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Global and Regional Mega-Trends: Understanding Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors in Trust

出版商 GlobalData 商品編碼 336191
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 74 Pages
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全球市場及地區市場上大趨勢:消費者對品牌和企業信賴度的想法和消費行動分析 Global and Regional Mega-Trends: Understanding Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors in Trust
出版日期: 2015年06月30日 內容資訊: 英文 74 Pages




  • 重要的調查結果
  • 摘要整理
  • 全球市場整體之主要調查結果
  • Canadean的大趨勢·組成架構介紹
  • 各國報告範圍
  • 消費者的想法及消費行動系列的介紹
  • 5個主要子趨勢概要
  • 有名品牌的想法方面
  • 消費者對大規模食品店品牌的想法
  • 食品醜聞給信賴帶來的影響
  • 如何讓旗下品牌贏得消費者好感
  • 對製造企業的主要建議
  • 探討消費者如何形成購物習慣
  • 長期建立的對品牌想法
  • 新異國風口味的想法方面
  • 探索社會的多文化主義帶來的影響
  • 有機自然材料的信賴所具有的意義
  • 對製造企業的主要建議
  • 建立對商品品質的信賴和確信
  • 對手製品風商品的接受度
  • 調合法和製造法的想法方面
  • 對製造企業的主要建議
  • 對有道德,有保證的品牌的接受度
  • 對環保品牌的接受度
  • 探索標示道德之宣傳標語的重要性
  • 對製造企業的主要建議
  • 對網路購物和使用私有品牌的相關認識
  • 不同地區私有品牌的想法方面如何變換
  • 對製造企業的主要建議
  • 探索人的購買力的信賴度
  • 探索財力充足度的信賴度
  • 改善的經濟狀況如何影響信用
  • 消費者決定購買時,比信用度優先的因素
  • 對製造企業的主要建議
  • 關於Canadean
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‘Global and Regional Mega-Trends: Understanding Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors in Trust' examines how and why people are becoming less trusting of the practices and activities of brands and corporations. The report focuses on how traceability is more important than ever when it comes to protecting brand share and what strategies brands can engage to maximise perceptions of trust over their activities and practices

Key Findings

  • Consumers do not believe that big companies have their best interests at heart and product positioning and marketing is often deliberately misleading because of the focus on profit maximization
  • There is a growing preference for small brands that consumers deem more "real" and trustworthy and seen as a refreshing alternative to big brands that inherently prompt feeling of distrust
  • The rate of change currently occurring in society is also fuelling feelings of distrust as consumers become more opposed to products and cultures that they are unfamiliar with - resulting in greater demand for local products
  • Story-based marketing is an effective way of enhancing trust among people when it comes to new products, by linking production methods and sourcing to greater levels of quality and as a result, trust

This report provides an in-depth analysis of consumer attitudes and behavior when it comes to businesses. It examines how trust is eroding as a result of increased levels of skepticism brought about by issues such as product recalls and safety alerts and the dangers of information being spread via channels such as social media that does not always turn out to be accurate. The report discusses what strategies brands can adopt to ensure that they keep consumers on-side and take advantage of the growing need of trust and transparency

Get access to:

  • Exclusive analysis of a 48 country attitudes and behavior survey, presented to ensure that the content is applied and relevant to stake-holders across the supply-chain.
  • Analysis of key attitude and behaviors influencing consumption patterns and recommendations of how best to target such consumption occasions.
  • Regional comparisons granting unique insight into varying regional and country attitudes to levels of trust.
  • Detailed matrixes exploring key recommendations for manufactures from a product, targeting and retail perspective; broken down by Food, Soft Drinks, Alcoholic Drinks, and Cosmetics and Toiletries.

Reasons To Buy

  • Help develop brand loyalty via consumer trust through developing strategies that enhance transparency and trust
  • Look to develop new and innovative ways to help re-connect with shoppers through promotions based around trust and transparency
  • Increase willingness for consumers to pay a premium for products because of marketing techniques and quality assurances that enhance feelings of trust and safety
  • Understand the importance of social and media public relationships and the threat that businesses face as a result of increased media channels when it comes to the spreading of information

Table of Contents

Key findings

  • Executive Summary
  • Key findings from across the globe

Introduction to Canadean's Mega-Trend framework

  • Country report coverage
  • Introduction to Attitudes and Behaviors series

Overview of five key sub-trends

  • Attitudes to big brands
  • Consumer attitudes to large grocery brands
  • The impact of food scandals on trust

How to create favorable brand perceptions

  • Key recommendations for manufacturers
  • Exploring consumer approach to shopping habits
  • Attitudes to long established brands
  • Attitudes to new and exotic flavors

Exploring the impact of multiculturalism in society

  • Trust implications of organic and natural ingredients
  • Key recommendations for manufacturers

Building trust and confidence in the quality of products

  • Perceptions of craft-style products
  • Attitudes to formulation and production methods
  • Attitudes to scientific endorsements
  • Key recommendations for manufacturers

Building trust and confidence in the quality of products

  • Perceptions towards ethical, certified, brands
  • Perceptions towards environmentally friendly brands
  • Exploring the importance of ethical claims
  • Key recommendations for manufacturers

Ethical credentials and their effect on trust

  • Perceptions of online shopping and the use of private label brands
  • How are attitudes to private labels changing regionally
  • Key recommendations for manufacturers

The influence of spending power perceptions on trust

  • Exploring trust in one's spending power
  • Exploring confidence in financial wellbeing
  • How will improving economic conditions influence trust
  • Factors that come ahead of trust when consumers are making purchasing decisions
  • Key recommendations for manufacturers


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