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Furniture Distribution in Italy

出版商 CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies 商品編碼 296536
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 46 Pages
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義大利家具的流通 Furniture Distribution in Italy
出版日期: 2014年07月15日 內容資訊: 英文 46 Pages






  • 家用家具的消費額(零售價格為基礎)
  • 家用家具的進口額
  • 家具價格
  • 各市場區隔的消費額(廚房家具、襯墊家具、寢室家具、餐廳、客廳家具、床墊、襯墊以外的家具)


  • 家具連鎖店、專利權、團購群組、獨立型專賣店、非專賣店(百貨商店、連鎖店、大賣場、DIY用品店、郵購)、直銷店、工作室
  • 大家具零售業者
  • 市場預測、需求決定要素、市場機會
  • 家用家具的進口額


  • Bergamin、Divani&Divani、GranCasa、GruppoSME、Mercatone Uno、PoltroneSofa Italy、Ricci Casa

Among the Western European markets Italy is the fourth biggest country, providing about 12% of WE demand. Italy is a closed market, with imported home furniture satisfying only 15% of domestic demand. In recent years, the weight of Chinese imports has been decreasing in favour of Central Eastern suppliers. The peculiarity of the Italian furniture distribution system, compared to the other Western European countries is the largest share of sales made through small scale independent retailers, even though they continue to lose market share in favor of the specialist organized distribution.

This report on the home furniture retail industry in Italy includes:

  • Macroeconomic indicators with information on Italian economy;
  • Trend and value of home furniture consumption;
  • Analysis of home furniture imports by segment (upholstered furniture, non upholstered-seats, kitchen furniture, dining and living room furniture, bedroom furniture) and by country;
  • Home furniture sales by distribution channels and retail formats (Upholstery specialists, Kitchen specialists, Bedroom specialists, Large scale furniture specialists, Furniture discount stores, Specialists in RTA furniture/ Jeune Habitat, Equipement du Foyer, Furnishing and decoration specialists, Department stores, DIY);
  • Short profiles of major home furniture distributors with analyses of sales performances;

Addresses of 29 companies mentioned in this report, of which 26 Furniture Specialized are included. Profiles of 22 retailers.

Table of Contents

  • Home furniture market and performance
    • Home furniture consumption at retail price
    • Home furniture imports
    • Furniture prices
    • Consumption by segments (Kitchen furniture, Upholstered furniture, Bedroom furniture, Furniture for dining and living rooms, Mattresses, Non-Upholstered seats)
  • Home furniture distribution channels
    • Furniture distribution channels (furniture chains, franchises, buying groups; independent furniture retailers; non-specialist distributors (department stores, multi-stores, hypermarkets, DIY, mail order); direct sales and craftsmen)
  • Leading furniture retailers
  • Forecasts, demand determinants and market opportunities
  • Home furniture imports

Selected companies mentioned:

Bergamin, Divani&Divani, GranCasa, GruppoSME, Mercatone Uno, PoltroneSofà Italy, Ricci Casa.

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