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Big Pharma Outlook 2026

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 70 Pages
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大型製藥公司預測 Big Pharma Outlook 2026
出版日期: 2017年07月13日 內容資訊: 英文 70 Pages






  • 全球收益概要
  • 企業的收益概要
  • 2024年前30名產品
  • 大型製藥公司的開發平台(管線)概要
  • 前30名開發中產品
  • 企業的開發組合
  • 5年的開發分析
  • 到期收益概要
  • 參考文獻


  • 全球概要
  • 治療領域排行榜
  • 腫瘤學
  • 內分泌疾病、代謝異常、遺傳性疾病
  • 中樞神經系統
  • 參考文獻


  • 大型製藥公司的戰略性應用
  • 成為對象的交易
  • 降低成本計劃
  • 大型製藥公司的市場影響
  • 參考文獻





Pharmavitae Analytics casts its eye out to 2026 with challenging trends in healthcare management set to crystallize, Big Pharma will add $29.5bn in revenues out to 2026, generating $351bn in prescription pharmaceuticals at a low single-digit compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 0.9%. Using in-house sales forecasts, this analysis explores and visualizes market dynamics in the Big Pharma peer set out to 2026. A healthy launch portfolio will bolster growth as Big Pharma reaps the reward of breakthrough products as the result of recent industry innovation. By delving deeper into revenue trends, therapy area performance, and strategic drivers, this analysis is vital to understanding how Big Pharma will navigate headwinds in order to steer towards robust growth.

Key questions answered:

Revenue Analysis:

  • Which will be the best performing companies out to 2026?
  • Which companies will propel revenue growth over the forecast period?
  • How will Big Pharma perform across the US, 5EU, Japan and RoW regions?
  • Which companies will have leading market share gains and market share losses?
  • Explore the Pharmavitae Analytics Index and how the portfolio compares against specific criteria

Therapy area analysis:

  • What are the detailed competitive dynamics at play in the oncology, metabolic and, infectious diseases markets?
  • Which companies are building leadership in specific therapy area?
  • How are late-stage pipelines positioned and what are the most-coveted launch products?
  • How many new blockbuster positions will Big Pharma carve out to 2026?
  • Which therapy areas will experience the largest growth and decline?

Lifecycle analysis:

  • What are Big Pharma's relative growth rankings?
  • Which companies are reliant on pipeline launches to drive growth?
  • Which companies will be most affected by future biosimilar and generic erosion out to 2026?
  • How much is expected to be wiped off of Big Pharma's expiry portfolio?

Pipeline analysis:

  • What are the most coveted pipeline assets and which companies have the most valuable launch portfolios?
  • Which Big Pharma companies have the largest late-stage pipelines?
  • How does therapy area concentration for Big Pharma compare to the rest of the industry?
  • How is Big Pharma concentrated in regards to therapy area in late-stage assets?

Strategy analysis:

  • How is Big Pharma using licensing deals to propel growth and in what therapy areas are deals concentrated?
  • How is Big Pharma capitalizing on immuno-oncology using M&A and dealmaking?
  • Can data transform pharmaceutical R&D to maintain a supply of innovative treatments?
  • From R&D investment to externalization: where is Big Pharma maximizing value?


  • Big Pharma prescription drug sales are forecast to grow to $351bn by 2026 at a compound annual growth rate of 0.8%
  • Number one company in 2021: Pfizer sustains top ranking in prescription drug sales out to 2021
  • Number one company in 2026: Roche out-performs Pfizer out to 2026
  • Pharmavitae Index: Roche tops the index with a score calculated from 9 different metrics based on portfolios sales, pipelines, growth prospects and financials
  • Most valuable product: Keytruda will become the highest selling product with global sales forecast at $9bn
  • Most lucrative therapy area: Oncology will maintain the largest proportion of Big Pharma prescription sales out to 2026. Most valuable class: PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitors will continue to build momentum out to 2026
  • Pipeline launch analysis: Big Pharma's launch portfolio is set to add $58.3bn in revenues out to 2026

Table of Contents

  • Analyst Outlook
  • Revenue Analysis
  • Global prescription pharmaceutical revenue overview
  • Company performance ranking
  • Regional overview
  • Top class overview
  • Blockbuster tracker
  • Top 30 products in 2026
  • Bibliography
  • Pharmavitae Index
  • Therapy Area Analysis
  • Global overview
  • Therapy Area Focus: Oncology
  • Oncology: Analysis & Trends
  • Therapy Area Focus: Infectious Diseases
  • Infectious Diseases: Analysis & Trends
  • Therapy Area Focus: Central Nervous System
  • Central Nervous System: Analysis & Trends
  • Therapy Area Focus: CV & Metabolic
  • Metabolic: Analysis & Trends
  • Therapy Area Focus: Immunology & Inflammation
  • Bibliography
  • Lifecycle Analysis
  • Pipeline Analysis
  • Big Pharma pipeline overview
  • Top 20 pipeline products
  • Strategy Analysis
  • Big Pharma Licensing Trends 2012-16
  • Immuno-Oncology Deal Trends, 2012-16
  • Transforming Pharmaceutical R&D with Data
  • From R&D Investment to Externalization: Where is the Pharma Industry Maximizing Value?
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