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Lebanon Furniture Outlook

出版商 CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies 商品編碼 134647
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 64 Pages
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黎巴嫩家具市場預測 Lebanon Furniture Outlook
出版日期: 2010年06月30日 內容資訊: 英文 64 Pages






  • 市場分析
  • 市場預測


  • 企業環境排名
  • 企業環境指標


  • 人口:年齡層分類
  • 住戶與城市人口:地區分類人口
  • 總建築樹量:地區分類
  • 建造許可與國際觀光


  • GNP、最終家用消費與家具消費
  • 種類分類消費
  • 黎巴嫩單人家具消費:與高收入國家比較
  • 家具消費:與高收入國家比較







  • 國家排名
  • 社會經濟排名
  • 家具相關資料


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Summary: Highlights of this Report

An executive summary The Key Facts of the Furniture Industry, provides:

  • furniture industry overview,
  • performance of the furniture market
  • prospects for the coming years for furniture

The report contains all the main furniture statistics and indicators necessary to analyze the furniture market

From the supply side:

  • Productive Factors ( wood-based panels, forest resources, woodworking machinery)
  • Furniture Production by geographical regions or areas of the country

From the market side:

  • Demand Determinants (population, per capita GDP, housing units and international tourism)
  • Furniture Consumption - by segment (upholstered furniture, kitchen furniture, office furniture) and per capita furniture spending

This study also considers the international trading activity

Tables and graphs illustrate

countries of destination/origin of furniture furniture trade by segment (upholstered furniture, non-upholstered seats, bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture, office furniture, parts of furniture, parts of seats) and by country/area world comparisons of the imports/consumption and exports/production ratios, placing all the statistics in a broader context.

Further enriches the analysis

Future Furniture industry prospects CSIL' s assessment of market potential (size of the market, performance, furniture consumer spending, market openness, import penetration) how easy is to do business in the country a cross-country comparison

Who are the top furniture companies, where are they, what do they do?

21 short profiles of manufacturers and distributors operating in the country are provided , and international Furniture Fairs, Furniture Association and Professional Furniture magazines are listed in Sector fairs, Press and Institutional Bodies

Table of Contents

Lebanon. The Key Facts of the Furniture Industry

Lebanon. Furniture Market Potential

  • Furniture market profile (size of the market, performance, furniture consumer spending, market openness, import penetration)
  • Furniture market forecasts (furniture consumption, real growth rates 2010-2012)

Lebanon. Business Climate

  • Business climate rankings
    • Among the other indicators: starting a business, enforcing contracts, paying taxes, registering property
  • Selected business climate indicators
    • Among the other indicators: time required to build a warehouse, logistic performance index

Lebanon. Demand Determinants

  • Population, breakdown by age group
  • Households and urban population, population by region
  • Total buildings units by region
  • Percentage distribution of primary residences by area and by type
  • Construction permits and international tourism

Lebanon. Furniture Consumption

  • GNP, final household consumption and furniture consumption
  • Per capita furniture spending in Lebanon compared to the average level for the High Income countries. Ratio (%)
  • Furniture consumption. Comparison with the aggregate for High Income countries

Lebanon. Furniture Imports and Exports

  • Furniture import and exports, imports/consumption and exports/production ratio
  • Furniture imports and exports. Comparison with the aggregate for High Income countries
  • Main countries of origin-destination of furniture imports- exports
  • Furniture imports-exports by geographical area of origin-destination
  • Furniture imports and exports by segment
    • Upholstered furniture, non-upholstered seats, bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture, office furniture, furniture n.e.c.

Lebanon. Sector Fairs, Press and Institutional Bodies

Lebanon. Productive Factors

  • Import of sawnwood and wood-based panels
  • Forest resources and distribution of land
  • Imports of wood-based panels and wood working machinery

Lebanon. Furniture Production

  • Furniture and furnishings companies by region
  • Top furniture companies location
  • Furniture production growth performance. World comparison
  • Lebanon. Top Furniture Companies
  • 21 short company profiles

Lebanon. Annexes

  • Lebanon. Country Rankings
    • Among the other indicators: country attractiveness, per capita furniture spending, furniture growth rates, furniture market openess
  • Lebanon. Socio-Economic Data
    • Macroeconomic Trends, exchange rates, value added breakdown, labour market indicators, investment and human capital
  • Lebanon. Furniture Data
    • Production, exports, imports and consumption: Absolute values and year on year variations
    • Furniture Market Forecasts: Year on year variations
    • Furniture Market Forecasts: Year on year variations

Selected companies mentioned:

Mobili Top, Sleep Comfort, Ste Georges Matta, Condas International, Cherfan Design, Snaidero Middle East, Fleifel

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