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The Kitchen Furniture Market in the UK

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 59 Pages
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英國的廚房家具市場分析 The Kitchen Furniture Market in the UK
出版日期: 2015年02月18日 內容資訊: 英文 59 Pages



第1章 基本資料和活動趨勢

  • 廚房家具的價格
  • 廚房家具的生產、出口、進口、消費
  • 廚房家具的20年的消費

第2章 國際貿易

  • 廚房家具的進出口
  • 廚房家具的進出口:按照原產地/目的地
  • 廚房家具的進出口:按照主要10個國家的原產地/目的地
  • 進出口指標
  • 內建家電的進出口
  • 內建家電的進出口全體

第3章 財務分析

  • 銷售額
  • 樣品製造商僱用趨勢

第4章 供應結構

  • 廚房家具市場明細:各生活方式群組
  • 供給的明細:各櫃門材料、櫃檯材料

第5章 流通管道

  • 廚房家具的銷售額的明細:各流通管道

第6章 競爭系統

  • 英國的廚房市場主要50家公司
  • 廚房廠商主要十大公司
  • 廚房家具市場金額和數量
  • 高級部門的廚房廠商主要十大公司
  • 各部門的廚房廠商主要20家公司

第7章 需求推動因素

  • 人口的變化
  • 主要城市住宅的人口
  • 該國指標、平均每個人GDP、平均每個人可支配所得
  • 年度家計支出
  • 年度家庭消費
  • 改裝費的比例
  • 人口的分佈
  • 可利用的佔地面積


Product Code: EU04UK

The first edition of the report ‘The kitchen furniture market in the United Kingdom’ offers an accurate comprehensive picture of the kitchen furniture industry, providing 2009-2014 trends in kitchen furniture production and consumption, imports and exports. Value and weight of built-in appliances on kitchen furniture supply is also considered.

A financial analysis provides the main profitability ratios, number of employees and turnover per employee of a sample of companies in the market.

The Supply structure breaks production down to lifestyle groups, cabinet door materials (solid wood, veneer, laminated, decorative papers, thermoplastic foils, lacquered, melamine/paper, aluminum, glass) and worktop materials (solid surface materials, engineered and natural stone, laminated, tiles, steel, wood, glass).

Distribution channels, from building, to kitchen specialist, furniture and home improvement (DIY) chains, down to single flagship stores, offers shares in volume and value, as well as discussing the major players within them.

Ultimately, the chapter on the competitive system analyses kitchen furniture sales of the top 50 kitchen manufacturers active in the UK market, both on the general level and segmenting the market (luxury, upper, upper-middle, middle, middle-low, low-end). Shares and numbers for each segment are included, as well as short profiles of approximately 30 main players in the kitchen furniture industry.

Addresses and full contacts of around 120 kitchen furniture manufacturers active in the UK are also included.

Among the considered products: kitchen furniture, solid wood kitchens, veneer kitchens, laminated kitchens, thermoplastic foils, lacquered kitchens, melamine kitchens, aluminum kitchens, classic kitchens, country kitchens, modern kitchens, design kitchens, luxury kitchens, upper range kitchens, middle-upper range kitchens, middle range kitchens, low range kitchens, cabinet doors, worktops, kitchens with built-in appliances, kitchens without built-in appliances, built-in appliances.


In 2014, consumption in the UK kitchen market increased by 6.5% in GBP, while production rose by an even larger 7.9%. This rises were even stronger than the ones of 2013 (4.2% and 5%, respectively), suggesting that the UK market is entering an upward phase after several years of fluctuating performances.

On the contrary, both export and imports fell during the year, suggesting that British kitchen manufacturer are becoming more competitive relatively to their European competition than just a few years ago, especially in higher market segments.

UK. 20 years of kitchen furniture consumption trends, 1995-2014, % change

Overall, kitchen consumption increased by a yearly average of 2.6% between 2010 and 2014, and is expected to strengthen further in the near future.

Top 3 market players account for almost 60% of the entire market, while, in terms of kitchen value, the middle segment accounts for a third of it, and approximately another third is given by higher-end ranges, which are consistently rising in recent years.

Selected companies mentioned:

Alno Group, Avanti Kitchens, Ballerina Küchen, Ballingslöv International Group, Boffi, Bulthaup, Canburg, Commodore Kitchens, Crown Imperial, Eggersmann, Fournier, Häcker Küchen, Howdens Joinery, Ikea Europe, J&J Ormerod, John Lewis of Hungerford, Leicht Küchen, Manor Cabinet, Mereway, Moores Furniture Group, Nobia Group, Nobilia, Omega International, The Premiere Kitchen Company, Richmond Cabinet Company, Rixonway Kitchens, Sigma 3, Snaidero Group, Symphony Group, System six kitchen.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Basic Data and Activity Trend

  • Kitchen furniture value, at factory and market prices, 2014
  • Kitchen furniture production, export, import and consumption (values volumes and % changes), 2009-2014
  • 20 years of kitchen furniture consumption in the UK, 1995-2014, GBP, % change

2. International Trade

  • Kitchen furniture exports and imports
  • Imports/exports of kitchen furniture by origin/destination (country and geographical area), 2008-2013
  • Exports and imports of kitchen furniture by Top 10 countries of destination and origin, 2014
  • Export and import indexes (2008-2013)
  • Built-in appliances exports and imports (volumes and values), 2008-2013
  • Total exports and imports of built-in appliances, 2014. Annual % changes

3. Financial Analysis

  • Turnover, Average and median ROA, ROE and EBTIDA, 2009 - 2013 of 19 UK companies
  • Employment trend in a sample of kitchen furniture manufacturers, 2009-13 and average turnover per employee

4. Supply Structure

  • Breakdown of the kitchen furniture market by lifestyle groups, 2004 and 2014
  • Breakdown of supply by cabinet door and worktop material

5. Distribution Channels

  • Breakdown of kitchen furniture sales by distribution channel, 2014 (volumes and values)

6. The Competitive System

  • Top 50 competitors in the UK kitchen market, revenues and market shares
  • Top 10 kitchen manufacturers in 2004 and 2014: sales at factory prices and shares
  • Value and volume of the kitchen furniture market by segments, 2014
  • Top 10 kitchen manufacturers in the luxury segment, 2014. Sales at factory prices (current GBP million) and shares (%)
  • Top 20 kitchen manufacturers in the upper/upper-middle/middle/middle-low/low segments, 2014. Sales at factory prices (current GBP million) and shares (%)

7. Demand Drivers

  • Population change, UK countries and regions of England
  • Residential population in main cities
  • Country indicators, GDP per capita and disposable income per capita
  • Annual household expenditure by UK Countries and regions
  • Breakdown of annual household consumption in housing expenditure and home improvement
  • Share of home improvements expenditure on total housing expenditure
  • Distribution of population by dwelling type, 2009-13 % share
  • Thousand SQM of usable floor area in building permits, variations 2009-13

Annex. Directory of Companies Active in the UK Market

  • List of addresses and contacts
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