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Snacking - understanding existing trends, capitalizing on new trends and looking to counteract inhibitors in the market

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零食市場:理解現有趨勢,新的趨勢機會,減輕市場阻礙因素 Snacking - understanding existing trends, capitalizing on new trends and looking to counteract inhibitors in the market
出版日期: 2014年05月09日 內容資訊: 英文 85 Pages








  • 用餐時間習慣的變化,為零食機會的主要推動因素
  • 時間不足和緊張狀態,為零食的主要推動因素
  • 零食動機的推動因素,有一日中變化的趨勢
  • 消費者減輕零食的罪惡感,打算與健康飲食組合
  • 自我權利,是零食機會的主要推動因素


  • 人們主要購買倫理性的商品
  • 產品的佔有率,有關於逃避現實的瞬間
  • 感官融合可用於超越零食市場上的高級界線


  • 健康上的疑慮,仍為零食的主要阻礙因素
  • 與金額相稱的價值,越來越受質疑



Product Code: CS0598IS

Snacking - understanding existing trends, capitalizing on new trends and looking to counteract inhibitors in the market is a detailed insight report highlighting the most important trends and untapped opportunities in snacking markets. The increase of fragmented meal times and the need for on-the-go products in both developed and emerging economies are directly influencing consumer product choices, fundamentally changing the way that people snack. The change in consumer lifestyles including skipping meals and increased snacking on-the-go means that retailers and manufacturers need to keep up to date with salient issues that are affecting consumers' eating habits. The report identifies the key consumer groups to target and provides recommendations to capitalize on growing trends that are driving consumption.

Key Findings

  • The Snacking market is growing substantially faster than the Meals and Meal Components markets.
  • Fragmented meal times are leaving consumers more dependent on snacks for their nutritional intake, creating an opportunity for healthy snacks and meals blurring.
  • Time scarcity, whether real or perceived, is rife amongst consumers who are seeking out convenient snacking items that can be consumed whilst on-the-go and in place of traditional meal time items.
  • While manufacturers need to appreciate the growing health consciousness of consumers they must remember that taste and indulgence will always remain key motivators for the consumption of snacking items.
  • Snack consumption varies by time of day with consumers being inherently healthier in the morning and seeking indulgent snacks that aid escapism by the afternoon.
  • Retailers should be aware of the increasing popularity of saver menus from quick serve restaurants as these pose strong competition for the future of the snacking market.

Snacking - understanding existing trends, capitalizing on new trends and looking to counteract inhibitors in the market highlights key consumer groups that offer both new and ongoing opportunities for development. It identifies and dispels myths surrounding health seeking and time scarcity in snacking and outlines how to effectively position differentiated products to target these needs. Important consumption motivations and changes in consumer behaviour are analysed and recommendations for manufacturers and retailers are drawn from this, identifying profitable markets and areas for innovation.

Get access to:

  • Key consumer demographic groups driving the consumption of Snacks based on demographic profiles: Developed Economies (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and the US) and Emerging Economies (Brazil, Russia, India and China). The figures showcase how frequently consumers snack and pinpoint exactly which regions are growing.
  • Which demographic groups 'over' consume, for instance groups of consumers that eat a larger share of snacks when compared to their share of the population.
  • Analysis of emerging consumer trends including meal time fragmentation and exactly how this is affecting the snacking market; in addition the report outlines products that have successfully capitalized on existing trends and the trends that are available for manufacturers to target with innovation in the future.
  • Unique insights into market data and the implications of this to manufactures and retailers operating in the snacking market; for instance how the influence of the new health conscious wave of consumers is driving growth in the yogurt market.

Reasons To Buy

  • Consumer analysis and case studies provide insight into the snacking market and clear opportunities for new product development are explored.
  • Canadean's unique consumer data, developed from extensive consumption surveys and consumer group tracking, quantifies the influence of 20 consumption motivations across 5 snacking categories, hence granting a thorough understanding of consumer behavior.
  • The recommended actions and analysis throughout the report will allow manufacturers to align their research and development and marketing strategy with the stand out trends influencing consumer behavior.

Table of Contents

Introduction and methodology

Market value and volume of the global Snacking market

Demographic analysis of Snacking occasions

Analysis of the key drivers of Snacking occasions across the globe

  • Changing meal-time habits are a key driver of Snacking occasions
  • Time scarcity and stress are key drivers of Snacking
  • Motivational drivers of Snacking tend to change throughout the day
  • Consumers are trying to alleviate the guilt with Snacking and incorporate it with a healthy diet
  • Self-entitlement is the key driver of Snacking occasions

Identifying how to capitalize on new opportunities in the global Snacking market

  • People primarily purchase ethical products because it implies better quality and indulgence
  • Sharing products are more related to moments of escapism than the desire to genuinely connect with each other
  • Sensory fusion can be used to push the boundaries of premium within the Snacking market

Understanding the main barriers in the global Snacking market

  • Health concerns will continue to be a major inhibitor to Snacking
  • The value for money of Snacks will increasingly be questioned



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