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Phosphorus Chemical Industry Company Dynamics (Q3 2014)

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磷化學產業的企業動態 Phosphorus Chemical Industry Company Dynamics (Q3 2014)
出版日期: 2014年11月14日 內容資訊: 英文 24 Pages

2014年8月末時刻,中國的上市磷化學企業全部發表了2014年的半年報告,不過,約半數承擔損失。Luxi Chemical Group Co., Ltd. (Luxi Chemical)的淨利到2014年前期與去年同期比較減少25.14%,Anhui Liuguo 的淨利與去年同期比較以1,446.14%減少為負1,522萬美元遭巨額的損失。


第1章 概要

第2章 企業動態

  • 9月
    • 中國的上市阻燃劑企業
    • Hubei Longxiang 跟WIT簽訂技術開發協定契約
    • Shaanxi Shanhua 開始新的PA濃縮設備
  • 8月
    • Jiangsu Yoke 變更產業、商業登記
    • Zhaotong Tianhe 停止生產
    • Luxi Chemical的淨利2014年前期與去年同期比較減少25.14%、其他
  • 7月
    • Mianzhu經濟開發區朝向磷產業發展與AsiaPhos合作
    • Anhui Liuguo 對Anhui Zhongyuan投資973萬美元增資額
    • Anhui Liuguo 2014年前期受到巨額損失、其他



The whole Chinese phosphorus industry chain is in decline at present and players in it are trying best to improve their business performance.

As of the end of Aug. 2014, all the listed phosphorus chemical companies in China released their 2014 semi-annual reports, but about half of them suffered losses. Luxi Chemical Group Co., Ltd. (Luxi Chemical)'s net profit down 25.14% YoY in H1 2014; Anhui Liuguo suffered huge losses in H1 2014, with its net profit of -USD15.22 million, down 1,446.14% YoY.

Since H2 2013, the pressure of economic downturn has increased. Lots of industries were involved in the shadow of overcapacity, and this was also a growing problem in phosphorus chemical and phosphate fertilizer industries. In addition with the gloomy international price in phosphate fertilizer market, China's export of phosphate fertilizers faces huge difficulties, and prices of nearly all phosphorus chemical products are way down.

This industrial background has affected much on the companies' decision. Yunnan Yuntianhua Co.,Ltd. (Yunnan Yuntianhua) released that one of its subsidiaries, Yunnan Zhaotong Tianhe Co., Ltd. (Zhaotong Tianhe) suspended its production because of its great losses in recent years.

However, different from the traditional phosphorus chemical industry, fine chemicals industry still has promising prospects in China. Many companies are actively expanding their industrial chain to a more precise way. Zhejiang Wansheng Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Wansheng), China's second flame retardant company, is about to be listed, and this listing will enhance Zhejiang Wansheng's status as a leader in the flame retardant industry. Sichuan Mianzhu Economic Development Zone signed a contract concerning the second-phase deep-processing project of phosphate with AsiaPhos in Singapore, aiming to extend Mianzhu's phosphorus chemical industrial chain to a more refined level.

As phosphorus resource's non-renewable characters, guaranteeing abundant phosphorus ore supply is necessary for China and Chinese phosphorus chemical enterprises. Anhui Huaxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Anhui Huaxing) increased capital to its subsidiary Anhui Huajian Chemical Co., Ltd. (Anhui Huajian), which will accelerate the construction of Anhui Huajian's PCl3 project so as to achieve the raw material support and supply to improve Anhui Huaxing's industrial chain.

Based on these backgrounds above, this report had listed the detailed companies' dynamics in the past three months and analyzed deeply to show the major trend of Chinese phosphorus chemical players.

Table of Contents

1 Overview

2 Company dynamics

  • 2-1 Sept.
    • 2-1-1 China's second flame retardant company to be listed
    • 2-1-2 Hubei Longxiang signed technological development agreement with WIT
    • 2-1-3 Shaanxi Shanhua started new PA concentration device
  • 2-2 Aug.
    • 2-2-1 Jiangsu Yoke changed industrial and commercial registration
    • 2-2-2 Zhaotong Tianhe suspended production
    • 2-2-3 Luxi Chemical's net profit down 25.14% YoY in H1 2014
    • 2-2-4 Hubei Sanning output first batch of qualified products from nitro- and S-based compound fertilizer project
    • 2-2-5 China cooperated with Uganda to launch major mining project
    • 2-2-6 Guizhou Xinxin acquired four phosphorus chemical enterprises in Kaiyang County
    • 2-2-7 Anhui Huaxing increased capital to Anhui Huajian to accelerate construction of PCl3 project
  • 2-3 July
    • 2-3-1 Mianzhu Economic Development Zone cooperated with AsiaPhos to develop phosphate industry
    • 2-3-2 Anhui Liuguo invested USD9.73 million in Anhui Zhongyuan as capital increment
    • 2-3-3 Anhui Liuguo suffered huge losses in H1 2014
    • 2-3-4 Kingenta Norsterra put nitrocompound fertilizer project with capacity of 600,000 t/a into production
    • 2-3-5 Guiyang Sinochem-Kailin's two scientific projects passed identification
    • 2-3-6 Jiangxi Liuguo introduced autumnal marketing strategy in North China
    • 2-3-7 Yunnan Kingenta transferred 38% equity of Yunnan Zhongzhen with USD4.18 million
    • 2-3-8 Yancon Lunan completed transformation and upgrading
    • 2-3-9 Stanley's actual controller pledged part of equity

List of tables:

  • Table 2-1 Company dynamic in phosphorus chemical industry in China, Q3 2014
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