LEDs and the Worldwide Market for Lighting Fixtures

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LED照明設備的全球市場 LEDs and the Worldwide Market for Lighting Fixtures
出版日期: 2018年10月18日內容資訊: 英文 174 Pages



第1章 基礎資料、短期的預測

  • 全球照明設備整體及LED照明設備的消費額的實際成果和今後的預測
  • 全球LED照明設備的各市場區隔 (住宅、商業設施、工業設施、室外) 消費額的實際成果和今後的預測
  • 全球LED照明設備的主要產品的標準價格

第2章 各國活動情形

  • LED照明設備的銷售額的實際成果和今後的預測
    • 西歐
    • 中歐、東歐
    • 俄羅斯
    • 美國
    • 南美
    • 中國
    • 印度
    • 日本
    • 亞太地區
    • 中東
    • 非洲
    • 土耳其

第3章 全球競爭趨勢

  • 全球LED照明設備的主要100家公司的銷售額排行榜

第4章 LED照明設備的各國消費趨勢

  • 主要50家公司的銷售額與市場佔有率
    • 西歐
    • 中歐、東歐
    • 俄羅斯
    • 美國
    • 南美
    • 中國
    • 印度
    • 日本
    • 亞太地區
    • 中東
    • 非洲
    • 土耳其

第5章 LED照明設備的各市場區隔消費趨勢

  • 全球主要50家公司的LED照明設備的銷售額與市場佔有率
    • 住宅用
    • 商業設施用
    • 工業設施用
    • 室外用

第6章 LED供應商

  • 封裝LED及LED晶片
  • 晶圓
  • 控制器

第7章 OLED (有機發光二極體)

  • OLED照明的優點、標準、價格、企業、客戶
  • 全球LED及OLED照明設備的消費實際成果和今後的預測


Product Code: S.52

The IX edition of the CSIL Research LEDs and the worldwide market for lighting fixtures is mainly based on around 300 interviews with manufacturers and retailers of lighting fixtures worldwide during the first half of 2018, in addition to statistical data and 20-year experience of CSIL in the lighting fixtures industry.

The Report provides estimated data on consumption of total lighting fixtures and LED based lighting fixtures for the years 2012-2016 and forecasts for the years 2017-2021 .

A breakdown of LED lighting fixtures worldwide market is provided by country or geographical area (Western Europe, Central-Eastern Europe, Russia and other CIS Countries, United States and Canada, Latin America, China, India, Japan, Asia and Pacific, Middle East, Turkey, Africa) by segment (residential/consumer, commercial/architectural, industrial, outdoor lighting), by product (bulbs and retrofit lamps, modules, floor, table, wall ceiling, chandeliers, suspensions, downlights, recessed, batten, modular systems, high bays, wall washers, LED panels, strip-linear lighting, spotlights, poles, projectors, bollards, steps) and by application (Hospitality, Office, Retail, Entertainments, Institutions, Industrial plants, Hazardous conditions, Emergency, Healthcare, Marine, Residential outdoor, Architectural outdoor, Christmas and Festivities, Streets and tunnel, and large area).

LED based lighting fixtures sales and related market shares are provided for the major companies operating in this market by considered countries. Short company profiles are also included. In the ranking there are both companies using LEDs for some 30%-40% of their company turnover and LED lighting specialists. Company market shares are given also for sectors and applications.

A focus on the supply chain of the LED industry is provided, as well as a section describing the breakthrough technologies that are supposed to lead the industry in the coming years.

Countries considered : Western Europe : Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom (i.e. the European Union 15, less Luxembourg for which lighting fixtures data are listed together with those of Belgium) + Norway and Switzerland; Central-Eastern Europe : Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia (i.e. New EU Members 13), Serbia ; Turkey ; Russia and other CIS Countries : Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine; North America : Canada and the United States; Latin America : Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela; China ; India ; Japan ; Asia and Pacific : Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam; Middle East : Bahrain, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates; Africa : Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa.



In 2017, the global lighting market reached a value of almost USD 92 billion. Out of this value, LED-base lighting accounts for almost USD 50 billion, corresponding to around 54% of its value.

CSIL forecasts that the average annual growth of the worldwide market for lighting fixtures in the next five years (2017-2022) is going to be around 3%. This synthetic number come from the projection of a contraction of conventional lighting fixtures consumption of 7% on average per year and an annual average increase of 9% of LED-base luminaires between 2017 and 2022. Therefore, the worldwide market for lighting fixtures in the year 2022 is projected to reach a value of around USD 106 billion, at constant (2017) prices.

Although it is still very dynamic, the LED lighting fixtures growth has been decelerating compared to few years ago. Long replacement cycle once installed and the declining margins dampened by pricing headwinds have been making the LED business less profitable than it was few years ago. For this reason, the industry has now identified in the intelligent networked lighting, building management systems, and the IoT applications the next propelling force that will guide the market in the next future.

Table of Contents


Lighting fixtures market and LED lighting market evolution, 2012-2017 estimates and 2018-2022 forecasts: by country or geographical area, by segment: residential, commercial, industrial, outdoor

Main products: value, average price, volume

LED lamps: world trade evolution, 2009-2017

Distributions channels


Estimated sales of LED lighting and market shares for 50 among the leading companies, 2017

Sales of LED lighting and market shares for the main products and applications: Hospitality, Office, Retail, Entertainment, Museums & other Art Venues, Other (schools, airports, public premises, etc.) solutions; Industrial plants, Hazardous conditions, Emergency, Healthcare, Marine; Path lighting, step lighting, bollards, Façade lighting, urban landscape, architectural lighting, Christmas and Events lighting, Street lighting (pole mounted, high mast), Tunnels and galleries lighting, Area lighting (sporting plants, parking, large area spaces applications).


For each country or geographical area considered in this report: activity trend, estimated sales and market shares for the major companies (Ranking)


Suppliers of packaged LED and chips, wafers, and drivers

Financial indicators: operating revenue, EBITDA and EBITDA margin for 95 lighting companies


Breakthrough technologies: smart lighting, Human Centric Lighting, OLED, Laser Lighting

Selected Companies

Acuity Brands, Bajaj, Beghelli, Construlita, Cree, Current by GE Lighting, Daiko, Delta Light, Dialight, Eaton, Eglo, Endo, Erco, Fagerhult, Finelite, Flos, Focal Point, FSL Lighting, Glamox, Huayi, Huda Lighting, Hubbell, iGuzzini, Ikea, Inesa Feilo, Intense, Intral, Iwasaki, Kaneka, Kingsun, Koizumi, Ledvance, Leedarson, L&E,LG Display, LG Innotek, Lumenpulse, Lumileds, MLS-Forest, Nationstar, Nichia, Nikkon, NVC, Opple, Osram, Pak Lighting, Panasonic, RangDong, Regent, RZB, Schreder, SengLed, Seoul, Signify (Philips Lighting), Soraa, Taschibra, Tongfang, Tospo, Trilux, Yankon, Waldmann, Wooree, Zumtobel

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