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The Upholstered Furniture Market in China

出版商 CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies 商品編碼 327642
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 109 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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中國的襯墊家具市場 The Upholstered Furniture Market in China
出版日期: 2015年06月09日 內容資訊: 英文 109 Pages





  • 基礎資料
  • 活動趨勢


  • 出口
  • 進口


  • 襯墊家具的生產 (數量)
  • 專門性與僱用
  • 生產的明細


  • 總銷售額
  • 銷售額:各材料
  • 主要的出口商者
  • 中國的襯墊家具市場上運作中的中國企業簡介
  • 銷售額:各省


  • 襯墊家具的流通
  • 中國運作中的主要家具連鎖簡介
  • 展覽會


  • 經濟概要
  • 需求決定要素
  • 住宅部門:投資與開發
  • 飯店產業:基礎資料、主要企業、預測
  • 財富的分佈:高級部門受到關注


Product Code: S81

CSIL Market Research The upholstered furniture market in China, now in its first edition, provides upholstered furniture market size, historical trends of upholstered furniture production and consumption, imports and exports and upholstered furniture market forecasts up to 2019.

The upholstered furniture supply structure is analyzed, with data on companies and employment.

Upholstered furniture production is reported by covering material (fabric, microfibre, leather, artificial leather), product type (groups, recliners, sofa-beds, sectionals, armchairs), style (modern, traditional), destination (home, contract).

Upholstered furniture clusters are also analyzed with data on upholstered furniture production and sales by province.

The report is enriched by an in-depth analysis of the competitive system in terms of company dimension, manufacturing locations and product breakdown.

Figures on sales of the top upholstered furniture manufacturers operating in China are also available (total upholstered furniture production and by covering material; data on top exporting companies of upholstered furniture are also available). The sample has been extended to more than 60 among the leading Chinese manufacturers.

Short profiles of the top upholstered furniture manufacturers are also available with data on product specialization, sales and employees.

Upholstered furniture imports and exports are broken down by country and geographical area of origin/destination.

Data on the distribution system are also provided, with sales broken down by distribution channels and kind of customers. Number of stores served on the Chinese market is also reported. Short profiles of the leading furniture chains and furniture cities are also available.

Over 70 addresses of key operators are included. The study has been carried out involving direct interviews with more than 100 sector firms and distributors operating on the Chinese market.

Demand determinants on population, urbanization, disposable income and construction sector activity are included in the report. Detailed data on the residential market, in terms of investments and houses under construction are reported.

A focus on the luxury segment and the hospitality industry, with data on number of hotels, international tourists arrivals and luxury furniture market are included.



China is the first upholstered furniture market worldwide and it ranks first in the world also for its upholstered furniture production and exports. With a 20% average yearly production growth in the 2005-2014 period (+17% yearly in local currency) the country surpassed RMB 219 billion (US$ 35 billion). China's middle class is expanding very rapidly and by 2020 it will represent 75% of total population, nearly twice of United States population. This will represent the most attractive consumer market for upholstered furniture companies.

Table of Contents

Abstract of Table of Contents


  • Research tool and terminology

Executive Summary

  • China. Furniture sector highlights.

Overview of the upholstered furniture market

  • Basic data
    • Production, consumption, imports and exports of upholstered furniture in China 2005-2014
    • Upholstered furniture consumption trends and forecasts 2015-2019
  • Activity trend
    • Trends in the Chinese upholstered furniture production, consumption, imports and exports (2005-2014)

International trade

  • Exports
    • Upholstered furniture exports by destination country and geographical area, 2009-2014
    • Six major countries and fast growing countries of destination for China's upholstered furniture export
  • Imports
    • Upholstered furniture imports by country and by geographical area, 2009-2014

Supply structure

  • Production of upholstered furniture in volume, 2013-2014
  • Degree of specialization and employment
  • Production breakdown
    • By covering material (percentage values, units and sales in a sample of companies)
    • By product type (percentage data based on production in value)
    • By style (percentage data based on value data)
    • By destination (percentage data based on value data and by destination in a sample of companies)
    • By main clusters (percentage values)

The competitive system

  • Total sales
    • Top 30 Chinese upholstered furniture manufacturers (sales and market share on total production)
  • Sales by material in a sample of companies
    • Fabric upholstered furniture
    • Microfibre upholstered furniture
    • Leather upholstered furniture
    • Artificial leather upholstered furniture
  • Top exporters
  • Short profile of Chinese companies operating on the Chinese upholstered furniture market
  • Sales by province

Distribution system

  • Distribution of upholstered furniture
    • Sales by distribution channels
    • Breakdown by distribution channel in a sample of companies
  • Short profile of the leading furniture chains operating in China
  • Trade fairs

Economy and demand drivers

  • Economic overview
  • Demand determinants
    • Population and urbanization process
    • First, Second and Third Tier towns
    • Disposable income
  • The residential sector: investments and development
  • The hospitality sector: basic data, major and forecasts
    • Basic data
    • Forecasts
    • Leading Chinese furniture manufacturers operating in the hospitality segment
  • Wealth distribution: focus on the luxury segment

Annex 1. List of manufacturers

Annex 2. List of retailers

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