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Analysis of New Amino Acids Projects in China

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 21 Pages
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中國的氨基酸的新業務計劃分析 Analysis of New Amino Acids Projects in China
出版日期: 2014年10月21日 內容資訊: 英文 21 Pages



第1章 概要

第2章 甲硫胺酸產業計畫

第3章 Meihua Group的離胺酸產業計畫

第4章 蘇氨酸產業計畫

第5章 Shenghua Biok的L-苯丙胺酸產業計畫

第6章 Huaheng Biotech的丙氨酸產業計畫

第7章 其他的產業計畫

第8章 結論


Amino acid industry hot topics in 2013 and H1 2014:

In order to stimulate weak market prices of bulk amino acid products (lysine and threonine), manufacturers started to cut production since H2 2013. Partly because of the production cuts, prices of these amino acids saw rebounds in Q2 2014. Similar is the case of monosodium glutamate. Domestic capacity of lysine and threonine continues to increase, following the capacity expansion of some major producers. Asia is becoming another production center of methionine, as a series of methionine projects are introduced in China and Southeast Asia. Some projects are expected to begin production within 2014.

Purpose of report:

To clearly describe China's amino acid industry, CCM has collected a lot of information about new amino acid projects which are still under planning, in the process of construction, or recently completed in 2014. Industry trends and focus will be analyzed in this report.

What to report:

In this report, new amino acid projects in China are listed and analyzed from the following aspects:

  • Background of projects, including current situation of amino acid industry and introduction of related enterprises;
  • Project information, including the amount of investment, target capacity, and schedule or current progress;
  • Prospect of projects;
  • A concise analysis of hot investment and future trend of China's amino acid industry;


In the next few years, the amino acid industry in China will continue to develop in a more balanced way, as follows:

  • China will reduce its dependence on the import of methionine and phenylalanine in the future.
  • Additional capacities will stimulate the competition among domestic lysine and threonine producers, and thus promote the industry integration and increase the concentration.
  • The production of China's high-quality amino acids for food and pharmaceutical fields is anticipated to have significant increase.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Methionine projects
  • 3 Lysine project of Meihua Group
  • 4 Threonine projects
  • 5 L-Phenylalanine project of Shenghua Biok
  • 6 Alanine project of Huaheng Biotech
  • 7 Other projects
  • 8 Conclusions

List of tables:

  • Table 3-1 Major capacity expansion of lysine in China and overseas markets, 2013-H1 2014
  • Table 3-2 SWOT analysis of the prospect of Meihua Group's lysine project
  • Table 6-1 Performance of Huaheng Biotech in H1 2014

List of figures:

  • Figure 2-1 Supply of China's methionine, 2013
  • Figure 8-1 Breakdown of investments in China's amino acids products in 2014 (by product)
  • Figure 8-2 Breakdown of investments in China's amino acids products in 2014 (by downstream industry type)
  • Figure 8-3 Growth rate of some amino acids' production expansion in China, 2014
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