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Consumer Trends Analysis: Understanding Consumer Trends and Drivers of Behavior in the Brazilian Ice Cream Market

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消費者趨勢分析:巴西的冰淇淋市場上消費者趨勢的理解及行動的促進要素 Consumer Trends Analysis: Understanding Consumer Trends and Drivers of Behavior in the Brazilian Ice Cream Market
出版日期: 2014年07月30日 內容資訊: 英文 56 Pages







  • 消費者為了放鬆·興趣吃冰淇淋
  • 現在巴西的冰淇淋市值為44億巴西幣,預料2013-2018年將高度成長
  • 巴西中產階級人口的增加推動冰淇淋消費
  • 巴西的61億冰淇淋機會,在兒童,嬰兒,女性之間最高
  • 巴西的冰淇淋市場無論金額·數量都穩定成長
  • 巴西在金磚四國中平均每個人的消費量最高


  • 巴西的女性消費過多
  • 兒童,嬰兒,少年(8∼12歲的孩子)及十三、四歲的男女少年比成年族群更有大量消費冰淇淋產品的趨勢
  • 巴西冰淇淋消費男性與女性都有類似的模式
  • 在巴西0-15歲的消費者冰淇淋的消費頻率最高


  • 追求享受·放鬆產品的心情促進巴西的冰淇淋消費
  • 主要整體市場中消費者趨勢對冰淇淋消費的影響比較
  • 生活方式的大趨勢變化:消費者追求適合年齡的冰淇淋產品
  • 連接性的大趨勢:媒體對巴西的冰淇淋消費帶來適度的影響
  • 便利性的大趨勢:日益忙碌的生活方式再構成冰淇淋需求
  • 倫理的大趨勢:道德和環境問題對巴西的冰淇淋消費影響有限、其他


  • 廠商為了擴大巴西消費者需求為目標,力圖部門全體的創新
  • 處方·包裝上的全球性創新可成為巴西製造商靈感之源


  • 享受·放鬆為中心的冰淇淋行銷對巴西的冰淇淋市場上成功來說極為重要
  • 廠商需要讓產品配合年齡及生命階段相關需求的變化


Product Code: FD0041IS


Understanding Consumer Trends and Drivers of Behavior in the Brazilian Ice Cream Market provides an overview of the market, analyzing market data, demographic consumption patterns within the category, and the key consumer trends driving consumption. The report highlights innovative new product development that effectively targets the most pertinent consumer need states, and offers strategic recommendations to capitalize on evolving consumer landscapes.

Key Findings

  • Consumers aged 0-15 are the main consumer group for Ice Cream in Brazil
  • Brazil's Ice Cream market is the fourth fastest growing by volume globally
  • Consumption of Ice Cream is largely driven by the desire for products to accompany moments of fun and relaxation
  • Despite the growing affluence of the Brazilian population and declining poverty levels, value for money remains important

Understanding Consumer Trends and Drivers of Behavior in the Brazilian Ice Cream Market identifies the key demographic groups driving consumption, and what motivates their consumption. The report uses a unique method of quantifying consumer trends to highlight the degree of influence they have on consumption within the category. The report also identifies the most important trends within the market and shows whether beliefs over what influences consumer behavior within the category are accurate.

Get access to:

  • Key consumer demographic groups driving consumption within the Brazilian market. The figures showcase the number of times consumers of specific ages and gender consume Ice Cream, as well as identifying whether these demographic groups "over" consume in the category (i.e. they account for a higher proportion of occasions than the proportion of society they represent overall).
  • Market value and volumes over 2008-2018 for Brazil and nine other countries to give a global context.
  • The degree of influence that the 20 key consumer trends identified by Canadean have on Ice Cream consumption volumes, with granular analysis on the extent that degree of influences varies between gender and age group.
  • Insight into the implications behind the data, and analysis of how the needs of will evolve in the short-to-medium term future.
  • Examples of international and Brazil-specific product innovation targeting key consumer needs.

Reasons To Buy

This report brings together consumer analysis and market data to provide actionable insight into the behavior of Brazilian Ice Cream consumers. This is based on Canadean's unique consumer data, developed from extensive consumption surveys and consumer group tracking, which quantifies the influence of 20 consumption motivations in the Ice Cream sector. This allows product and marketing strategies to be better aligned with the leading trends in the market.

Table of Contents


  • Category classification and demographic definitions
  • Summary methodology
  • Canadean has identified nine mega-trends that drive food choice: these can be broken down into 20 sub-trends

Market context

  • Consumers are indulging in Ice Cream to relax and have fun
  • The Brazilian Ice Cream market currently valued at BRL4.4 billion and is expected to witness high growth during 2013-2018
  • Rising middle class population driving Ice Cream consumption in Brazil
  • There were 6.1 billion Ice Cream occasions in Brazil in 2012, with the highest occasions witnessed amongst Kids and Babies and Females
  • Brazilian Ice Cream market is growing at healthy pace both in value and volume terms
  • Brazil has the highest per capita volume consumption among BRIC nations

Demographic cohort consumption patterns

  • Brazilian women marginally over-consume
  • Kids and Babies and Tweens and Early Teens are relatively more inclined to consume Ice Cream products than all adult age groups
  • Men and Women are observed to follow a similar pattern of Ice Cream consumption in Brazil
  • Consumers aged between 0-15 years are the most frequent consumers of Ice Cream in Brazil

Consumer trend analysis

  • A desire for fun and relaxing products is driving Ice Cream consumption in Brazil
  • Comparing consumer trends influence on Ice Creams consumption across major markets
  • The Changing Lifestyle mega-trend: Consumers look for Ice Cream products suited to their age-needs
  • The Connectivity mega-trend: Media has a moderate influence on Ice Cream consumption in Brazil
  • The Convenience mega-trend: Increasingly Busy Lifestyles will re-shape Ice Cream demand
  • The Ethics mega-trend: Ethical and environmental issues have limited influence on consumption of Ice Creams in Brazil
  • The Experience and Enjoyment mega-trend: Consumers search for Ice Cream is driven by their desire to seek fun experiences
  • The Health and Wellness mega-trend: Health and Beauty aspects play limited role in Ice Cream consumption decisions in Brazil
  • The Individuality mega-trend: Consumers' desire to seek Personal Space and Time drives the consumption of Ice Creams in Brazil
  • The Trust mega-trend: Brazilian consumers have moderate concerns over product Safety and Trust associated with Ice Cream
  • The Value mega-trend: Better Value for Money is among the leading trends influencing Ice Cream consumption in Brazil

Innovation examples

  • Manufacturers are innovating across categories to target the growing needs of Brazilian consumers
  • Global innovations on formulation and packaging can be a source of inspiration for Brazilian manufacturers

Recommended actions

  • Marketing Ice Cream around fun and relaxation is vital for success on the Brazilian Ice Cream Market
  • Manufacturers need to adjust products to meet changing age- and life-stage related needs


  • An explanation of the sub-trends
  • Detailed methodology
  • About Canadean
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