas:

  • Why will specific therapy areas experience the largest growth and decline?
  • What are the detailed competitive dynamics at play in Allergan's important therapeutic markets?
  • How is Allergan adapting strategically to internal and external headwinds?



Q2 2017 REVIEW

  • Increased R&D investment
  • Pipeline update
  • Recent launches
  • Growth outlook
  • Bold intellectual property protection

Q3 2017 REVIEW

  • Allergan reports solid quarter as generic pressures loom in 2018


  • Acquisition trail
  • Growth Pharma
  • Pfizer terminated plans for Allergan combination
  • Allergan's transformation to branded growth pharma
  • 2017 outlook: acquisitions and R&D spending
  • Allergan's SWOT analysis
  • Allergan's key events and catalysts


  • Allergan's prescription pharma sales outlook
  • Allergan's therapy area dynamics
  • Allergan's regional pharma sales outlook
  • Allergan's top 10 products over 2016-26
  • Allergan's growth drivers and resistors
  • Allergan's launch/core/expiry analysis
  • Allergan's financial outlook
  • Allergan's M&A history


  • Other
  • Botox will provide sustained growth across both therapeutic and cosmetic indications
  • Additional therapeutic indications are not included in the forecast
  • Central nervous system
  • Genitourinary
  • Gastroenterology



  • Figure 1: Allergan's prescription pharmaceutical sales ($m) and growth rate (%), 2013-26
  • Figure 2: Allergan's therapy area dynamics, 2016-26
  • Figure 3: Allergan's top 10 product sales ($m), 2016-26
  • Figure 4: Allergan's launch/core/expiry portfolio configuration, 2016-26
  • Figure 5: Allergan's operating revenue/cost analysis ($m), 2014-22


  • Table 1: Allergan's loss of exclusivity product portfolio
  • Table 2: Allergan's sales by therapy area ($m), 2016-26
  • Table 3: Allergan's prescription pharmaceutical sales by region ($m), 2016-26
  • Table 4: Allergan's key products, 2016-26
  • Table 5: Allergan's sales by launch, core, and expiry portfolio ($m), 2016-26
  • Table 6: Allergan's financial performance, 2016-22
  • Table 7: Allergan's key merger and acquisition deals, 2006-17
  • Table 8: Allergan's other portfolio ($m), 2016-26
  • Table 9: Utilization of Botox in three core areas
  • Table 10: Allergan's central nervous system portfolio ($m), 2016-26
  • Table 11: Allergan's genitourinary portfolio ($m), 2016-26
  • Table 12: Allergan's gastroenterology portfolio ($m), 2016-26
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