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The Upholstered Furniture Market in India

出版商 CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies 商品編碼 384982
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 94 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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印度的襯墊家具市場 The Upholstered Furniture Market in India
出版日期: 2016年11月01日 內容資訊: 英文 94 Pages



第1章 簡介:工具、調查手法

第2章 印度:社會經濟背景

  • 宏觀經濟指標
  • 人口統計
  • 都市化的流程
  • 印度的消費者市場
  • 印度的中產階級
  • 高級品
  • 印度的建設市場

第3章 襯墊家具產業:資料、主要的特徵

  • 襯墊家具產業概要:基本資料
    • 進口/消費及出口/生產比率
  • 消費
    • 印度的家具消費:各市場區隔,襯墊家具的消費
    • 全球襯墊家具消費:主要市場
  • 進口
    • 襯墊家具的進口,進口比率,進貨各國明細,各國和各地的進口
  • 生產
    • 印度的家具生產:各市場區隔,襯墊家具的生產
    • 全球襯墊家具生產:主要生產國
  • 出口
    • 襯墊家具的出口,目的地國家明細,各國和各地的出口
  • 產品趨勢
    • 覆蓋材料
    • 產品類型
  • 價格分佈、市場金字塔
    • 襯墊家具的生產、消費明細:各種價格
    • 企業樣品的價格分佈的定位

第4章 流通系統:本土化、結構

  • 家具需求結構
  • 高潛在性地區:新德里、孟買
  • 流通結構
  • 流通管道
  • 主要零售經營者
  • 網路零售經營者
  • 襯墊家具產品、外國業者的政策、稅金

第5章 競爭系統:國內、外國廠商

  • 主要的印度的襯墊家具廠商
  • 外國業者



Product Code: S83

CSIL Market Research ‘The upholstered furniture market in India’ provides an overview of the upholstery market in India through updated statistics and offers a picture of the furniture sector, production and consumption trends, import and export figures, price and marketing policies, distribution channels structure and competitive system analysis.

A detailed executive summary introduces the research report, providing details for the Indian upholstered furniture industry and basic data for the years 2010-2015.

Part II describes the country's socio-economic context: macro-economic indicators, demography, urbanization process, consumer and construction markets.

Features of the Indian upholstered furniture industry, with main statistics (production, consumption, imports and exports), world comparisons, product trends, price ranges and market pyramid, are illustrated in Part III.

The Indian upholstered furniture distribution system is analysed through the description of the furniture demand structure in the country, the market potentials, channels and retailers and country policies for foreign operators. The competitive system analysis includes both local manufacturers and foreign players.

The report also includes a list of over 100 among upholstered furniture manufacturers and retailers operating in India, with contact information, activity and product portfolio


With its 1.3 billion people and an increasing household and institutional spending power, India is currently one of the big emerging market economies in the world. This positive economic context has also fueled the growth of the whole Indian furniture market in the last years.

India. Upholstered furniture segment and total furniture industry, 2015

Accounting for 17% of the total national furniture production and consumption, upholstery is one of the fast-growing segments within the whole Indian furniture industry. India is the fifth upholstered furniture market worldwide and the upholstery consumption in the country actually reaches a value of around USD 3 billion at factory prices

Table of Contents

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The upholstered furniture industry in India

  • The upholstery segment and total furniture industry. Upholstered furniture consumption and production 2010-2015

1. INTRODUCTION: Tools and Methodology

  • Notes, terminology, considered area and sample

2. INDIA: Socio-economic context

  • Macro-economic indicators
  • Demography
  • Urbanization process
  • Indian consumer markets
  • The middle class in India
  • Luxury items
  • Construction market in India


  • Overview of the upholstered furniture industry. Basic data 2005-2015
    • Import/ consumption and export/production ratios, 2005-2015
  • Consumption
    • India. Furniture consumption by segment. Upholstered furniture consumption 2005-2015
    • World. Upholstered furniture consumption: major markets
  • Imports
    • Upholstered furniture imports, 2005-2015. Import penetration ratio, breakdown by countries of origin, imports by country and by geographical area
  • Production
    • India. Furniture production by segment. Upholstered furniture production 2005-2015
    • World. Upholstered furniture production: major manufacturing countries
  • Exports
    • Upholstered furniture exports, 2005-2015. Breakdown by destination countries, exports by country and by geographical area
  • Product Trends
    • Covering materials
    • Product Types
  • Price ranges and market pyramid
    • Breakdown of upholstered furniture production and consumption by price range
    • Price range positioning in a sample of companies

4. DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM: Localization and structure

  • Furniture demand structure
  • High Potential Cities: New Delhi and Mumbai
  • Distribution structure
  • Distribution channels
  • Leading retailers
  • Online retailers
  • Policy or taxes on upholstery products and for foreign operators

5. COMPETITIVE SYSTEM: Local and foreign manufacturers

  • Leading Indian upholstery manufacturers
  • Foreign operators

ANNEX A. ADDITIONAL STATISTICAL DATA: Macro-economic indicators and Construction activity


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