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Global and Regional Mega-Trends: Understanding Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors in Ethics

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 74 Pages
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全球市場及地區市場上大趨勢:消費者對倫理規範的想法和消費行動分析 Global and Regional Mega-Trends: Understanding Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors in Ethics
出版日期: 2015年06月30日 內容資訊: 英文 74 Pages




  • 重要的調查結果
  • 摘要整理
  • 全球市場整體之主要調查結果
  • Canadean的大趨勢·組成架構介紹
  • 消費者的想法及消費行動系列介紹
  • 各國報告範圍
  • 7個主要子趨勢概要
  • 消費者感興趣方面及其被消費行動反映的機制
  • 消費者對倫理的規範的看法
  • 在自己的人生方面消費者自身的預測將如何影響日常選擇
  • 對製造企業的主要建議
  • 消費者如何結合品牌大小和邏輯性
  • 消費者對大品牌的態度之接受法
  • 在對大品牌的信賴方面,消費者的想法
  • 什麼品牌是消費者是可能邏輯接受之產品
  • 對製造企業的主要建議
  • 所謂具有邏輯性的產品必須是對消費者可提供雙贏解決方案的產品
  • 消費者希望從該商品的邏輯性受惠
  • 消費者健康法如何調合邏輯性商品
  • 消費者對邏輯性的產品的接受法
  • 消費者對邏輯性的個人保健產品的想法
  • 對製造企業的主要建議
  • 消費者如何結合邏輯性產品的屬性
  • 製造企業應明確說明邏輯性產品對消費者的益處
  • 加強高級產品認知的邏輯性
  • 對製造企業的主要建議
  • 消費者期待更高價值,商品的邏輯性
  • 不含酒精飲料中具有邏輯性公信力對口味有何影響
  • 酒精飲料中具有邏輯性公信力對口味有何影響
  • 消費者對具有邏輯性的個人保健產品之想法
  • 對製造企業的主要建議
  • 關於Canadean
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‘Global and Regional Mega-Trends: Understanding Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors in Ethics' examines how consumer attitudes towards ethical practices are evolving whilst at the same they are showing increasingly contradictory attitudes when it comes to the subjective of corporate and social responsibility. The report examines the importance of linking ethical products with luxury, health and value in order to make products more appealing.

Key Findings

  • In order to appeal to the masses, brands and products positioned around ethicality have to offer some form of "win-win" benefit for both the consumer as well as the wider environment. This means that ethical claims need to be positioned around luxury, health or added value to appeal to the consumer
  • Companies and brands need to position themselves as "small" and "artisanal" if they are going to reduce the risk of any claims made about ethical practice and be deemed more trustworthy when it comes to such practices. This is because consumers tend to be more trusting of smaller brands when it comes to ethical claims
  • Industry players need to do more to educate consumers as to what constitutes an "ethical" product because of a lack of understanding related to certain product claims and varying levels of importance attached to these claims across different regions

This report examines how the concept of ethical and environmentally friendly behavior has evolved and is no longer something that businesses can make claims round to create competitive advantages but something that is a necessity. At the same time, whilst consumers are more demanding when it comes to organizations demonstrating ethical behavior, they are also reluctant to purchase such products for them. This report examines how to make ethical groceries more appealing to the masses.

Get access to:

  • Exclusive analysis of a 48 country attitudes and behavior survey, presented to ensure that the content is applied and relevant to stake-holders across the supply-chain.
  • Analysis of key attitude and behaviors influencing consumption patterns and recommendations of how best to target such consumption occasions.
  • Regional comparisons granting unique insight into varying regional and country attitudes to levels of ethics
  • Detailed matrixes exploring key recommendations for manufactures from a product, targeting and retail perspective; broken down by Food, Soft Drinks, Alcoholic Drinks, and Cosmetics and Toiletries.

Reasons To Buy

  • Develop strategies to determine how to improve perceptions of value amongst consumers by positioning ethical products in a way that highlights there are benefits for both the buyer and the wider environment
  • Understand which ethical and environmental issues are most important to consumers and ensure that new product development is aligned with these issues
  • Develop product portfolios and strategies that help increase feelings of trust amongst consumers

Table of Contents

Key findings

  • Executive Summary
  • Key findings from across the globe

Introduction to Canadean's Mega-Trend framework

  • Introduction to Attitudes and Behaviors series
  • Country report coverage

Overview of sub-trends within the Ethics Mega-Trend

  • Overview of seven key sub-trends

Consumers' understanding of ethics is evolving

  • What consumers are concerned about and how this reflects in their consumption behavior
  • Consumers views on ethical responsibility
  • How consumers' outlook in life impacts their everyday choices
  • Key recommendations for manufacturers

Consumers' expectations of brands' ethicality

  • How consumers link brands' size to ethicality
  • Consumers perception of big brands' attitude
  • Consumers' attitude towards trusting big brands
  • What brands consumers are the most likely to look for ethical products amongst
  • Key recommendations for manufacturers

Ethical products need to produce win-win solutions for consumers

  • Consumers want to benefit from products' ethicality

Ethical health: how consumers perceive ethical products to impact their wellbeing

  • How ethical products align with consumers' approach to health
  • Consumers perception of ethical products'
  • Consumers attitude towards ethical personal care products
  • Key recommendations for manufacturers

Ethical luxury: how consumers perceive ethical production to influence products' quality

  • What attributes consumers associate ethical products with
  • Manufacturers should explain how ethical credentials benefit consumers
  • Ethical attributes that enhance premium perception of the product
  • Key recommendations for manufacturers

Ethical value: how consumers perceive ethical products impact value for money

  • Ethical attributes consumers expect better value from
  • How ethical credential associated with impact on taste in non-alcoholic beverages
  • How ethical credential associated with impact on taste in alcoholic beverages
  • Attitude towards value of ethical personal care
  • Key recommendations for manufacturers


  • About Canadean
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