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The Office Furniture Market in India

出版商 CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies 商品編碼 81910
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 66 Pages
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印度的辦公室家具市場 The Office Furniture Market in India
出版日期: 2014年04月17日 內容資訊: 英文 66 Pages




第1章 市場概要

  • 辦公室家具產業的基礎資料:生產額、消費額、市場開放度

第2章 國際貿易

  • 辦公室家具的出口額
  • 辦公室家具的進口額

第3章 競爭系統

  • 產品的分類
  • 市場佔有率
  • 代表性辦公室家具廠商

第4章 流通管道

  • 印度的家具流通的特徵
  • 辦公室家具的流通
  • 價格
  • 對外資企業來說的市場方法

第5章 需求推動因素

  • 經濟指標
  • 人口和都市化流程
  • 非住宅用建築物和辦公室空間
  • 零售業
  • 旅館產業
  • 地區的分佈

第6章 產業團體,行業展會及雜誌





Product Code: S.44

In 2013 the office furniture production in India reached a total value of US$ 1,702 million, showing about 4% growth compared to the previous year (+14% in local currency). Production quadrupled over the last decade and average growth in the period considered (2007-2013) was +8% in US$. Consumption of office furniture showed a good performance driven by a general improvement in the economic situation in the country and by growth in the industrial and services sectors. Non-residential construction activities performed very well, leading to an expansion of office premises and space.

About 62% of imported values are represented by office furniture, while the remaining 38% is covered by office seating.

The trend is moving towards the mobile office. Unlike earlier times, when every individual had their specific workstations, anybody can come into the office and work on any available workstation because the trend is towards a shared office scenario, where people are travelling or working from home. We have seen some large Corporates moving in that direction, and it is definitely the future of office furniture in India according to key experts.

Top 50 companies hold about 50% of the Indian office furniture market. About 65% of the large corporation segment is composed by High-end branded supplies, while for medium-small companies the opposite is true. Largest global brands offer medium/high-end products/commercial turnkey (Haworth, Steelcase, Herman Miller, Teknion) as well as some local brands like BP Ergo (HNI Inc.), Featherlite, Godrej and Wipro.

India. Office furniture. Customer segmentation, 2008 and 2013.
Percentage values.


Highlights of this Report

CSIL Market Research The office furniture market in India provides office furniture market size, historical trends of office furniture production and consumption, imports and exports. 2008-2013 data on the office furniture sector and macroeconomic forecast up to 2018.

The report is enriched by an in-depth analysis of the competitive system in terms of company dimension, manufacturing locations and product breakdown.

Figures on sales and estimates on market shares of the top 50 leading office furniture manufacturers operating in India are also available (total office furniture production and segments: seating, desking, storage). The sample has been extended to more than 100 when considering either office furniture manufacturers (Local and Multinational) than importers, retailers, architects playing on the Indian market.

Short profiles of the top office furniture manufacturers are also available.

Reference prices are reported by segment (office seating, operative desks, executive furniture, office storage).

Office furniture imports and exports are broken down by country and geographical area of origin/destination.

A specific analysis on main players in the distribution is given for the six states and eight megacities that are considered strategic for the future of the office furniture business.

Leading furniture importers are listed by city, as well as leading architects and interior designers.

Considered states include Delhi-Haryana, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, West Bengal. In the focused megacities a growth of household expenditure is given by around 50% from 2013 up to 2013, as an average.

About 200 addresses of key operators (about 50 office furniture manufacturers, other 150 among importers, retailers and architectural companies) are included.

The study has been carried out involving direct interviews in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Table of Contents


1. Market Overview

  • 1.1. The office furniture sector: basic data Production, Consumption and market openness

2. International trade

  • 2.1. Office furniture exports
  • 2.2. Office furniture imports


  • 3.1. Product segments
  • 3.2. Market shares
  • 3.3. Leading office furniture manufacturers

4. Distribution channels

  • 4.1. Characteristics of the Indian furniture distribution
  • 4.2. Office furniture distribution
  • 4.3. Prices
  • 4.4. Market approach for foreign companies

5. demand DRIVERS

  • 5.1. Economic indicators
  • 5.2. Population and urbanization process
  • 5.3. Non-residential buildings and office spaces
  • 5.4. The retail segment
  • 5.5. The hospitality segment
  • 5.6. Geographical distribution

6. Associations, Sector fairs and magazines

  • Appendix I: List of companies mentioned in the report
  • Appendix II: Excel file including other useful contacts

Selected companies mentioned:

BP Ergo (HNI Corp.), Bristol Technologies, Continental, Damro, De Bono Flexcom, Durian, Ergomaxx, Ergotek, Featherlite Flexi Seating, Geeken, Godrej Interio, Haworth, Herman Miller, Kompress, Merryfair, Methodex, MS Space Solutions, Natraj Steel, Offiso Furniture, Okamura, Om Vishwakarma, Omfurn India, Parin, PSL Modular, Steelcase, Stellar, Supra- Shreya Furnicraft (P) Ltd., Teknion, V3 India, Wilkhahn, Wipro, Zuari.

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