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The Mattress Market in China

出版商 CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies 商品編碼 219322
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 123 Pages
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中國的床墊市場 The Mattress Market in China
出版日期: 2017年11月09日 內容資訊: 英文 123 Pages


第1章 摘要整理

第2章 床墊的生產

  • 中國的床墊的生產,基本資料
  • 全球床墊的生產:主要生產國別
  • 中國的床墊的生產,台數
  • 床墊的生產:各地區
  • 床墊的生產:各材料

第3章 國際貿易

  • 中國的床墊的進出口:各國,各地區

第4章 床墊市場

  • 中國的床墊的消費,基本資料
  • 需求決定要素
  • 床墊的消費預測

第5章 競爭系統

  • 中國的床墊的競爭系統
  • 主要製造商:床墊的生產
  • 主要製造商:國內的床墊的銷售額
  • 主要製造商:床墊的出口
  • 中國的主要製造商的簡介
  • 外國企業
  • 國際床墊製造商簡介

第6章 供應結構

  • 專門化度
  • 床墊產業的僱用
  • 填充材:彈簧,發泡體,乳膠,天然材料
  • 價格區分

第7章 流通系統

  • 中國的主要製造商
  • 中國的主要家具連鎖概要
  • 契約市場區隔

第8章 展覽會




Product Code: S64

This report provides a detailed overview of the mattress market in China, current size and forecasts up to 2019, enhanced by historical trends, international trade data, analysis of the production and the distribution systems and information on major players. The study has been carried out involving direct interviews with Chinese and international mattress manufacturers operating in China.

In details, the Chinese mattress production is analysed by including historical series of mattress production in value and volume and a benchmark with major mattress producing countries in the world. The mattress production in China is broken down by:

  • Filling materials: data are provided both in value and volume for innerspring, foam, latex and natural materials mattresses
  • Major producing areas

The analysis of the mattress production system in China is completed with a selection of leading industry suppliers for filling materials (foam, latex), mattress machineries and innerspring units.

The study of the Chinese mattress market provides a global view within the major markets for mattress consumption. The analysis is carried out through data on local major demand determinants (disposable income, population, urbanization, investments in residential and non-residential building). Consumers' trends and preferences are also indicated.

An in-depth analysis of the competitive system identifies the leading Chinese manufacturers by mattress production, sales and exports. Updated company profiles of top 35 manufacturers set forth data on total company's turnover, number of employees, export share, mattress business (turnover and production capacity), manufacturing plants localization and company's distribution channels. The competitive system analysis identifies also a selection of leading international mattress manufacturers operating on the Chinese market, providing the description of their distribution strategies and 40 short company's profiles.

The supply structure of the Chinese mattress industry is analysed by degree of specialisation, workforce (number of employees and turnover per employee), filling materials and price segmentation (super premium, premium and mass markets). A selection of leading Chinese mattress manufacturers active in each segment is provided.

Mattress imports and exports are broken down by country and by geographical region of origin/destination. Historical data are provided for the time frame 2008-2017.

The chapter on the distribution system offers an analysis of the major sales channels for mattresses and their trends, including short profiles of the leading furniture chains. A short focus on the hospitality segment includes data and trends on the hotel room stock and a list of major mattress manufacturers serving the hospitality segment.

Additional statistics on demographic features, the construction sector and a focus on the luxury segment are reported.

More than 200 addresses of key operators among which manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, are included, with company's addresses, website, email contacts and product portfolio.



Since 2011 China has been the leading country in terms of mattress production (more than one third of total world production) and the best performer over the past ten years. China's mattress production capacity increased very rapidly due to the fast growth of the domestic market and the expansion of export flows. In 2016 China manufactured mattresses for a value exceeding USD 8 billion. More than 12% of local production is absorbed by overseas markets, making China the first mattress exporter worldwide.

Table of Contents

Abstract of Table of Contents


  • Data gathering and processing methodology

1. Executive Summary

  • Production, consumption and export of Mattress in China.

2. Mattress Production

  • Mattres Production in China. Basic data, 2008-2017. US$ million
  • Global Mattress Production by major producing countries
  • Mattress production in China, millions of units
  • Production of mattress by region
    • Mattress manufacturers' facilities in a sample of companies
  • Mattress production by material
    • Selected mattress industry suppliers

3. International Trade

  • China. Imports and export of mattresses by country and by geographical area, 2011-2016. US$ million and Percentage values

4. The Mattress Market

  • Mattres Consumption in China. Basic data, 2008-2017. US$ million
    • Global Mattress Consumption by major markets
  • Demand determinants
  • Mattress consumption forecast

5. The competitive system

  • The competitive system for mattresses in China
  • Leading manufacturers: mattress production
  • Leading manufacturers: domestic mattress sales
  • Leading manufacturers: mattress exports
  • Profiles of leading Chinese manufacturers
  • Foreign companies
  • Profiles of international mattresses manufacturers

6. Supply structure

  • Degrees of specialization
  • Employment in the mattress industry
  • Filling materials: innerspring, foam, latex, natural materials
  • Price segmentation

7. Distribution System

  • China. A selection of leading mattress manufacturers: number and type of stores served, 2016. US$ million and units
  • Short profiles of leading furniture chains operating in China
  • Contract segment

8. Trade Fairs

ANNEX 1. Additional Statistics



Selected companies mentioned:

Sinomax Group; A.H.Beard; Airland Holding Company; Badenia; Coco-Mat; De Rucci Beddings; Dorelan; E.S. Kluft; EON Living; Fengyang; Goodnight Home Furniture; Gruppo Industriale Buoninfante; Healthcare (Mlily); Homey Industrial Group; Huaweimei Furniture; King Koil; Kingsdown; Lianle Bedding; Magniflex; Materassificio Montalese; Robusta; Serta; Shenyang Mengbao Furniture; Shenzhen Hengang Industries (DeLandis); Stylution International; Suibao Eurasia Mattress & Furniture; Tempur Sealy; Xilinmen Group (Sleemon); Zinus.

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