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Annual Review of Hot Spots in China's Animal Husbandry Industry in 2013

出版商 CCM Data & Business Intelligence 商品編碼 320371
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 17 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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中國的家畜業:年度檢討 Annual Review of Hot Spots in China's Animal Husbandry Industry in 2013
出版日期: 2014年11月27日 內容資訊: 英文 17 Pages



第1章 概要

第2章 肉類產業上的事件

  • 在黃浦江拋棄豬的屍體
  • 肉類經營者的M&A
  • 豬價的變動

第3章 養雞業的事件

  • 禽流感A(H7N9)
  • 雞蛋期貨
  • 對雞用成長催化劑
  • 防止污染的新法規

第4章 乳製品業的事件

  • 牛奶的不足
  • 奶粉的「國家行動」
  • 乳製品相關經營者的M&A
  • 外國的奶粉管理

第5章 飼料產業上的事件

  • 飼料及農業的整合
  • 油菜子酒糟價格的上升
  • 主要企業的人事變動




Animal husbandry industry in China was turbulant in 2013. Lots of hot spots happened, such as H7N9 avian influenza event and fast-grown chicken event. These hot spots brought great influences on the market and industry development, As a result, the government and enterprises have taken relative measures to deal with it.

Purpose of report:

To clearly describe the hot spots in China's animal husbandry industry, CCM has collected lots of relevant information in various ways. In this report,these hot spots happened in four industries(like meat and poultry industry) have been described in detail, the causes and effects also have been analyzed.

What to report:

In this report, the hot spots from these four industries in animal huabandry industry have been analyzed exhaustively from the following two aspects:

  • Event review;
  • Impact of event.


These hot spots will promote the development of animal husbandry industry to be more healthy and standardized and the animal husbandry industry will develop smoothly and stably.

Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Meat industry events

  • 2-1. Huangpu River dead pigs
  • 2-2. M&A of meat enterprises
  • 2-3. Fluctuations of pig price

3. Poultry industry events

  • 3-1. H7N9 avian influenza
  • 3-2. Egg futures
  • 3-3. Fast-grown chickens
  • 3-4. New pollution prevention regulations

4. Dairy industry events

  • 4-1. Milk shortage
  • 4-2. Milk powder "national actions"
  • 4-3. M&A of dairy enterprises
  • 4-4. Management of foreign milk powder

5. Feed industry events

  • 5-1. Integration of feed and agriculture
  • 5-2. Rapeseed meal rising prices
  • 5-3. Personnel changes of the major enterprises

List of Figures:

  • Figure 2.3-1: Trend of pig price in China, 2013, USD/kg
  • Figure 4.1-1: Ex-works price of raw milk (cow) in China, 2013
  • Figure 4.3-1: Number of infant formula powder enterprises in China, 2010-2018
  • Figure 5.2-1: Average price of rapeseed meal in China, 2013, USD/t
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