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Research on Creatine Production in China Market

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 16 Pages
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在中國市場的肌酸生產分析 Research on Creatine Production in China Market
出版日期: 2015年08月27日 內容資訊: 英文 16 Pages


本報告提供中國國內的肌酸市場趨勢與未來展望相關分析,彙整市場整體結構和主要製造商概要、過去的市場趨勢 (生產量、市場規模、市場價格) 的實際成果、今後的市場趨勢預測等調查、估計、市場投資相關建議。



第1章 肌酸產業概要

第2章 相關政策、規定

第3章 市場供給情形 (總計3年份)

  • 生產能力、生產量 (總計3年份)
  • 主要製造商趨勢 (總計3年份)

第4章 市場價格 (總計3年份)

  • 過去的市場價格趨勢 (以年度為基礎,過去3年份)
  • 目前市場價格 (以每月為基礎)
  • 價格分析
  • 價格趨勢預測 (今後4年份)

第5章 結論



This report provides an overview of creatine's production and price in China in the past few years, covering survey findings on the following aspects: who are the major producers of creatine in the country; what are historical product prices and trends; which factors are influencing decision of investing in creatine production.

Generally, capacity and output of creatine in China kept stable in 2013 and 2014, and the former has kept unchanged in 2015 so far. Actually, the production distribution has gone through some changes these years. Eastern China has been the dominant area for creatine production; meanwhile, the production has already expanded to western part of the country. Producers in both areas have their own problems to be solved for keeping future development.

Along with the production expansion and entrance of new producers, price of creatine has shown a downtrend in the past three years, as both product supply and industry competition increased. Considering the increasing cost and joining of potential entrants, the creatine price in China is likely to keep stable in the coming few years.

In the future, the production scale will be enlarging, as new production lines can be tracked down. Industry competition will become stiffer in the future.

The following data and analysis are unveiled in this report:

  • Capacity and output of creatine in China, 2013-H1 2015;
  • Production expansion from the east to the west and characteristics of producers in both areas;
  • List of major producers and details including capacity & output (2013-H1 2015), general description of creatine production and other aspects;
  • Historical price of creatine monohydrate in China in 2012-2014 and current price in the first eight months of 2015;
  • Summary of production situation and suggestions on investments.

Table of Contents

Executive summary

Introduction and methodology

1. Overview of creatine industry

2. Related policies and regulations

3. Supply in 2013-2015

  • 3-1. Capacity and output in 2013-2015
  • 3-2. Major producers in 2013-2015

4. Market price in 2012-2015

  • 4-1. Historical annual price in 2012-2014
  • 4-2. Currently monthly price in 2015
  • 4-3. Price analysis
  • 4-4. Price trend in 2015-2018

5. Conclusion

List of Tables:

  • Table 1-1: Development history of creatine production in China
  • Table 2-1: China's emission limits for major air pollutants for boilers in 2001 and 2014 national standards
  • Table 3.2-1: Comparison of creatine producers in eastern China and western China
  • Table 3.2-2: Capacity and output of creatine producers in China, 2013-H1 2015
  • Table 4.2-1: Quotations of creatine monohydrate from major creatine producers, Aug. 2015

List of Figures:

  • Figure 3.1-1: Capacity and output of creatine in China, 2013-H1 2015
  • Figure 4.1-1: Annual market price of creatine monohydrate in China, 2012-2014
  • Figure 4.2-1: Monthly market price of creatine monohydrate in China, Jan. 2015-Aug. 2015
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