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Governmental Direction of China's Dairy Industry in 2014

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 24 Pages
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中國政府對奶粉產業的指示 Governmental Direction of China's Dairy Industry in 2014
出版日期: 2015年01月28日 內容資訊: 英文 24 Pages



第1章 概要

第2章 產業的動向

  • 學校的牛奶計劃的促銷管理手法的公開
  • 新政策伴隨,Abbott的奶粉工廠的強制的遷移
  • 82種奶粉通過檢驗
  • 奶粉加工業者設計「可靠性文件」

第3章 產業的規格

  • 中國政府制定食品、營養物開發相關指南
  • AQSIQ(國家質量監督檢兆頭檢疫整體局)強化進口食品監視體制
  • 乳製品產業上企業整合、產業重組檢討
  • 中國政府緊急建立奶粉的可追溯性系統
  • 第13次五年計劃的,中國的乳製品產業

第4章 國際合作

  • 來自紐西蘭的奶粉進口達到危機的水準
  • 中國政府核准、許可奶粉出口商者
  • 中國和澳洲締結自由貿易協定(FTA)



Dairy product industry hot topics in 2013-2014:

On 30 May 2014, the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) announced that 82 Chinese infant formula processors have now acquired production licenses and the other 51 infant formula processors that failed to pass the review (or applied to delay the review or applied to cancel the license) have had to suspend production. At the end of 2013, the CFDA released the Detailed Rules for Infant Formula Processor Approval (the Rules), which raise the bar for infant formula production by posing stricter requirements in respect of raw materials, product formulations, technical processes and procedures, premises and equipment, etc. In June 2013, the State Council approved the Plan for Promoting the Merger and Acquisition (M&A) among Infant Formula Powder Enterprises, published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the CFDA. After the following five years, the number of China's enterprises in infant formula powder industry will be integrated into about 50.


Affected by the Chinese macroeconomic environment and the growth of dairy market consumption, dairy production and per capita dairy consumption increased significantly, dairy industry has already became one of the fastest growing industries in China. But several problems such as unreasonable structure, lack of technical standards and overall monitoring came up during the process of development. At this time, the policies and supervision of the government and supervision is especially important.

Purpose of report:

To clearly describe the government direction of China's dairy industry, CCM has collected lots of information in various ways. In this report, all aspects of the government policies and supervision have been analyzed.

What to report:

In this report, government direction of China's dairy product industry has been analyzed exhaustively from the following aspects:

  • Industry development
  • Industry standard
  • International cooperation


The Chinese government will continue to strengthen the guide of dairy industry and will pay more attention to dairy safety problems and structure optimization of dairy industry. At the international level, international dairy cooperation will still be the most important topic.

Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Industry development

  • 2-1. Promotion management methods for school milk programme released
  • 2-2. New policy forced Abbott to move formula plant
  • 2-3. 82 infant formula processors passed review
  • 2-4. Infant formula processors established credibility files

3. Industry standard

  • 3-1. China issued Guideline for food and nutrition development
  • 3-2. AQSIQ strengthened supervision of food imports
  • 3-3. Merger and Consolidation Plan of Dairy Industry issued
  • 3-4. China speeded up construction of traceability system for infant formula
  • 3-5. 13th Five-Year Plan for China's dairy industry

4. International cooperation

  • 4-1. New Zealand milk powder imports exceeded trigger level
  • 4-2. China confirmed and permitted infant formula exporters
  • 4-3. China reached free trade deal with Australia

List of Tables:

  • Table 2.3-1: China's Top 6 regions for Milk Production, 2012
  • Table 3.3-1: Examples of Dairy M&A in China, 2013-H1 2014
  • Table 4.1-1: Tariff Reductions on Selected Dairy Products from New Zealand, 2008-2013
  • Table 4.1-2: China's Imports of Selected Dairy Products from New Zealand, 2008-2013
  • Table 4.1-3: China's Imports of Infant Formula, 2010-2013
  • Table 4.2-1: Foreign Manufacturers of Infant Formula Registered in China, 27 May, 2014

List of Figures:

  • Figure 4.2-1: China's imports of infant formula by origin, 2013
  • Figure 4.2-2: China's Infant Formula Import Trends, 2008-Q1 2014
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