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Smokeless Tobacco in the US, 2016

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 85 Pages
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無煙煙草的美國市場 Smokeless Tobacco in the US, 2016
出版日期: 2016年04月12日 內容資訊: 英文 85 Pages



  • 摘要整理
  • 定義


  • 煙草製品的市場規模 (以數量為準,成果值、最新值)
  • 煙草製品的市場規模的變化 (以數量為準,過去11年份的轉變)


  • 無煙煙草的消費量 (過去12年份)
  • 每人消費量 (單位:克/年,過去12年份)
  • 無煙煙草市場明細 (以數量為準,過去12年份)
  • 濕式鼻煙:各領域的市場趨勢、佔有率 (過去11年份)
  • 濕式鼻煙:各香味的市場佔有率


  • 生產量趨勢 (過去11年份)
  • 進口量趨勢 (過去10年份)
  • 鼻煙的進口量 (各合作國家) 及前幾名國家佔有率
  • 鼻煙的進口額 (各合作國家) 及前幾名國家佔有率
  • 嚼煙的進口量 (各合作國家) 及前幾名國家佔有率
  • 嚼煙的進口額 (各合作國家) 及前幾名國家佔有率
  • 出口量趨勢 (過去10年份)
  • 鼻煙的出口量 (各合作國家) 及前幾名國家佔有率
  • 鼻煙的出口額 (各合作國家) 及前幾名國家佔有率
  • 嚼煙的出口量 (各合作國家) 及前幾名國家佔有率
  • 嚼煙的出口額 (各合作國家) 及前幾名國家佔有率


  • 聯邦物品稅的稅率:無煙煙草的情況 (過去30年份)
  • 州物品稅的稅率:無煙煙草的情況 (過去30年份)
  • 無煙煙草:代表性產品的零售價格 (過去5年份)


  • 無煙煙草:各製造公司的市場佔有率 (各領域,過去15年份)
  • 濕式、乾式鼻煙:各製造廠商市場佔有率 (過去15年份)
  • 嚼煙:各製造廠商市場佔有率 (過去14年份)
  • 濕式鼻煙:各品牌市場佔有率 (過去15年份)
  • 乾式鼻煙:各品牌市場佔有率 (過去8年份)
  • 鼻煙:各品牌市場佔有率 (過去5年份)
  • 活頁、香煙:各品牌市場佔有率 (過去14年份)
  • 插頭:各品牌市場佔有率 (過去14年份)
  • 乾式插頭:各品牌市場佔有率 (過去14年份)
  • 鼻煙:代表性品牌


  • 無煙煙草的吸煙者數:各年齡、男女、各人種、各地區 (過去11年份)
  • 成人的抽煙率:整體及男女 (過去10年份)


  • 營業上的規定條件
  • 廣告法規
  • 警告標示的刊載義務


  • 無煙煙草的整體消費量及每人消費量 (今後11年份)
  • 每人消費量 (單位:克/年,今後11年份)


Product Code: SL0043MR


The use of smokeless tobacco in the US continues to expand despite a number of pressures against the use of the product. Since 2006, overall consumption has been growing, despite a marginal decline in 2009 due to the impact of tax driven rises, particularly for chewing tobacco, before recovering from 2010 onwards. In per capita terms, use is high at approximately 192.4g per person.

Key Findings

  • The US tobacco products market is one of the largest in the world but is in decline, with overall consumption having fallen by almost 30% since 2000
  • A relatively small number of manufacturers supply smokeless tobacco in the US, but interest in the sector has sparked acquisitions in recent years
  • Demand for smokeless tobacco is expected to expand between 2014 and 2024, although chewing tobacco use is expected to continue to decline in favor of moist snuff and similar products

"Smokeless Tobacco in the US" is an analytical report by Canadean that provides extensive and highly detailed current and future market trends in the US' market.

What else does this report offer?

  • Market size and structure and per capita consumption based upon a unique combination of industry research, fieldwork, market sizing analysis, and our in-house expertise
  • Detailed information such as market shares and recent developments of manufacturers and leading brands, along with company profiles
  • Regulations, taxation, retail pricing, smoking habits, and the growing health concerns affecting overall production
  • Prospects and forecasts of overall sales and consumption for 2014 to 2024

Reasons To Buy

  • Get a detailed understanding of consumption to align your sales and marketing efforts with the latest trends in the market
  • Identify the areas of growth and opportunities, which will aid effective marketing planning
  • As consumers' product demands evolve, the dynamics between different countries also change - favoring some countries and leaving others increasingly out of line with demand patterns. As a result, understanding the specific market dynamics of the US market is key to ensuring maximum future sales
  • Understand the market dynamics and essential data to benchmark your position and identify where to compete in the future

Table of Contents


  • Executive summary
  • Definitions

Market context

  • Tobacco Products Market, Tonnes, %, 2005 and 2015
  • Tobacco Products Market, Tonnes, 2005-2015

Market size and structure

  • Smokeless Tobacco Consumption, Tonnes, 2004-2015
  • Per Capita Consumption, Grams Per Year, 2004-2015
  • Smokeless Tobacco: Market Segmentation, tonnes, 2004-2015
  • Moist Snuff: Market Development by Segment, % Volume, 2004-2014
  • Moist Snuff: Market share by flavor, 2012

Production and trade

  • Production, Tonnes, '000, 2004-2014
  • Imports, tonnes, 2004-2013
  • Snuff, Imports by country of origin, top countries, Volume %, 2013
  • Snuff, Imports by Country of Origin, Top Countries, % Value, 2013
  • Chewing Tobacco, Imports by Country of Origin, Top Countries, Volume %, 2013
  • Chewing Tobacco, Imports by Country of Origin, Top Countries, Value %, 2013
  • Exports, tonnes, 2004-2013
  • Snuff, Exports by country of destination, top countries, Volume %, 2014
  • Snuff, Exports by Country of Destination, Top Countries, % Value, 2013
  • Chewing Tobacco, Exports by Country of Destination, Top Countries, Volume %, 2014
  • Chewing Tobacco, Exports by Country of Destination, Top Countries, Value

Taxation and retail price

  • Federal Excise Tax Rates: Smokeless Tobacco, US$,1986-2015
  • State Tax Rates on Smokeless Tobacco Products, 2016
  • Smokeless Tobacco: Selected Retail Prices, 2010, 2012-2014

Manufacturers and brands

  • Smokeless Tobacco: Manufacturer Shares by Sector, % Volume 2000-2014
  • Moist and Dry Snuff: Manufacturer Shares, % Volume 2000-2014
  • Chewing Tobacco: Manufacturer Shares By Segment, % Volume, 2000-2013
  • Moist Snuff: Brand Shares, % Volume, 2000-2014
  • Dry Snuff: Brand Shares, % Volume, 2006-2013
  • Snus: Brand Shares, % Volume, 2009-2013
  • Loose Leaf Tobacco : Brand Shares, % Volume, 2000-2013
  • Plug : Brand Shares, % Volume, 2000-2013
  • Moist Plug : Brand Shares, % Volume, 2000-2013
  • Snus: Leading SKU's, 2014


  • Smokeless Tobacco Use by Age, Gender, Ethnicity and Geography, 2002-2012
  • Adult Smoking Prevalence, Total and by Gender, %, 2004-2013

Operating constraints

  • Operating constraints
  • Advertising restrictions
  • Heath warnings and labelling requirements

Prospects and forecasts

  • Smokeless tobacco and per capita consumption, 2014-2024
  • Per Capita Consumption, Grams Per Year, 2014-2024


  • Additional data tables
  • Summary methodology
  • About Canadean
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