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The European Market for Healthcare Lighting

出版商 CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies 商品編碼 328896
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 80 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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醫療照明的歐洲市場 The European Market for Healthcare Lighting
出版日期: 2015年04月27日 內容資訊: 英文 80 Pages



第1章 簡介

第2章 基本資料

第3章 活動趨勢,歐洲的醫療照明

  • 各國各地區的明細估計:各來源
  • 活動趨勢
  • 市場活動趨勢、目前市場價格的GDP估計
  • 樣本企業的銷售額,EBITDA獲利率
  • 樣本企業的員工數,員工每人的平均銷售額
  • 醫療照明市場:推動市場的要素
  • 人口統計的變化:人口 (2000-2014年) 與預測 (2020-2080年)
  • 平均每個人的醫療費
  • 平均每個人的醫療費的年度年複合成長率,實質
  • 佔GDP整體的醫療費:各國
  • 醫院
  • 護理設施、看護設施
  • 牙科
  • 地區藥局

第4章 市值:各特定用途

  • 歐洲的醫療照明:目的地別的市場估計
  • 手術室照明
  • 體檢室照明,加護治療
  • 床 (通常入住、長期、老年人照護)
  • 通用區域
  • 實驗室、藥局
  • 急救
  • 室外
  • 照明控制的銷售額:各市場區隔

第5章 醫療照明的企業的競爭

第6章 公共與民間需求 (流通) 、展覽會、認證

第7章 各醫療用途領域的照明主要的必要條件

第8章 附錄:提及的企業

Product Code: EU31

This is the first edition of CSIL Report on the European market for healthcare lighting. The information provided in this report is based on desk analysis and field analysis for two healthcare macro segments and its main products such as hospitals and dental studies, the activity trend in Europe, the market drivers (such as demographic changes, healthcare expenditure, hospitals, nursing residential care facilities, dental practices and community pharmacies). It is provided also a market value by application and a list of the major players and weight on the overall lighting turnover.

The desk analysis includes:

  • i)statistical data collection from official sources (eg. Eurostat databases) and other sources (eg. associations, trade press..);
  • ii)the review of other existing documentation (eg. press releases, web sources, studies relating to the lighting industry);
  • iii) the analysis of companies databases (eg. balance sheets).

The field analysis was carried on through 20 interviews with manufacturers and experts operating in the healthcare lighting industry. Analysis about LED share in the Healthcare lighting market and specific applications is given. Specific segments analyzed include surgery lighting, intensive care and examination rooms lighting, normal stay bedrooms, long-care bedrooms lighting, lighting for common areas, corridors and circulation areas lighting, stairwells lighting, lighting for laboratories and pharmacies, design tips.


Healthcare lighting consumption in Europe growing rate by 4% in Europe during the 2009-2014 period, according to Csil study. Although health spending has slowed markedly across Europe. Competition inside European market of healthcare lighting is made by around 100 manufacturers, including approximately two clusters: i)40 manufacturers of overall lighting fixtures (Philips, Zumtobel, Glamox, Luxiona, Trilux, Lug Light, 3F Filippi, Fagerhult, Jcc Lighting ....) ii) 70 specialists in Healthcare/hospital equipment (Trumpf Medical, Surgiris, Euronda, KLS Martin, Brandon Medical, Biolume). Among these there are a few specialists in healthcare lighting such as Rimsa, Simeon, Acem, Dr. Mach, Degré K, Derungs Licht, Ema-Led.

Table of Contents

1) Introduction

2) Basic data

3) Activity trend. Healthcare lighting in Europe.

  • Estimated breakdown by country/Region, by lighting source.
  • Activity trend
  • Estimated market activity trend and GDP at current market prices 2009-2014.
  • Turnover, EBITDA Margin in a sample of companies, 2013.
  • Number of employees and average turnover per employee in a sample of companies, 2013.
  • The market for healthcare lighting: market drivers.
  • Demographic changes. Population 2000-2014 and projections 2020-2080.
  • Healthcare expenditure per capita.
  • Annual average % growth rate in per capita health expenditure, real terms, 2000-2012.
  • Total health expenditure as % of GDP by country 2000, 2005 and 2012.
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing and residential care facilities
  • Dental practices
  • Community Pharmacies

4)Market value by specific application

  • Healthcare lighting in Europe. Estimated market breakdown by Destination. Product range in a wide sample of manufaturers of healthcare lighting.
  • Operating room light, surgery.
  • Examination room light, intensive care
  • Beds (normal stay, long standing, senior care)
  • Common areas. Zumtobel Corridors Lighting
  • Laboratories and pharmacies. Glamox Luxo.
  • Emergency
  • Outdoor. Fagerhult
  • Sales of lighting controls by segment, 2012.

5) Competition of players in the healthcare lighting

6) Public and private demand (distribution), fairs, certifications

  • Sector fairs and online directories
  • Quality management system certification for medical devices

7) Main requirements for lighting in the different healthcare application areas

8) Annex: Mentioned companies

Selected companies mentioned:

3F Filippi, Acem, Admeco, Alvo, Apollo Lighting, ASD Lighting, Astra Lighting, Biolume (Biodis), Brandon Medical, Buck, Cellux, Cooper Lighting and Safety UK, DegreK, Derungs, Disano (Lamplast), Dr Mach, D-Tec, Elecomac S.A.R.L., Electro Zemper, Elektro-Lumen, Elkovo Cepelik, Ema-Led, ES-System SA, Euronda, Exled, Fagerhult Group, Famed Zywiec, Glamox, IBV Hungária Lighting, Ilo Electronic, Jcc Lighting, Kavo, Kenex, KLS Martin, Kotzolt, Lucibel, Ludwig Leuchten, LUG Light, Luxiona Group, Luxo ASA, Luxonic Lighting, Maquet, Mavig, Megaman, Merivaara, Midmark, Europe, Modul Technik, Molto Luce, Norka, OMS Lighting, Philips Lighting Professional Europe, Provita, Riegens, Riester, Rimsa, Sarlam, Simeon Medical, Surgiris, Thorpe FW Group, Trato TLV, Trumpf, Vosla, Waldmann, Zett Optics, Zumtobel Group.

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