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Global and Regional Mega-Trends: Understanding Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors in Changing Lifestages

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 99 Pages
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全球/地區級的大趨勢:消費者在生命階段的變化時之想法·行動相關理解 Global and Regional Mega-Trends: Understanding Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors in Changing Lifestages
出版日期: 2015年08月31日 內容資訊: 英文 99 Pages



消費者的生命階段正在急速變化,許多女性正在脫離傳統型以家事為主的生活,同時許多男性也開始注意到個人保養。青年層開始不想擔負 結婚、生子的責任,而許多中高年層在外表及行動上都保持著年輕。



  • 摘要整理
  • 主要的分析結果:全球市場分析


  • Canadean的大趨勢·組成架構的概要
  • 分析觀察對象國家
  • Canadean定義的「次趨勢」


  • 主要的次趨勢概要


  • 健康問題方面之消費者的想法
  • 各地區最顯著對健康上的不安
  • 產品問題方面之消費者意識
  • 對酒精消費的消費者意識
  • 對廠商的主要建議


  • 財政餘力相關想法
  • 追求「物超所值感」上折扣商店的重要性
  • 對消費者來說價格的重要性
  • 對消費者來說推銷的重要性
  • 對廠商的主要建議


  • 在品質追求上「財政的穩定性」的效果
  • 現有品牌的重要性
  • 對當地產食材的消費者意識
  • 對「手工」的消費者意識
  • 對廠商的主要建議


  • 消費者對整裝儀容的想法·認識
  • 對整裝儀容的認識將如何影響消費者的選擇
  • 對廠商的主要建議

一般消費品 (FMCG) 的「新體驗」的宣傳方法

  • 新/實驗性的產品開發之對象客戶
  • 異國口味的宣傳方法
  • hot/辣香料的宣傳方法
  • 對廠商的主要建議


Product Code: CS0002AB


Consumer lifestages are rapidly evolving as gender stereotypes evolve, with many women leaving behind traditional household duties and men showing a growing interest in personal care. Increasing numbers of young adults are also choosing to delay responsibilities such as marriage and children until later life; whilst several older consumers seek to defy their age and remain young in both attitude and appearance.

Key Findings

  • Consumers globally express concerns regarding different health issues, such as heart and bone health. These concerns are magnified as people witness aging populations and see the problems their grandparents and older generations face as they age, as well as diets evolving to be increasingly unhealthy. The effect of this is many people looking to natural and organic products in order to remain healthier
  • Different age-groups and genders view value differently. Younger consumers and women are often seeking out value via low prices, and express this in their growing preference for shopping at discounters; however, men and older consumers are confident in their ability to treat themselves and look for added value to secure the most indulgent and beneficial products
  • Younger consumers globally are seeking new experiences through their consumption, be it through hot and spicy flavours or an exotic twist. These consumers are increasingly demanding and on the lookout for something stand-out at all times

Canadean's Global and Regional Mega-Trends: Understanding Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors in Changing Lifestages report is a comprehensive analysis of global attitudes in the food, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and personal care categories. The report details current and future expectations of behavior derived from the survey responses of 52,000 global consumers in 48 countries. As well as highlighting opportunities in new product development, there is also insight on positioning and retail strategy, and analysis of consumer profiling and targeting.

What else does this report offer?

  • An investigation of the Changing Lifestages consumer trends and how they are presenting themselves on a global, regional, and country basis
  • Key attitudes and behaviors influencing consumption patterns globally
  • Proposals on how you should best target these global consumption patterns
  • Detailed comparisons that provide insight into regional and country attitudes towards Changing Lifestages
  • Key recommendations for manufacturers from product, targeting, and retail perspectives as they are reflected in the four main categories of food, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and personal care

Reasons To Buy

  • Manufacturers can design their products to meet the most pressing needs of today's consumer by understanding consumers attitudes and behaviors as captured in a unique 2015 consumer survey
  • Improve product targeting to different consumer groups through understanding how consumer opinions and perceptions are changing on topics such as health, quality and value, by age and gender
  • Quickly pinpoint the best opportunities for products as data is presented in a highly visual and engaging style
  • Stay ahead of competitors and know what consumers want next with recommended actions which clearly identify how to successfully adapt product strategies to the latest trends
  • Regional and local survey data from across 48 countries helps brands to meet the needs of their specific market, as well as highlighting new countries for expansion

Table of Contents

Key findings

  • Executive Summary
  • Key findings from across the globe

Introduction to Canadean's Consumer Trend Framework

  • Introduction to Canadean's Mega-Trend framework
  • Country report coverage
  • Canadean sub-trends

Overview of sub-trends within the Changing Lifestages Mega-Trend

  • Overview of the key sub-trends

Varying attitudes to health amongst different lifestages

  • Consumer attitudes towards health claims
  • The most salient health concerns by region
  • Consumer perceptions of product claims
  • Consumer attitudes to alcohol consumption
  • Key recommendations for manufacturers

The impact of value amongst different lifestages

  • Attitudes to financial wellbeing
  • Importance of discounters in the search for value
  • Importance of price to consumers
  • Importance of promotions to consumers
  • Key recommendations for manufacturers

How quality is perceived at different lifestages

  • Effect of financial security on quality seeking
  • The importance of an established brand
  • Consumer perceptions of locally sourced ingredients
  • Consumer perceptions of craftsmanship
  • Key recommendations for manufacturers

Differing approaches to beauty

  • Consumer attitudes to, and perceptions of, appearance
  • How attitudes to appearance impact consumer choice
  • Key recommendations for manufacturers

Studying the appeal of new experiences in FMCG

  • Identifying who can be targeted with new, experimental product development
  • Considering the appeal of exotic flavors and scents
  • Considering the appeal of hot and spicy flavors
  • Key recommendations for manufacturers

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