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Annual Review of Hot Spots in China's Vitamin Industry in 2014

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 15 Pages
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中國的維他命產業上熱點的年度檢討 Annual Review of Hot Spots in China's Vitamin Industry in 2014
出版日期: 2015年01月09日 內容資訊: 英文 15 Pages


第1章 摘要

第2章 2014年1月以後,葉酸的市場價格維持上升趨勢

第3章 在BASF德國工廠發生火災

第4章 Garden Biochemical暫時停止膽固醇的生產

第5章 DSM收購Aland Nutraceutical

第6章 Xinfu Pharmaceutical合併2家子公司

第7章 Haineng Bioengineering銷售25-羥維生素D3

第8章 Nansha Lonza的VB3新生產線運作



On 19 March, 2014, BASF released a statement, explaining that its citral production line in Germany plant had suffered a fire and had to close down. BASF's total citral capacity accounts for more than 60% of the global capacity, thus the fire led to a tight supply of citral and had a huge impact on the downstream of vitamin A, fragrance and flavor, vitamin E and other products. However, even though BASF's citral resumed production as soon as in April 2014, the domestic supply situation didn't change quickly.

On 11 July, 2014, DSM announced that it had reached an agreement to acquire Aland Nutraceutical, a leading producer of vitamin C in China. Through the acquisition, DSM will be able to further strengthen its status in the vitamin C market and spread its domains all over the world in human nutrition and health care, animal nutrition and health care, and personal care.

On 25 Oct. 2014, Shandong Haineng Bioengineering Co., Ltd. conducted a "25-hydroxyvitamin D3" press conference in International Conference Center of Jinan City, Shandong Province. Haineng Bioengineering's launching 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 means that China is expected to break monopoly on technology and market dominated by foreign countries to some extent. And it speeds up the production and efficiency of livestock and poultry breeding.

Purpose of report:

In this report, CCM has analyzed hot spots in China's vitamin industry in 2014.

What to report:

In this report, hot spots in China's vitamin industry in 2014 have been analyzed exhaustively from the following aspects:

  • Background;
  • Company dynamics;
  • Market prices change of vitamins.


In the next few years, the vitamin industry in China will continue to be promising. On the whole, it's worth investing in it.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Market Price of Folic Acid Has Maintained Upward Trend Since Jan. 2014
  • 3 Fire Happened in Germany Plant of BASF
  • 4 Garden Biochemical Suspended Production of Cholesterol
  • 5 DSM Acquired Aland Nutraceutical
  • 6 Xinfu Pharmaceutical Combined Two Subsidiaries
  • 7 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 Launched by Haineng Bioengineering
  • 8 New Production Line of VB3 in Nansha Lonza Launched

List of figures:

  • Figure 2-1 Market price of folic acid in China, Jan.-Nov., 2014
  • Figure 3-1 Market price of feed-grade VA in China, Jan.-Nov., 2014
  • Figure 4-1 Market price of feed-grade VD3 in China, Jan.- Nov., 2014
  • Figure 5-1 Market price of VC in China, Jan.-Nov., 2014
  • Figure 6-1 Market price of VB5 (Calcium pantothenate) in China, H2 2013-H1 2014
  • Figure 8-1 Market price of feed-grade VB3 in China, Jan. -Nov., 2014
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