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The Kitchen Furniture Market in Central-Eastern Europe

出版商 CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies 商品編碼 239907
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 113 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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中歐、東歐(CEE)的廚房家具市場 The Kitchen Furniture Market in Central-Eastern Europe
出版日期: 2016年05月16日 內容資訊: 英文 113 Pages





  • CEE的廚房家具的生產、國際貿易、消費(金額、變化率)
  • 廚房家具的消費(台數、變化率)
  • 競爭系統:主要60家製造商的廚房家具的銷售額與明細(各地區、各國)
  • 樣本企業的平均每個員工的銷售額與員工數
  • 樣本企業的廚房家具的出口
  • 樣本企業的廚房家具供給的明細:各流理台材料、櫥櫃材料、櫥櫃類型


  • 宏觀經濟指標
  • 市場規模
  • 國際貿易
  • 通路
  • 主要製造商
  • 家電產品指標


  • CEE的廚房家具部門的主要企業地址



Product Code: S25

Theseventh edition of CSIL Report "The European market for kitchen furniture, part II", offers a full analysis of the kitchen furniture market in Central-Eastern Europe providing kitchen furniture production and consumption statistics and trends, as well as import and export data broken down by country and by geographical area of origin/destination.

Countries covered: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia.

The report covers both kitchen furniture (excluding the sales of cabinets only) and the built-in appliances sold through this channel.

Information on the competitive system include sales data and market shares of 60 among the top kitchen furniture manufacturers in this area and of the major players in each country considered. Sales of Western European kitchen furniture manufacturers, especially from Italy and Germany, in Central-East Europe are also included.

Supply structure offers data on employment and information on kitchen prices in a sample of companies. Production is broken down by cabinet door material (solid wood, veneer, laminated, decorative papers, thermoplastic foils, lacquered, melamine, aluminium and glass), by cabinet door style (traditional and modern), and by worktop material (solid surface materials, engineered and natural stone, laminated, wood, tiles, steel and glass), by price range.

For each country considered: macroeconomic indicators (population indicators, economic indicators, construction indicators); kitchen furniture production and consumption statistics and trends; international trade data (import data of selected household appliances are also included); analysis of kitchen furniture distribution channels (direct sales, contract; kitchen specialists; furniture retailers; large furniture chains; DIY); major kitchen furniture manufacturers (sales data and market shares, short profiles of the main players)

The survey involved collecting information from approximately 100 sector companies either through active participation (direct replies to an interview or completion of a questionnaire) or from company balance sheets, figures and estimates.

An address list of the major players in the kitchen furniture industry in Central-Eastern Europe is included.



Kitchen furniture market in Central-Eastern Europe (8 considered countries) is estimated in 864,000 units for the year 2015. Since 2010 the market in quantities progressed by 5.2% on average while increased by 4.2% in values (Euro).

In 2015 production in values increased by 7.1% if compared to 2014, imports of kitchen furniture grew at the same level. On the other side exports registered more marked performance (+28.5% compared to the previous year) and local consumption registered +3%.

Poland is by far the major kitchen furniture manufacturing industry and market, followed by the Czech Republic.

Despite reduction registered over the last two years, laminated worktops has anyway the lyon's share (65%) in Central-Eastern Europe.

Laminated doors and lacquered doors increased over the last years. Positive growth has been also registered by veneer.

Table of Contents


  • Scope of the research and methodology

Overview of the kitchen furniture market in Central Eastern Europe

  • Kitchen furniture production, international trade and consumption, 2010-2015. EUR Million and percentage changes
  • Kitchen furniture consumption, 2010-2015. Thousands of units and percentage changes

Major manufacturers

  • Kitchen furniture sales and market shares of 60 among top players and breakdown of Kitchen furniture sales by geographical area and by Central Eastern European country
  • Turnover per employee and number of employees in a sample of companies
  • Kitchen furniture exports in a sample of 30 companies among top local players


  • Breakdown of kitchen furniture supply by worktop material, by cabinet door material, by cabinet door style and by price range, in a sample of companies and sector estimates

For the following Countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia):

  • Macroeconomic indicators
  • Size of the market
    • Kitchen furniture production, consumption, imports and exports in values and consumption in volumes
  • International trade
    • Exports and Imports of kitchen furniture by country and by geographical area
  • Distribution channels
  • Major manufacturers
    • Sales and market shares of the leading kitchen furniture manufacturers, short profiles
  • Household appliances indicators
    • Imports data for refrigerators and freezers, dishwashers, hoods, 2013-2015. Thousand units and percentage changes


  • Addresses of the major players in the kitchen furniture sector in Central Eastern Europe

Selected companies mentioned:

Adonis Furniture, A-G Dinas, Agacija, Agata Meble, Aiko, Alno, Alples, Alson Mobila, Ancona Grupa, Andrzej Ruta, Aran World, Arens Mööbel, Arosa Mobilia, Assi, Atlas Meble, A-Z- Kuchnia, Ballerina, Bauformat and Burger, Bodzio, BRW Black Red White, BWS Black And White Style, Boffi, Csercsics, Dalia Mob, DAN Küchen, Decodom, Desk-Form, Drewpol, Ekoltech, Elen , Eliza, Elvila, Forte, Fortem, Gala Meble, Gawin Group, Gorenje, Häcker Küchen, Halupczok, Hanák Nábytek, Ikea, Jan Walentynowicz, Javorovic, Katalpa Kuchyně, Koryna Nábytek, Krismar, Leicht Küchen, Lemet, Lube, Majchrzak, Matis, Meble Wrzosowa, Meble-Okmed Demko, Meblobuk , Mobexpert , Nadop Vyroba Nabytku, Nett Front, Nobia, Nobilia, Nolte Küchen, Pololes, Rust Mebel, Ryś Fabryka Mebli, Sanas, Scavolini, Schüller, Sipro, Snaidero, Sredna Gora, Staer, Stolarz-Lempert PW, Stolkar Fabryka Mebli, Stolplyt, Sykora Kuchyně , WFM Wolsztynska Fabryka Mebli, Zajc Meble.

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