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The European Market for Office Acoustic Solutions

出版商 CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies 商品編碼 327641
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 81 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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辦公室用音響解決方案的歐洲市場 The European Market for Office Acoustic Solutions
出版日期: 2015年03月31日 內容資訊: 英文 81 Pages

根據最新調查結果,歐洲的辦公室家具市場上的音響解決方案的普及率在近幾年中預計急速上升。調查對象企業的77%,認為音響產品部門將以超過辦公室家具整體市場的速度成長。實際上,從20年以前開始致力於音響產品的部分企業除外,許多的家具廠商 (調查對象企業的約50%) ,這5年採取響解決方案到自家公司產品。還有30%的企業2014年致力新產品的銷售,剩下20%預定2015年第一次將發售音響產品。

本報告提供歐洲的辦公室音響解決方案 (平板音響面板等) 的市場相關分析、整體市場規模和今後的市場趨勢預測、歐洲的辦公室家具產業上音響解決方案的處理情形、主要企業的配合措施、目前供給體制與今後的預測等調查評估。

第1章 平面、音響面板

  • 辦公室家具市場上平面面板的整體規模
  • 音響面板的消費量
  • 今後趨勢預測

第2章 辦公室家具市場上音響解決方案

  • 音響面板的用途
  • 音響解決方案銷售相關的因素
  • 認證制度
  • 銷售音響產品的辦公室家具廠商
  • 音響解決方案的專門廠商

第3章 音響面板的供給

  • 分析對象的供應商
  • 供應鏈和價格水準
  • 對今後的期待


  • 展示會
  • 產業雜誌
  • 分析對象企業
Product Code: EU32

According to a recent survey carried out by CSIL on a sample of European manufacturers, the penetration of acoustic solutions in the office furniture business is expected to expand significantly during the next years. According to the majority of the interviewees (77%) sales in the acoustic segment will increase more rapidly than the office furniture sector in general.

In fact, besides a small group of companies, which pioneered in acoustics more than 20 years ago (ex. Abstracta with Softline in 1981), there is a relevant number of players which introduced acoustic solutions in the past five years (around 50% of the sample interviewed). Another 30% announced the presentation of new products in 2014 while a 20% expects to launch acoustic products in portfolio within 2015 for the first time


Trend in the use of acoustic applications in 2015-2017.
% value on total number of interviews

Table of Contents

1. Flat surfaces and acoustic panels

  • 1.1. Total flat surfaces in the office furniture sector
  • 1.2. Consumption of acoustic panels
  • 1.3. Future developments

2. Acoustic in the office furniture sector

  • 2.1. Acoustic panel applications
  • 2.2. Relevant factors in selling acoustic solutions
  • 2.3. Certifications
  • 2.4. Office furniture manufacturers selling acoustic products
  • 2.5. Specialist manufacturers of acoustic solution

3. The supply of acoustic panels

  • 3.1. Mentioned suppliers
  • 3.2. Supply chain and price levels
  • 3.3. Expectations


  • A.1. Sectors fairs
  • A.2. Selected Press
  • A.3. Mentioned companies

Selected companies mentioned:

Abstracta, Glimakra, Steelcase, Topakustik.
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