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Global Travelers' Airport Retail Trends, 2014-2015

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 129 Pages
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全球旅客的機場零售趨勢 Global Travelers' Airport Retail Trends, 2014-2015
出版日期: 2014年10月30日 內容資訊: 英文 129 Pages






  • 旅客的航空旅遊目的地
  • 旅客在機場零售店的平均逗留時間
  • 旅客在機場零售店的平均消費頻率
  • 旅客在機場零售店的消費比例
  • 旅客在機場零售店的購買模式
  • 旅客在機場商店的平均支出
  • 旅客的各產品類型支出
  • 旅客在機場零售店的消費支出的更新
  • 旅客在機場零售店的購買:衝動性 vs.事前計劃
  • 旅客在機場零售店的產品趨勢:衝動性 vs.事前計劃
  • 旅客在機場零售的需求推動成長要素
  • 事前計劃購買的網站的重要性:旅客
  • 佔機場零售最大空間的產品類型
  • 機場零售最受歡迎的產品:各旅客
  • 產品購買的品牌選擇的重要性:旅客
  • 機場零售店的旅客的消費主要顧慮事項
  • 旅客的利用:「店舖&collect」設施
  • 付款設施的利用頻率:各旅客
  • 旅客:零售經驗最高的機場
  • 提高顧客出入情況的最佳化產業活動:各旅客
  • 旅客對機場零售店的追加設施的期待
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"Global Travelers' Airport Retail Trends, 2014-2015" is a new report by Conlumino that globally analyzes prevailing trends in airport retailing and explores how business dynamics are set to change in 2014-2015. This highlights the key drivers and barriers influencing customer opinion and purchasing pattern, and identifies preferred product categories, frequently used payment modes, and business optimization activities adopted by airport retailers.

Key Findings

  • Overall, 65% of respondents spend '15 minutes or less' per visit to a duty paid airport retail outlet.
  • Regardless of age, the majority of respondents conducted 'less than 5%' of their overall shopping at airport retail stores in the last six months.
  • In 2014, 48% of respondents identified that 'more than 76%' of their purchases at duty paid airport retail stores are impulsive.
  • According to the respondents' opinion, 'perfumes, cosmetics, and other personal care items' occupy maximum airport retail space.


This report examines travelers' opinion about the current trends in airport retailing and their retrospective effect on the marketing activities and business expansion plans adopted by the retailers. Furthermore, it analyses preferred travel destinations, shopping frequency, purchasing pattern, and average expenditure. In addition, the report examines time spent, brand preferences, as well as browsing frequency pattern of passengers who travel globally.

In particular, it provides an in-depth analysis of the following:

  • Travelers' average time spent at airport retail outlets: evaluates time spend per visit by a passenger to an airport retail outlet.
  • Travelers' percentage volume of shopping at airport retail stores: determines what percentage of passengers' shopping was done at airport retail stores.
  • Travelers' expenditure on product categories: evaluates expenditure of passengers' on specific product categories per visit.
  • Travelers' purchases at airport retail stores: determines what percentages of passengers' expenditure at airport retail stores are pre-planned or impulsive.
  • Travelers' key drivers of demand growth in airport retail: identifies key factors which are motivating travelers to purchase at airport retail stores.
  • Travelers' leading concerns in shopping at airport retail outlets: analyzes key challenges faced by passengers when it comes to shopping at airport retail outlets.
  • Frequently used payment facilities by travelers: identifies mode of payment which are frequently used for shopping at airports by travelers.
  • Activities for better footfall: examines activities which can be adopted by airport retailers to optimize their business.

Reasons To Buy

  • The report analyzes the shopping pattern of travelers at airport retail stores and evaluates the average time spent per visit to an airport retail outlet.
  • The report identifies top selling retail products to enable airport retail outlets to allocate their marketing activities and budgets effectively.
  • The report helps airport retailers to restructure planning and operations by understanding the significance of airport websites and 'shop and collect' facilities.
  • The report guides users to implement payment facility by understanding the importance of different modes of payment across the airport retail industry.
  • The report provides information about impulsive or pre-planned product purchasing trends at airport retail outlets.

Table of Contents

  • Travelers' Air Travel Destinations
  • Travelers' Average Time Spent at Airport Retail Outlets
  • Travelers' Average Shopping Frequency at Airport Retail Stores
  • Travelers' Percentage Volume of Shopping at Airport Retail Stores
  • Travelers' Purchasing Pattern at Airport Retail Stores
  • Travelers' Average Expenditure at Airport Outlets
  • Travelers' Expenditure on Product Categories
  • Travelers' Planned Change in Shopping Expenditure at Airport Retail Stores
  • Travelers' Purchases at Airport Retail Stores: Impulsive vs. Pre-planned
  • Travelers' Product Trends at Airport Retail Stores: Impulsive vs. Pre-planned
  • Travelers' Key Drivers of Demand Growth in Airport Retail
  • Significance of Websites in Pre-Planned Purchases: Travelers
  • Product categories occupying maximum airport retail space
  • Most Popular Products in Airport Retailing by travelers
  • Significance of Brand Selection during Product Purchase: Travelers
  • Travelers' Leading Concerns in Shopping at Airport Retail Outlets
  • Utilization by travelers: 'Shop and Collect' Facilities
  • Frequently Used Payment Facilities by travelers
  • Travelers: Leading Airports with the Best Retail Experience
  • Business Optimization Activities for Better Footfall: Travelers
  • Expectations of travelers for Additional Facilities in Airport Retail Outlets
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