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Market Research of Micro Spray Hose in Zhejiang

出版商 CCM Data & Business Intelligence 商品編碼 305954
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 62 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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浙江省的微噴霧軟管市場 Market Research of Micro Spray Hose in Zhejiang
出版日期: 2014年05月08日 內容資訊: 英文 62 Pages



第1章 簡介

  • 背景資訊
    • 計劃的背景
    • 目的
    • 調查範圍
    • 調查方法與受訪者
  • 浙江省概要
    • 地理
    • 氣候
    • 水源
    • 經濟
    • 農業

第2章 調查結果

  • 作物栽培狀況
    • 浙江省的主要作物
    • 溫州、寧波的主要作物
    • 農業的經營模式
    • 農業用土地轉用
    • 政府的農業支援
    • 作物栽培和農業的摘要
  • 灌溉狀況
    • 灌溉狀況概要
    • 主要作物的灌溉
    • 溫州、寧波的灌溉狀況
    • 微灌溉產品的用途
    • 微灌溉產品的終端用戶
    • 農戶對微灌溉產品的意見
    • 農業技術人員對微灌溉產品的意見
    • 微灌溉產品的購買方法
    • 微噴霧軟管的用途概要
  • 微噴霧軟管的市場資訊
    • 市場規模
    • 規格/用途
    • 消費結構
    • 品牌認識
    • 生產資訊
    • 流通模式
    • 終端用戶相關微噴霧軟管代理店的意見
    • 微灌溉產品銷售額的影響因素
    • 微噴霧軟管生產與消費的摘要

第3章 結論與提案



With the increasingly severe water shortage problem in China, the water-saving irrigation industry in China developed very fast during the last few decades. At the end of 2012, the area of China's farmland irrigation was about 62.5 million ha, accounting for 52.1% of the total farmlands. Meanwhile, the total area of water-saving irrigation reached 31.2 million ha. Among these, the area of spray irrigation and micro spray irrigation reached 6.6 million ha, while that of low-pressure pipe irrigation was around 7.5 million ha.

At present, the proportion of China's spray irrigation and drip irrigation area in the effective irrigation area is only 6.7% while it is about 80% in developed countries of water-saving agriculture. Compared with developed countries of agricultural irrigation, micro spray irrigation is a new spray irrigation mode in China, which has developed in recent years. It performs partial irrigation through micro nozzle and is a more water-saving irrigation pattern than general spray irrigation. Among all micro spray irrigation equipment, micro spray hose is the one of highly cost effective and mainly used in the irrigation of fruit trees, economic crops, flowers, lawn and greenhouse planting.

Industrial affairs:

At the current stage of water-saving equipment industry, drip hose seems to have gained too much attention thanks to the support from the government in arid areas like Xinjiang and Gansu. So what is the market situation of water-saving equipment in the humid areas? Is it also dominated by drip hose? Are there more business opportunities for micro spray hose in the economically developed areas?

Purpose of the report:

CCM devotes itself to conducting a deep research on the micro spray hose market in Zhejiang which is a humid and economically developed area of China, aiming to help customers know more about the supply and consumption of micro spray hose in this area.

Application users:

  • Water-saving equipment players
  • Micro spray hose manufacturers, especially high-end ones
  • Agricultural irrigation researchers
  • Investors who want to enter the water-saving equipment industry of Zhejiang

Topics of the report:

  • Crop planting situation in Zhejiang;
  • Irrigation situation in Zhejiang;
  • Supply and consumption of micro spray hose in Zhejiang.

Value to clients:

  • Understanding the crop planting and irrigation situation in Zhejiang;
  • Understanding farmers and technicians' attitude towards water-saving irrigation equipment, especially micro spray hose, in Zhejiang;
  • Understanding the market distribution of micro spray hose and related consumption features in Zhejiang;
  • Discovering business opportunities of micro spray hose market in Zhejiang.


  • Desk based research
  • Telephone interviews
  • Field work

CCM carried out field work in Zhejiang Province to collect information and data from local officials in agricultural sectors, sales agencies of micro irrigation products and farmers.

  • Summarization

Executive summary:

With abundant water resources and rainfall, Zhejiang Province is located in the southeast coastal areas of China. Its main crops include rice, vegetables and fruits. At present, XXXX is still the main agricultural mode in Zhejiang. Along with the development of land transfer, XXXX has been increasing in recent years.

Thanks to the abundant water resources, farmers' demand for water-saving irrigation products isn't quite strong in Zhejiang. But an increasing number of farmers have begun to pay more attention to these products, especially micro spray irrigation products, for the increase in XXXX.

The government plays an important role in the promotion of water-saving irrigation technology. Local agricultural sectors promote the application of micro spray irrigation products through XXXX. Unfortunately, government officials' knowledge on micro spray hose is low that...

Currently, the market share of micro spray hose in micro spray irrigation products in Zhejiang is XXXX, about XXXX%. In 2012, the area adopting micro spray hose in the province was about XXXX ha, and the consumption volume of the product was about XXXX meters a year. Among the total, the consumption on XXXX accounted for 50%; those on XXXX and XXXX were 25% and 20% respectively.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

  • 1-1 Background information
    • 1-1-1 Project background
    • 1-1-2 Objective
    • 1-1-3 Research target
    • 1-1-4 Research method and interviewee
  • 1-2 Overview of Zhejiang
    • 1-2-1 Geography
    • 1-2-2 Climate
    • 1-2-3 Water resources
    • 1-2-4 Economy
    • 1-2-5 Agriculture

2 Research findings

  • 2-1 Crop planting situation
    • 2-1-1 Major crops in Zhejiang
    • 2-1-2 Major crops in Wenzhou & Ningbo City
    • 2-1-3 Business mode of agriculture
    • 2-1-4 Farmland transfer
    • 2-1-5 Government support on agriculture
    • 2-1-6 Summary of crop planting and farming
  • 2-2 Irrigation situation
    • 2-2-1 Overview of irrigation situation
    • 2-2-2 Irrigation of major crops
    • 2-2-3 Irrigation situation in Wenzhou & Ningbo
    • 2-2-4 Application of micro irrigation products
    • 2-2-5 End-users of micro irrigation products
    • 2-2-6 Farmers' opinions on micro irrigation products
    • 2-2-7 Agricultural technicians' opinions on micro irrigation products
    • 2-2-8 Purchase means of micro irrigation products
    • 2-2-9 Summary of application of micro spray hose
  • 2-3 Market information of micro spray hose
    • 2-3-1 Market volume
    • 2-3-2 Specification & application
    • 2-3-3 Consumption structure
    • 2-3-4 Brand recognition
    • 2-3-5 Production information
    • 2-3-6 Distribution mode
    • 2-3-7 Micro spray hose agencies' opinions on end-users
    • 2-3-8 Factors influencing the sales of micro irrigation products
    • 2-3-9 Summary of production and consumption of micro spray hose

3 Conclusion and recommendation

List of tables:

  • Table 2.1.1-1 Planting area and output of major crops in Zhejiang, 2011
  • Table 2.1.1-2 Orchard area and output of major fruits in Zhejiang, 2011
  • Table 2.1.2-1 Vegetable planting area in Wenzhou, 2013, 000' ha
  • Table 2.1.2-2 Planting area of melons in Wenzhou, 2013
  • Table 2.1.5-1 Subsidy budget on agriculture of local government in Zhejiang, 2013
  • Table 2.2.1-1 Irrigation area in Zhejiang, 2011
  • Table 2.2.1-2 Water-saving irrigation area in Zhejiang, 2011
  • Table 2.3.2-1 Crop application of micro spray hose with different specifications
  • Table 2.3.4-1 Brands of micro spray hose in Zhejiang

List of figures:

  • Figure 2.3.3-1 Consumption share of micro spray hose in Zhejiang, 2012
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