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The Lighting Fixtures Market in Africa

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 163 Pages
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照明設備的非洲市場 The Lighting Fixtures Market in Africa
出版日期: 2015年03月11日 內容資訊: 英文 163 Pages

非洲 (共23個國家) 的照明設備、燈具市場,現在相當為2億美元規模。2009年之後,該地區的照明設備市場急速成長,到目前為止的年複合成長率為13%,今後的年度成長率推算為10∼15%。埃及、南非為域內最大的照明設備的生產國、消費國,其他在突尼西亞、摩洛哥的出口額也很大,另一方面阿爾及利亞、安哥拉、奈及利亞、蘇丹等為入超狀態。但,在北非以外的國家 (特別是農村)電氣化率仍低的狀態,那成為市場成長的大限制。

本報告提供非洲各國 (阿爾及利亞、安哥拉、波札那共和國、喀麥隆、剛果民主共和國、埃及、衣索比亞、迦納、幾內亞、象牙海岸共和國、肯亞、馬達加斯加、模里西斯、摩洛哥、莫三比克、納米比亞、奈及利亞、塞內加爾、南非、蘇丹、坦尚尼亞、突尼西亞、烏干達共23個國家) 的照明設備、燈具市場概況相關分析、地區整體市場規模、佔有率趨勢,及市場競爭狀態 (外資/國內企業的市場佔有率等)、主要企業的概要 (共80家)、主要的需求推動因素、對外貿易趨勢等調查、各國市場詳細結構、趨勢 (消費額、生產額、貿易額、都市化率、電氣化率、商務環境等) 相關資訊,為您概述為以下內容。


  • 非洲各國的照明設備、燈具的生產額、消費額、出口額、進口額及市場佔有率
  • 每人的照明設備消費額,及每人GDP (非洲23個國家全體)


  • 實質GDP成長率:各地區,過去6年份
  • 非洲各國的照明設備、燈具的國際貿易額 (過去5年份)
  • 非洲各國的照明設備、燈具的出口增加率 (過去4年份)
  • 非洲各國的照明設備、燈具的進口增加率 (過去4年份)


  • 照明設備、燈具的出口額及增加率:各國和各地 (過去5年份)
  • 照明設備、燈具的進口額及增加率:各國和各地 (過去5年份)
  • 照明設備、燈具的出口額及增加率:各出口對象 (過去5年份)
  • 照明設備、燈具的進口額及增加率:各進口對象 (過去5年份)


  • 非洲市場結構:各市場區隔、各來源、各企業
  • 前幾名企業10公司
  • 北非的企業
  • 西非洲的企業
  • 中部非洲的企業
  • 東非的企業
  • 非洲南部的企業


  • 實質GDP成長率:各國,過去6年份
  • 最終消費支出額 (過去5年份)
  • 人口增加率 (過去5年份)
  • 非洲的大城市市場:各人工排行榜
  • 非洲的主要城市
  • 非洲各國的電力的點閱存取率 (%) :都市區/農村
  • 旅遊業的GDP的貢獻度:佔GDP比率

各國市場簡介 (總合23個國家份)

  • 市場規模 (消費額、生產額、貿易額)
  • 國際貿易
  • 經濟指標、趨勢
  • 對主要城市的集聚狀態
  • 商務環境指標
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The first edition of the report ‘The Lighting Fixtures Market in Africa’ offers a comprehensive analysis of the market for lighting fixtures and lamps in 23 African countries (Algeria, Angola, Botswana, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia and Uganda). For each country, it provides figures for consumption and production in 2013, and trade flows (imports and exports, specified for lighting fixtures and lamps) from 2009 to 2013.

The Report is divided in two parts. In the first part, there is an analysis of basic data for production, consumption and international trade in 2013, with total market shares and market value. There is then an analysis of activity trends between 2009 and 2013, as well as an analysis of the competitive system, detailing the leading local and foreign players present in the market, and presenting short profiles for almost 80 companies, distinguished by geographical region and the country in which they operate. To conclude the first part, demand drivers offer the main macroeconomic variables necessary to put the market in context and analyse recent economic trends in Africa.

The second part of the Report offers an in-depth analysis for each of the 23 countries covered by this study. For each of them, data about lighting fixtures and lamps consumption, production, international trade, and major macroeconomic indicators, including access to electricity, urban population, paved roads, international tourism, population and business climate indicators, are provided.

Among the considered products: Residential lighting, Commercial lighting, Industrial lighting, Outdoor lighting, as well as Incandescent lighting, Fluorescent lighting, LED lighting, Gas discharge and Metal Halide lighting.


Countries covered by the Report (in green)

The lighting fixtures and lamps market in Africa (analysis of 23 countries) is worth over US.2 billion at factory prices. Since 2009, the market of lighting fixtures and lamps has risen steadily, at an average annual rate of growth of 13%. The expected annual growth in the years to come is assessed between 10% and 15%.

Egypt and South Africa are the most important producers and consumers of lighting products. Among top exporters, we also list Tunisia and Morocco, while Algeria, Angola, Nigeria and Sudan are relevant as importers.

100 leading manufacturers hold approximately 32% of the African market for lighting fixtures and lamps.

The lack of access to electricity is one of the major impediments to economic development. While most developed North African countries (Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia) have a national grid that covers the entire territory, sub-Saharan Africa still struggles in getting electricity at home or on secondary streets. Even in South Africa, where cities are almost fully lighted (94.3% of urban population has access to electricity), just 64.1% of the rural population has access to electric light. In some of the less developed regions of Africa, such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda, approximately 85% of the population is cut out of the national electricity grid. LED and solar lighting could contribute to local development.

Selected companies mentioned:

3 Brothers, Asfour Crystal, Beka Schréder, Belux Eclairage, El Araby Company for Lighting Technology, El Nasr for Electric and Electronic Appliances, El Sewedy - Egylux, Electro World, Fenie Brossette, General Electric Lighting, Havells Sylvania Tunisia, Huayi Lighting, Iemco, Ingelec, Kadri Luminaire, Leds C4, NVC Lighting, Opple Lighting, Optiled Lighting, Osram Group, Philips Lighting, Robe Lighting, Rouiba Eclairage, Tunisian Italian Lighting Company - TILC, Tunisie LED, Valmont Maroc.

Table of Contents

Basic Data

  • Production, consumption, export and import of lighting fixtures and lamps in Africa, 2013. US$ (million) and % share
  • Per capita consumption of lighting fixtures and per capita GNP for 23 African countries. US$

Activity Trend

  • Real GDP rate of growth by region, 2009-2014. % change
  • International trade of lighting fixtures and lamps in Africa, 2009-2013. US$ thousands
  • Growth of exports of lighting fixtures and lamps by region, 2010-2013. % change
  • Growth of imports of lighting fixtures and lamps by region, 2010-2013. % change

International Trade

  • Exports of lighting fixtures by geographical area and country, 2009-2013. US$ thousands, % share and change
  • Imports of lighting fixtures by geographical area and country, 2009-2013. US$ thousands, % share and change
  • Exports of lamps by geographical area and country, 2009-2013. US$ thousands, % share and change
  • Imports of lamps by geographical area and country, 2009-2013. US$ thousands, % share and change

The Competitive System

  • The African Market by Segments, Light Sources and Companies
  • Top 10 Companies
  • North African Companies
  • West African Companies
  • Central African Companies
  • East African Companies
  • South African Companies

Demand Drivers

  • Real GDP rate of growth by country, 2009-2014. % change
  • Final consumption expenditure in Africa, 2009-2013. Current US$
  • Population growth, 2009-2013. % change
  • Large urban markets in Africa, ranked by population.
  • Main Cities in Africa.
  • Access to electricity in Africa, 2010. % of total, urban and rural population
  • Tourism contribution to GDP in Africa, 2013. % of GDP

Country Profiles for each of the 23 countries analysed:

  • Market size (consumption, production, trade)
  • International Trade
  • Economic Indicators and Trends
  • Main Urban Agglomerations
  • Business Climate Indicators
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