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Global Savory Snacks Report; Analysis of opportunities offered by high growth economies

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 152 Pages
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鹹味零食的全球市場:在高速成長國的市場機會分析 Global Savory Snacks Report; Analysis of opportunities offered by high growth economies
出版日期: 2016年08月30日 內容資訊: 英文 152 Pages

本報告提供全球鹹味零食市場現狀與市場機會相關分析,全球市場/地區市場趨勢預測 (今後5年份) ,及各分類的詳細趨勢 (加工零食,洋芋片,堅果、種子類,民族/傳統性零食等),今後預期將大幅度成長的領域,主要企業的市場的主要成功案例,現有/新加入企業今後的成長空間,應採取行動等的調查評估。



  • 目前市場方案和未來展望
  • 全球鹹味零食市場概要:市場成長的推動要素,最新趨勢,今後的阻礙因素
  • 各地區的鹹味零食市場概要:市場成長的推動要素,最新趨勢,今後的阻礙因素
  • 全球鹹味零食市場主要課題


  • 開發中國家、新興國家市場的商品消費模式的變化
  • 鹹味零食,麵包類、麥片穀類,乳製品、大豆產品,糖果零食類、冰淇淋的消費量的變動 (總計10年份):全球、各地區分析


  • 分析:市場規模評估主要50個國家,經濟發展水準,社會、人口結構,治理指標,技術基礎設施


  • 擁有巨大的潛在市場的主要國家分析



  • 全球代表性品牌的案例
  • 域內的領導品牌概要與市場佔有率


  • 主要的流通管道的市場佔有率 (全球、各地區層級)


  • 主要的包裝材料、封蓋、外包裝的使用概況 的分析,與各產品類型詳細趨勢


  • 成為鹹味零食、廠商的建議 (各類別):商品形態、定位、消費機會、目標的消費者等


Product Code: CS003GR

Global Savory Snacks market in 2015 was valued at US$94.5 Billion and is expected to post a value growth of CAGR of 7.9% and per capita value CAGR of 7.1% during 2015-2020, with North America, Asia-Pacific, and Western Europe leading as the largest markets in terms of value. Growth in the global Savory Snacks market is expected to come mainly from developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region followed by East Europe, while countries in the Latin American region are expected to register marginal growth.

Savory Snacks consumers in developed countries (such as the US, the UK, and France) lead a busy lifestyle, which has impacted their eating habits, and they look for conveniently packaged products that can be carried for on-the-go consumption. For the majority of consumers in these countries, novelty is crucial and they look for products in exotic and different flavors. The demand for personalized products to suit the aging population and products addressing health needs has risen. Savory Snacks consumers in emerging countries (Brazil, China, and India) with rising disposable incomes, and increasing middle income individuals are experiencing a shift towards high quality products.

The burgeoning middle class is encouraging the launch of novel and indulgent products, while a section of consumers are price-sensitive and look for cheaper brands. Novel products as well as value deals, remain high in demand in these countries.

Global Savory Snacks market is highly fragmented with the top 5 brands holding less than 16% of the combined market share. Lay's, Doritos, Pringles, Cheetos, and Ruffles are the leading brands with the highest market share in 2015. PepsiCo emerges as the strongest player as it owns the leading brands in all six regions, and owns four of the five leading brands globally. Each of these brands is constantly engaged in innovative practices such as introducing new flavors, to retain and increase their market shares. They uptake extensive promotions on the digital platform through different consumer interaction campaigns, which strengthens brand loyalty.

Hypermarkets & Supermarkets is the leading retail channel for Savory Snacks across all regions, followed by Convenience Stores. Apart from Hypermarkets & Supermarkets and Convenience Stores, Food & Drinks Specialists also emerged as an important retailer for the distribution of Savory Snacks globally.

The report “Global Savory Snacks Report ” provides a comprehensive overview of the global Savory Snacks market as part of our global series. It includes an analysis on global Savory Snacks market with consumption analysis highlighted for all regions. The report draws on the market data by analyzing key distribution channels for the global Savory Snacks market. Market data is also used for studying the level of competition in the market by identifying the top brands at a global and regional level with insights on market share of private label products.

In particular, this report provides the following:

  • Market data coverage: The overall market value data included in the report is for the period 2010-2020.
  • Category coverage: This report provides information on seven categories including Ethnic/Traditional Snacks, Meat Snacks, Nuts & Seeds, Popcorn, Potato Chips, Pretzels and Processed Snacks.
  • More extensive brand coverage: The report provides more extensive brand share coverage. Brand share data is also validated by inputs from industry experts.
  • Distribution channel: The Distribution data included in the report covers 11 distribution channels including Hypermarkets & Supermarkets, Health & Beauty Stores, Department Stores, Cash & Carries & Warehouse Clubs, “Dollar Stores”, Variety Stores & General Merchandise Retailers.
  • Time period: The report provides overall market value data, including category level data for the period 2010-2020. Distribution channel data for 2010 - 2015 and brand share data is included for the year 2015.

Companies mentioned in this report: PepsiCo Inc., Frito-Lay, Kellogg Company, H.W. Lay & Co, Want Want Holdings Limited, Calbee, Bourbon Corporation, AVI Limited, Kraft Foods, Chio Chips, Estrella, General Mills, Haldiram`s, Amanoya Kabuki, Kameda, Greendot Health Foods Ltd, Tyrrells, All Good Snacks company.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Market Overview

  • Current market scenario and future outlook
  • Global Savory Snacks market overview -what are the growth drivers, latest developments and future inhibitors
  • Regional Savory Snacks market overview -what are the growth drivers, latest developments and future inhibitors
  • Key challenges in the global Savory Snacks market

Changes in Savory Snacks Food consumption patterns

  • Shift in food consumption patterns in developing and emerging markets
  • Shift in consumption of Savory Snacks, Bakery and Cereals, Dairy and Soy Food, Confectionery and Ice Cream, 2010 -2020 (global and regional analysis)

Identifying high potential countries

  • Analysis of 50 countries on the basis of Market Assessment, Economic Development, Socio-demographic, Governance Indicators, and Technological infrastructure

Country Analysis

  • Trend analysis for leading high potential countries

Case Examples/Success Stories

Competitive Landscape

  • Overview of leading brands globally
  • Overview of leading brands at a regional level with market share

Key Distribution Channels

  • Market share of key distribution channels -global and regional level

Preferred Packaging Formats

  • Analysis on usage of key packaging material, closure, outer, and type for all Savory Snacks categories


  • Recommendations for manufacturers on key Savory Snacks categories -Processed Snacks, Potato Chips, Nuts and Seeds and Ethnic/Traditional Snacks on parameters including Formulation, Positioning, Packaging, Occasion, Consumer Targets, and Key Segments


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