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E-commerce in the Mattress Industry

出版商 CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies 商品編碼 967745
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 109 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
床墊產業的電子商務 E-commerce in the Mattress Industry
出版日期: 2020年10月29日內容資訊: 英文 109 Pages






第1章 床墊市場上電子商務 - 考察

  • 全球床墊市場概要
  • 床墊市場上電子商務:基本資料
  • COVID-19大流行,2020年前半期的影響與考察,上市公司:各季銷售額
  • 電子商務商務的模式

第2章 線上床墊事業的特徵

  • 商務的演進與組織

床墊市場上電子商務 - 地理範圍和最大市場

第3章 美國、加拿大

  • 美國、加拿大的零售、電子商務的銷售額:概要與需求推動因素
  • 美國、加拿大的線上床墊的銷售額
  • 競爭
  • 電子商務零售業者
  • 線上床墊企業
  • 線上銷售的床墊廠商

第4章 歐洲 - 英國,德國,法國,西班牙

  • 歐洲的零售、電子商務的銷售額:概要與需求推動因素
  • 歐洲的線上床墊的銷售額
  • 競爭
  • 電子商務零售業者
  • 線上床墊企業
  • 線上銷售的床墊廠商

第5章 亞太地區 - 中國,印度,韓國

  • 亞太地區零售、電子商務的銷售額:概要與需求推動因素
  • 亞太地區線上床墊的銷售額
  • 競爭
  • 電子商務零售業者
  • 線上床墊企業
  • 線上銷售的床墊廠商

第6章 附錄 - 調查結果:全球電子商務床墊市場

第7章 刊載企業

Product Code: M14

The CSIL Research Report ‘E-commerce in the mattress industry ’ offers a detailed analysis of the online mattress market with a particular focus on three world areas: the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. The study analyses the largest retail mattress markets, estimating the incidence of online mattress sales in key countries (the US, Canada, China, India, South Korea, Germany, the UK, France and Spain), the e-commerce mattress sales of the leading retailers (e-tailers, brick-and-mortar retailers, online mattress companies and mattress manufacturers) and providing company profiles highlighting their activity and performance in this sector.

IMPACT OF COVID-19: Effects of the Covid-19 outbreak over the world mattress sector and insights for the first half of 2020 are provided together with quarterly results of the leading listed companies selling mattresses online.

E-COMMERCE BUSINESS MODELS. The report identifies the leading online retailers involved in mattress sales by business model:

  • E-tailers (pure e-commerce companies)
  • Brick and Click companies (dealers with physical stores and webstore)
  • Non-furniture specialists chains (large multichannel dealers selling furniture, homewares, accessories, home improvement, lighting fixtures and electronics).
  • Online mattress companies (start-ups selling online via own web platform or through e-tailers)
  • Mattress manufacturers selling online via own website

FEATURES OF THE ONLINE MATTRESS BUSINESS AND ORGANIZATION: The most important peculiarities of the e-commerce business in the mattress industry, including services (delivery and logistic issues, payment methods, return strategies, use of social media, advertising strategies), product features (bed-in-a-box, one-size-fits-all mattresses) and the role of industry suppliers.

ECOMMERCE IN THE MATTRESS INDUSTRY. THE LARGEST MARKETS: The report focuses on three world areas, the Americas (the United States and Canada), Europe (the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain) and Asia Pacific (China, South Korea and India).

Retail mattress sales and incidence of e-commerce in 2019 , and change over 2018. A sector overview of economic and e-commerce indicators enriches the analysis.

COMPETITION AND PROFILES OF THE LEADING COMPANIES IN THE ONLINE MATTRESS MARKET: Estimated online mattress sales (USD million) by leading retailers in Europe, the USA and Canada, Asia Pacific.

The study also profiles the leading retailers and manufactures operating in the online mattress market, highlighting their e-commerce activity and financial performance.

For the online mattress companies , it describes the most important supply features (number of trial nights, years of warranty, price of a twin mattress, in-home-delivery and setup) and distribution strategy (presence of physical stores) and profiles of leading online mattress companies by country.

As regards mattress manufacturers selling online , leading players for each considered country are provided, together with information about their online activity.

The Report E-commerce in the mattress industry was carried out also through direct interviews with leading mattress manufacturers and retailers operating in the e-commerce mattress business and an online survey launched by CSIL in September-October 2020, addressed to global retailers and manufacturers involved in the mattress industry.


The COVID-19 outbreak is affecting the global business, with no exception both for furniture and mattress markets. There are, however, some aspects to take into consideration when considering the mattress sector.

The online channel, which was already eroding offline shares among the global mattress retail markets in recent years, is increasing and partially compensating the sharp decrease of brick-and-mortar stores' sales. According to CSIL, the online mattress market was already following a growth trajectory, registering a +30% in 2019, with different performances across the world. The United States is by far the largest market; in Europe, the increase in the online mattress market in Germany is remarkable; in Asia Pacific, the booming Chinese market drives the growth.

During the first semester of 2020, the fast increase in online sales is recorded among the largest retailers of home furniture and mattresses (in particular online mattress companies). This could be an opportunity for both mattress retailers and manufacturers.

Selected Companies mentioned:

Amazon, bett1, Casper, Coway, Emma Matratze, eve sleep, Flex,, Hilding Anders, IKEA,, Kurlon, Marmota, Mlily, Nectar Sleep, Otto, Pepperfry, Pikolin, Saatva, Serta, Simba, Simmons, Suning, Taobao, Tediber, Tmall, Tuft&Needle, Wayfair, Zinus.


INTRODUCTION. Data gathering and processing methodology, terminology and notes

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. The online mattress sector: performance across the world, COVID-19 impact, and supply features.


  • 1.1. An overview of the world mattress market
    • World mattress consumption trends and International trade of mattresses
  • 1.2. E-commerce in the mattress market: basic data
    • Mattress sales and online mattress sales
    • Share of e-commerce mattress sales by country
  • 1.3. COVID-19 pandemic. Impact and insights for the first half of 2020. Listed companies: sales by quarter. 2019-2020
  • 1.4. Models of e-commerce business (E-tailers, Brick-and-Click companies, Non-furniture specialist chains, Online mattress companies, Mattress manufactures selling online via own website)


  • 2.1. Business evolution and organization (Delivery options, Services and return strategies, Bed-in-a-box, The role of industry suppliers, One-size-fits-all mattresses and related bedding products, Advertising strategies, Social media, Payment methods)

E-COMMERCE IN THE MATTRESS MARKET. Geographical areas and largest markets


  • 3.1. Retail and e-commerce sales in the US and Canada: overview and demand drivers
    • E-commerce on total retail sales
    • Economic and e-commerce Indicators
  • 3.2. Online mattress sales in the US and Canada
    • Mattress sales and e-commerce mattress sales by country
  • 3.3. Competition
    • Estimated online mattress sales by leading retailers
  • 3.4. E-commerce retailers (pure e-tailers, retailers selling online)
  • 3.5. Online mattress companies (direct-to-consumer)
  • 3.6. Mattress manufacturers selling online

4. EUROPE and focus on the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain

  • 4.1. Retail and e-commerce sales in Europe: overview and demand drivers
    • Economic and E-commerce Indicators
  • 4.2. Online mattress sales in Europe
    • Mattress sales and e-commerce mattress sales by country
  • 4.3. Competition
    • Estimated online mattress sales by leading retailers
  • 4.4. E-commerce retailers
  • 4.5. Online mattress companies
  • 4.6. Mattress manufacturers selling online

5. ASIA PACIFIC and focus on China, India and South Korea

  • 5.1. Retail and e-commerce sales in Asia Pacific: overview and demand drivers
    • Economic and e-commerce Indicators
  • 5.2. Online mattress sales in Asia Pacific
  • 5.3. E-commerce retailers
    • E-commerce retailers selling mattress. Estimated e-commerce sales
  • 5.4. Online mattress companies
  • 5.5. Mattress manufacturers selling online

6. ANNEX Survey results: Global e-commerce mattress market