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The Lighting Fixtures Market in India

出版商 CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies 商品編碼 230721
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 120 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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印度的照明設備市場 The Lighting Fixtures Market in India
出版日期: 2018年02月27日 內容資訊: 英文 120 Pages

印度的照明設備市場在2011~2017年間以美金CAGR 7%(當地貨幣則為13%)成長,尤其中央及地方政府的大力推動,LED照明的迅速普及成為市場成長的重大要因。


第1章 基本資料

  • 印度總人口、國際貿易額、照明設備的消費額(美金、歐元、印度盧比,過去六年份)
  • 家用/業務用照明:消費額比例(過去九年)
  • 家用/業務用照明的產量、國際貿易、消費額(美金、歐元、印度盧比,過去六年份)

第2 活動趨勢

  • 印度國內照明設備的銷售額:估計及預測(過去11年與未來4年)
  • 照明設備的出口/生產比例及輸入/消費比例(過去6年)
  • LED照明設備的銷售額:估計及預測(過去6年與未來4年)
  • 傳統照明設備的銷售額:估計及預測(過去6年與未來4年)
  • 智慧城市計畫所選定的都市

第3章 國際貿易

  • 印度照明設備的出入口金額:依對象國家及地區分類( 過去6年)
  • 照明設備的出入口金額:依產品分類(過去6年)、燈泡的出入口金額(過去6年)

第4章 市場結構

  • 市場分類與應用
    • 住宅照明:依類型(傳統、中間、現代)及設置場所(地面、桌上、牆壁、天花板、吊燈/懸掛)
    • 上業設施照明:依產品及應用(醫院、辦公室、零售店、美術館、娛樂設施、學校、基礎建設)
    • 工業設施照明:依產品及設置場所(製造現場、醫療設施、緊急照明、危險環境、船舶)
    • 戶外照明:依產品分類(住宅、都市景觀、照明、街燈、隧道、運動設施等)
  • LED照明 vs 傳統照明:不同光源的消費額明細
  • 照明設備的銷售額:各光源明細(範例企業)
  • 範例企業的僱員人數與美人平均總銷售額
  • 印度國內的製造活動:各地區的產量

第5章 流通

  • 照明設備的銷售額:依地區
  • 各地區的銷售比例:範例企業
  • 主要流通管道:建設業者、專業照明業者、家用零售業者、電器機械批發商、DIY賣場、電子商務
  • 印度國內的照明設備銷售額:依流通管道
  • 在印度活動的建築企業、照明社境師、顧問企業一覽
  • 參考價格:依產品分類(照明設備、LED照明)
  • 參考媒體(雜誌、展示會、業界團體)

第6章 市場競爭結構

  • 印度國內的照明設備/LED照明的銷售額、主要企業(本土、外資)的市佔率、各領域詳情(住宅用、商業/工業設施用、戶外用)

第7章 需求促進因素

  • 印度國土、人口結構與都市化動向
    • 都市/農村的人口預測
    • 都市內部各種集團的規模與數量
    • 巨大都市的人口預測
    • 都市人口的動向預測
    • 各年齡層的人口組成
  • 總體經濟指標:GDP與基礎設施率的預測
    • 民眾消費支出額(過去15年)
    • 國民所得比
    • 私人傢俱、家庭用品消費額(過去5年)
  • 建設活動:印度國內的住宅總數
    • 家電產品的普及率、平均面積與隔間、其他


  • Artlite、Anchor-Panasonic、Bajaj Electricals、Binay Opto Electronics、Booklight、Cosmo - Firefly LED Products Private Ltd、Crompton Greaves、Fiem Industries、Havells、Jaquar & Company Ltd、K-Lite Industries、Kapoor Lamp Shades、Philips India Ltd、Pyrotech Electronics、Sigma Search Lights、Surya Roshni、SYSKA LED Lights、Utkarsh Tubes & Pipes Ltd、Vinay Group Of Companies、Wipro Enterprises


Product Code: S.33

The report "The lighting fixtures market in India " is at its seventh edition. It provides data and trend (2012-2017) on the production, the international trade and the market size of the lighting fixtures industry in India, broken down by consumer/residential and technical/professional lighting (divided in architectural/commercial, industrial, and outdoor).

The breakthrough of the LED lighting technology in the Indian lighting fixtures market is analysed through historical data dated back to 2011 and forecasts up to 2021. The report also considers the main public investment programs launched by the State and National governments for improving the efficiency of lighting consumption in the country, including the Smart City Mission project.

The study also provides a breakdown of the Indian lighting fixtures exports and imports by country and by geographical area of destination/origin for the years 2011-2016. The lighting demand of the Indian market is broken down by segment (consumer/residential lighting, architectural/commercial lighting, industrial lighting and outdoor lighting) and by light source (conventional and LED). An overview of the geographic distribution of the lighting sales in the country is presented.

The competitive system analyses the main companies present in the Indian lighting fixtures market (by segment) , with data on sales, market shares and short company profiles. India. Private, furniture, furnishing and appliances (including lighting) consumption expenditure, 2011-2015.%change

A breakdown of the distribution channels of lighting fixtures in India is given, together with short profiles of a sample of lighting fixture distributors. Covered channels are: direct sales and contract; lighting fixtures specialists; furniture stores/chains, department stores, DIY; wholesalers, and e-commerce sales.

A list of selected architectural companies involved in the Indian lighting business and Lighting designers is given. The main fairs, events, and organizations related to the lighting industry are presented.

Country economic indicators (including GDP, Inflation, private consumption, population indicators, and building construction indicators) are also provided, together with macroeconomic forecasts up to 2021.


India. Private, furniture, furnishing and appliances (including lighting) consumption expenditure, 2011-2015.%change


With 1.3 billion people, a fast-growing economy and favorable demography, India is the country that many companies around the world are looking to for repeating the performances registered in China. Nevertheless, in its last World Economic Outlook, the IMF revised the Indian growth projections for 2017 and 2018 downwards, citing " still lingering disruptions" associated with the currency exchange initiative introduced in 2016 and the transition costs related to the launch of the national Goods and Services Tax. The Indian middle-class expansion is far from meeting the level predicted by many analysts. Therefore, private consumption, even if growing, is not registering the expected outstanding performances. In this context, the lighting business is a bit of a black swan, driven by the breakthrough of the LED lighting technology in the country.

Between 2011 and 2017, the Indian lighting fixtures market has grown by an average annual rate of 7% in USD (+13% in local currency). The professional segment has led the market, gaining 8 percentage point in term of market share at the expense of the residential business, which still had outperformed both the private and the furniture consumption (see the figure above). The real driver of such a growth has been the advance of the LED technology, identified by the Government as a key instrument to control energy consumption, in a country with over 1.3 billion people and where the lighting load accounts for approximately 17% of the total connected load (worldwide average is around 8%). Through National and State government incentives, laws, and giant infrastructural projects LED-base lighting fixtures passed from accounting 5% of the market in 2011 to 43% in 2017, reaching a market value of USD 1.1 billion.

Table of Contents


India. Production, international trade and consumption of lighting fixtures, 2012-2017 (in USD, EUR, INR); Incidence of residential lighting and technical lighting on total consumption. 2009-2017; Production, international trade and consumption of residential and technical lighting fixtures, 2012-2017 (in USD, EUR, INR)


India. Lighting fixtures sales, 2007-2017 estimated data and 2018-2021 forecasts; Lighting fixtures export/production and import/consumption ratio, 2012-2017; LED-based lighting fixtures sales, 2011-2017 estimated data and 2018-2021 forecasts; Conventional source based lighting fixtures sales, 2011-2017 estimated data and 2018-2021 forecasts; Cities selected for the Smart Cities Mission


India. Exports and Imports of lighting fixtures by country and by geographical area of destination/origin, 2011-2016; Exports and Imports of lighting fixtures by product, 2011-2016; Export and Import of lamps. 2011-2016


Market segments and applications in 2017:

  • India. Residential lighting segment by style (traditional, transitional, contemporary) and by positioning of the lamp (floor, table, wall and ceiling, chandeliers/suspensions)
  • India. Commercial lighting segment by product (downlights/recessed, tubes/tracks/systems, floor/table and chandeliers/suspensions for commercial spaces, LED panels, linear lighting and strips, projectors/spotlights) and by destination (hospitality, office, retail, art and museums, entertainment, schools and infrastructures)
  • India. Industrial lighting segment by product/destination (industrial sites, healthcare, emergency, hazardous conditions, marine)
  • India. Outdoor lighting segment by product (residential outdoor, urban landscape, Christmas and special events, lighting for streets and major roads, tunnels and galleries, sport plants and other large areas)

LED lighting versus traditional sources: India. Lighting fixtures consumption breakdown by light sources, 2015 and 2017; Breakdown of lighting sales by light source in a sample of companies.

Employment: India. Number of employees and average turnover per employee in a sample of companies.

Manufacturing Activity: India. Lighting fixtures production by geographical clusters; Map of India by per capita income level.


Geographical coverage: Consumption of lighting fixtures by geographic area, 2017; Breakdown of lighting sales by geographical area in a sample of companies.

Distribution channels considered: contract/projects, builders, specialist lighting stores, lifestyle retailers (furniture & antique shops, furniture chains, department stores), electrical wholesalers, DIY stores Home centres, e-commerce.

India. Lighting fixtures sales on the Indian market by distribution channel, 2015 and 2017. Short profiles for a list of selected distributors of lighting fixtures in India.

A list of Architectural companies, lighting designers, and consultancy firms active in India

Reference prices: India. Lighting fixtures and LED lamps. Reference prices by product category, 2017

Magazines; Fairs; Trade Associations


Lighting fixtures sales in the India, market shares and short profiles of the major local and foreign companies in the LED-base lighting fixtures market and by segment (residential, commercial, industrial, outdoor).


Geography, population and urbanisation process: India. Population by state*, total population projections** 2010-2030; Projected Urban and Rural population, 2015, 2030; States, capitals, area and population. Census 2011; Number of agglomerations grouped by population in urban districts. Units; Projected population in megacities, 2015-2020-2025-2030; City population growth between 2014 and 2030; Population breakdown by age cohort. 2000, 2016

Macroeconomic indicators: India. Macroeconomic indicators; GDP and inflation, 2014-2021

Indian consumer markets: India. Private consumption expenditure, 2000-2015; Share of national income, 1951-2014; Private, furniture, furnishing and appliances consumption expenditure, 2011-2015.

Building activity: India. Occupied residential houses and households in the country; Distribution of census houses according to their appliance, Distribution of households by size of dwelling units occupied; Average covered area of dwelling unit by states and by type of dwelling units.


The ADB extends a USD 200 million loan to India for LED and water pump; The Streetlight National Program; Indian Railways to provide 100% LED Lighting on all its stations by 2018; Project Showcase - Keselec Schréder; How demonetisation affected the Indian economy

Selected Companies

Artlite, Anchor-Panasonic, Bajaj Electricals, Binay Opto Electronics, Booklight, Cosmo - Firefly LED Products Private Ltd, Crompton Greaves, Fiem Industries, Havells, Jaquar & Company Ltd, K-Lite Industries, Kapoor Lamp Shades, Philips India Ltd, Pyrotech Electronics, Sigma Search Lights, Surya Roshni, SYSKA LED Lights, Utkarsh Tubes & Pipes Ltd, Vinay Group Of Companies, Wipro Enterprises

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