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The Lighting Fixtures Market in China

出版商 CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies 商品編碼 127254
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 180 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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中國的照明設備市場 The Lighting Fixtures Market in China
出版日期: 2018年09月21日 內容資訊: 英文 180 Pages





  • 照明設備的生產量·消費量·貿易量
    • 整體市場及各市場區隔
  • LED照明的生產量·消費量


  • 進出口:對方各國和各地 (整體市場,僅限照明設備,僅限照明零件)


  • 光源 (白熾燈泡,日光燈,氣體放電管,LED照明,光纖)
    • 各光源的照明設備明細
    • 各市場區隔的光源明細
    • 主要國家照明設備的各光源明細
    • LED照明的詳細分析 (各產品種類的LED照明市場,LED照明設備的供應商)
  • 員工數和生產率
    • 員工數和每人總銷售額:樣本企業的情況
    • 照明設備產業的平均工資 (每人,月額)
  • 主要的生產地區:「大中華圈」的連結
    • 照明設備的產量:主要各產地
  • 產品明細
    • 住宅照明:傳統·modern·設計,地板方面·桌上·牆面/頂棚·懸吊系統用
    • 商用照明:飯店設施,辦公室,零售設施,美術館,娛樂,大規模基礎設施,嵌燈,懸吊系統,投影機/聚光燈,桌上照明
    • 產業照明:工廠,破壞防止/耐水性,海上用,醫療用,緊急照明
    • 室外照明:住宅用舖屋外的電燈,城市景觀用,聖誕節用,主要道路·隧道用,大規模區域用


  • 國內市場銷售額的各流通管道的分類 (直銷/契約銷售,專賣店,家具連鎖店/百貨商店,批發,DIY店/大賣場,電子商務)
  • 中國的電子商務 (電子商務) 市場詳細分析
    • 大電子商務企業/網站與市場佔有率 (估計)
  • 參考價格
    • 民生用照明設備的參考價格
  • 家具連鎖店分析 (也從事照明設備的商店)
    • 大建築事務所·內部裝飾工作室的案例
    • 大照明設計者的案例
  • 展覽會資訊


  • 前60名企業公司的照明設備產量·市場佔有率
  • 前60名企業公司的中國國內的照明設備銷售額·市場佔有率
  • 前60名外資型企業公司的中國國內的照明設備銷售額
  • 主要企業的銷售額與市場佔有率:各領域明細
    • 住宅照明:各類型·各產品
    • 商用照明:各產品種類·各用途
    • 產業照明:各用途
    • 室外照明:各用途
  • 國內企業前60名公司海外市場上的照明設備銷售額·市場佔有率
  • 各出口對象的銷售額·市場佔有率:部分企業的情況 (亞太地區,歐洲,南北美洲,中東·非洲)
  • LED照明市場主要企業
    • 國內企業60公司的LED照明設備產量


  • 宏觀經濟資料 (該國指標)
  • 總人口和都市化流程
  • 住宅戶數
  • 非住宅建築物和辦公室空間
  • 零售業
  • 基礎設施
  • 在旅館產業上的需求規模和主要企業


Product Code: S.27

The 11th edition of The Lighting Fixtures market in China offers an accurate and in-deep analysis of the lighting fixtures industry in China, providing data and trends for the period 2012-2017 and forecasts up to 2022 . On one hand, the report analyses the main trends affecting the market over the last five years, considering the production , the consumption , the imports and the exports of lighting fixtures in the country. On the other hand, it offers an analysis of the supply structure and the competitive system , an overview of the distribution system and the main players operating in the market.

International Trade

Lighting fixtures exports and imports are considered, broken down by country and by geographical area of destination/origin (total lighting, only lighting fixtures, only lighting components). The time frame considered is 2012-2017.

Supply Structure

The lighting fixtures market is divided in four main segments :

  • residential-consumer
  • commercial
  • industrial
  • outdoor.

Within them, the market is further broken down by types of product and application , by light sources (incandescence, fluorescence, gas discharge, LEDs, OLED, fiber optics), and by manufacturing clusters. A financial analysis , on a selected number of companies operating in the market, includes profitability ratios and financial structure indicators.

Data on consumer/residential lighting are broken down by style (traditional, modern, design) and by product type (floor, table, wall and ceiling lamps, embedded lighting, chandeliers and suspensions), while data on commercial lighting are broken down by type of product (downlights/recessed, tubes/tracks/systems, floor and table lighting for commercial spaces, wall washers, LED panels, linear lighting and strips, chandeliers and suspensions for commercial spaces, projectors/spotlights) and application (hospitality, office, retail, art and museums, entertainment, schools, airports and other big infrastructures). Industrial lighting consists of lighting for industrial sites, healthcare lighting, weather resistant and explosion-proof lighting, emergency lighting, marine lighting. Outdoor lighting includes residential outdoor lighting, lighting for urban landscape, lighting for streets and major roads, area/campus lighting, lighting for tunnels and galleries, Christmas and special events lighting.

Distribution Channels

The analysis of the distribution system is organized by the following channels:

  • Contract/Builders
  • Lighting Specialists
  • Wholesalers
  • Lifestyle stores (Furniture stores/chains and department Stores)
  • DIY stores
  • E-commerce

A selection of leading e-commerce players, architectural offices and lighting designers operating in China is also included.

Competitive System

Finally, the report offers an analysis of the leading local and foreign players present on the Chinese market and in each segment considered; through sales data, market shares and short profiles .

An address list of more than 300 local and foreign lighting fixtures manufacturer active in China is included.


China. Top lighting fixtures importers. Market size (million USD), penetration level (%), average percentage per year between 2012 and 2017 (%)


Over the last ten years, LED technology has been the main driver of the lighting sector, both in term of production and consumption, in China as well as in the rest of the world. Although the rates of growth of LED have been progressively decreasing, in 2017 the LED consumption still grew by 18%. On the other hand, traditional-source lighting fixtures sales dropped by 10% compared to the previous year. In term of production, such a decrease was even stronger, as tradition light sources contracted by 24.2%.

During 2017, the overall Chinese production of lighting fixtures registered an annual contraction of 0.9% (in USD), declining to a value of USD 39.6 billion (RMB 267 billion). Exports, down by 5% compared to 2016 (in USD), accounted for 57% of its value. The United States is by far the main destination market for the Chinese export, with a stable share of 26%-28%. The value of the Chinese exports of lighting fixtures in the US was approximately USD 3.4 billion in 2012 and it was around USD 6.8 billion in 2017.

Imports account for only 2% of the domestic consumption as in 2017 they were worth about USD 365 million (RMB 2.5 billion). Imports of lighting fixtures mainly come from Germany and Japan (both growing in term of market share), the USA and Italy (both declining), and South Korea (increasing), as presented in the table.

Table of Contents


Research tools and methodological notes; Terminology; Other CSIL reports in the lighting industry

Basic Data and activity trend

Lighting fixtures production, consumption, and international trade: total and by market segment. Data available in USD and RMB. The time frame considered is 2012-2017, forecasts 2018-2022

International Trade

Exports and imports of general lighting (lighting fixtures, lighting components, lamps). Data 2012-2017.

Exports and imports of lighting fixtures by country and geographical area of destination/origin (Lighting fixtures and lighting components, only lighting fixtures, only lighting components). Data 2012-2017

Six major exporting and importing countries of lighting fixtures. Data 2012-2017

Supply structure

Lighting fixtures breakdown by light sources (incandescence, fluorescence, gas discharge, LEDs, OLED, fiber optics): total and by market segment.

Focus on LED lighting: LED lighting fixtures production and consumption, 2012-2017 and forecast 2018-2022. Data available in USD and RMB. Suppliers of LED package

Employment and productivity. Main manufacturing clusters. Financial data

Breakdown of lighting fixtures production by the four main segments (residential-consumer, commercial, industrial, outdoor lighting), by style, product type, and application.


Analysis of the distribution system broken down in the following channels (Direct sales/contract, Lighting specialists retailers, Furniture stores, chains, department stores, Wholesalers, DIY/Hypermarkets, E-commerce). Leading E-commerce players. Focus on furniture chains (selling also lighting fixtures), DIY and Department stores. Selection of leading architects, interior design studios and lighting designers operating in China. Reference prices. Fairs and Associations

Competitive system

Total lighting fixtures production and market shares of 60 among the leading Chinese companies. Lighting fixtures sales in China and market shares of 60 among the leading local and international companies

Main players in the LED lighting segment (both in term of production and consumption)

For each of the four market segments considered in the report: data on lighting fixtures production and market shares of 60 among the leading Chinese companies; lighting fixtures sales in China and market shares of 60 among the leading local and international companies.

Technical lighting (commercial, industrial, outdoor) is broken down also by application.

Lighting fixtures exports and market shares by Region of destination in selected Chinese companies (Asia and Pacific, Europe, Americas, Middle East, and Africa)

Demand drivers

Macroeconomic Data (Country indicators). Population and urbanization process. Construction sector and real estate. Infrastructures. The retail segment. Demand and key players for the Hospitality segment

Appendix: list of companies

Selected Companies

Alibaba, Artbright, Arup, CH Lighting, Cree Group, Doju Lighting, Eaton, Eglo, ETi Elec-Tech International , FSL Lighting, GigaTera, Glamox, Hem Lighting, HiGreen Lighting, Honglitronic, Honyar, Huayi Lighting, Ikea Group, Illusion Led, Inesa Feilo, Jiawei Photovoltaic Lighting, Kang Mingsheng, Kennede Electronics, KingLong Lighting, Kingsun Optoelectronic, L&S, Ledman, Longt Lighting, MLS, MTC, NVC Lighting, Orient Home, Opple Lighting, Osram Group, PAK Lighting, PNY Lighting, Qiguang Lighting, Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), Sonepar, Sunmei, Tospo Lighting, Unilumin, Violet, W2 Architects, Xindeco, Yajiang Photoelectric, Yankon, Yaships, Youpon, Zumtobel Group

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