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The Kitchen Furniture Market in Russia

出版商 CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies 商品編碼 928141
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 66 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
廚房家具的俄羅斯市場 The Kitchen Furniture Market in Russia
出版日期: 2020年03月11日內容資訊: 英文 66 Pages





  • 各國指標,GDP的實質成長率與至2024年的通貨膨脹,人口指標,建築活動相關資料


  • 基本資料
  • 活動趨勢


  • 廚房家具的進出口:各國,各地區
  • 全球廚房家具市場:主要國家的進口商
  • 主要家電的貿易
  • 內建家電市場規模
  • 內建家電的流通


  • 僱用和供應結構
  • 各地區的銷售明細
  • 桌面
  • 櫥櫃的門材料和廚房風格
  • 廚房門的顏色與漆面塗料的種類


  • 廚房家具銷售明細:各流通管道
  • 樣本企業中廚房的平均銷售價格
  • 義大利的廚房家具進口為焦點


  • 整體
  • 低價格
  • 中價格
  • 高價




Product Code: S25RU

CSIL Market Research Report “The kitchen furniture market in Russia” analyses production, distribution, consumption, trade and competition for one of the most challenging markets for this sector, providing kitchen furniture production and consumption statistics and trends, as well as import and export data by country and by geographical area of origin/destination.

The survey involved collecting information from approximately 100 sector companies either through active participation (direct interviews or completion of a questionnaire) or from company balance sheets, figures and estimates.

Historical data are examined, especially as regards five-year and one-year market comparisons.

The report covers both kitchen furniture and the built-in appliances sold through this channel.

Information on the competitive system include sales data and market shares for 50 of the top kitchen furniture manufacturers in this area (players from Russia, Germany and Italy), as well as short company profiles.

Highlights of distribution channels are given, along with a list of 100 among the most important retailers selling kitchen furniture and furniture trade centres in Russia, from low to luxury price ranges and by Federal District.

The kitchen furniture market in Russia is broken down by kitchen style, cabinet door material, worktop material. Most of data and figures are available either in value than in quantity.

The Report also gives a wide range of macro-economic indicators (country indicators, real growth of GDP and inflation up to 2022, population indicators, data on building activity).

An address list of the major players in the kitchen furniture industry in Russia is also provided.


CSIL estimates the Russian kitchen furniture market for the year 2019 in around 1.2 billion Eur, with an increase in comparison with 2018 by 0.9% in quantity, by 6.5% in value. Italian and German companies are the main exporters of kitchen furniture to Russia.

BSH is market leader in a built-in appliances market worth around 3 million units. To be noticed a growth of the middle end of the market and the contract market. Top 45 companies hold around the 78% of the market. Among the top players: Marya, Ikea, Stilnie Kuhni, Nobilia, Leroy Merlin, Veneta, Hoff

Selected companies mentioned:

Aran, Bravo Design, Decorum, DMI, Driada, Dvor, Europrestige, Front Décor, Giulia Novars, Hoff, Ikea, Kuchenberg, Marya, Leroy Merlin, Mebelny Biznes, Metro, Nobilia, Nolte, Riviera Kazan, Scavolini, Snaidero, Sputnik Style, Stilnie Kuchni, Trio Interier, Vardek, Veneta.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Scope of the research and methodology

Macroeconomic indicators

  • Country indicators, Real growth of GDP and inflation up to 2024, Population indicators, Data on building activity

Kitchen furniture market: size of the market and activity trend

  • Basic data: Kitchens sold in the Russian market by price range. Thousand units, average price and EUR million
  • Activity trend: Kitchen furniture production, consumption, imports and exports, in value and volume. Data 2013-2019

International trade

  • Exports and Imports of kitchen furniture by country and by geographical area, 2013-2018. Data in EUR and RUB
  • Trade of major appliances
  • Size of the built-in appliances market
  • Distribution of built-in appliances

Market structure

  • Employment and supply structure
    • List of major kitchen furniture manufacturers by town and year of establishment
    • Breakdown of major kitchen operators by products and number of employees
  • Regional sales breakdown
    • Breakdown of kitchen furniture sales by Federal Distric
  • Tabletops
    • Breakdown of kitchen furniture sales by worktop material
  • Cabinet door material and kitchen styles
    • Breakdown of kitchen furniture sales by cabinet door material and by kitchen style
  • Kitchen door colour and lacquered type
    • Breakdown of kitchen furniture sales by colour and laquered type

Distribution channels

  • Breakdown of kitchen furniture sales by distribution channel
  • Average sales price of a kitchen in a sample of companies
  • Focus on the Italian kitchen furniture import

The leading kitchen furniture companies

  • Overall competition
    • Sales of kitchen furniture by price range in a sample of 45 leading companies
  • Low end, low and middle-low segments
    • Sales of kitchen furniture for a sample of companies in the low end (first price), low and middle-low price range
  • Middle end middle-upper segments
    • Sales of kitchen furniture for a sample of companies in the middle and middle-upper price range
  • Upper and luxury segments
    • Sales of kitchen furniture for a sample of companies in the upper and luxury price range

Ukraine. A snapshot on the Ukrainian kitchen furniture market

Annex I: Directory of magazines active in the Russian furniture market

Annex II: Directory of companies active in the Russian kitchen furniture market