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Vaccine Development Strategies - Refocusing Efforts to Address New Challenges

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 60 Pages
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疫苗開發策略:重新關注為了應對新課題的努力 Vaccine Development Strategies - Refocusing Efforts to Address New Challenges
出版日期: 2014年02月28日 內容資訊: 英文 60 Pages








  • 新的趨勢
  • 疫苗的開發、銷售相關主要課題


  • 臨床實驗相關考察
  • 法規策略
  • 市場進入
  • 全球策略的建立


  • 對治療領域的關注
  • 臨床實驗相關考察
  • 法規策略
  • 市場進入


  • 產業主動的企業
  • 商業機會


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Vaccines are one of the most important healthcare advances and have saved millions of lives through immunizing against some of the most deadly diseases. With protection against a number of key viral and bacterial diseases now effectively generated, vaccine R&D is turning to areas of unmet need. Preventative vaccination in adults and against pathogens that affect the developing world is increasingly becoming a focus. Research into therapeutic vaccination for patients already affected by a disease is also gathering pace. There are several different approaches to preventative vaccination, most of which have been effectively employed to reduce the incidence of certain diseases or, in some cases, eradicate them completely.


  • This report providers readers with an understanding of the key developing trends in the vaccines market and how these are expected to impact on the overall competitive landscape, the major players and forecasted growth
  • This report provides an overview of the preventative vaccines market, including insights into clinical development strategies, recommendations for maximizing potential for development of preventative vaccines and discussion about potential areas of growth in the near term
  • The report provides in-depth analysis of the developing landscape for therapeutic vaccines, including recent activities of major pharmaceutical companies, insight into the challenges being faced by companies developing therapeutic vaccines and recommendations on clinical development strategies to overcome these potential obstacles and hurdles
  • The report assesses the evolving competitive vaccines landscape, profiling the major pharmaceutical players and providing information into the emerging vaccines companies and assessing how the vaccines market is expected to develop in the short to medium term.

Key Reasons to Purchase

  • The report will enable you to understand how key factors such as the emerging markets, new therapeutic targets and innovative technologies are becoming increasingly important to profitability and commercial return for vaccine companies as traditional targets and populations become satisfied
  • Gain insights on the key challenges that exist to further vaccine development
  • Compare considerations in both therapeutic and preventive vaccines markets

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Methodology
  • Vaccines: an overview
    • Emerging trends
    • Key issues in vaccine development and marketing
  • Considerations in preventative vaccine development
    • Clinical trial considerations
    • Regulatory strategy
    • Market access
    • Developing world strategies
  • Considerations for therapeutic vaccine development
    • Therapy area focus
    • Clinical trial considerations
    • Regulatory strategy
    • Market access
  • Key players and commercial opportunity
    • Companies leading the way
    • Commercial opportunity
  • Appendix
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