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Consumer Trends Analysis: Understanding Consumer Trends and Drivers of Behavior in the US Savory Snacks Food Market

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美國的零嘴零食市場消費者趨勢 Consumer Trends Analysis: Understanding Consumer Trends and Drivers of Behavior in the US Savory Snacks Food Market
出版日期: 2014年04月30日 內容資訊: 英文 58 Pages




第1章 定義

第2章 市場的狀況

  • 促進零嘴零食的消費,快樂,便利性,合理價格
  • 美國的零嘴零食市場規模是324億美元,預計今後5年緩慢成長
  • 加工零食和洋芋片佔最大比率
  • 美國零嘴零食食用回數為831億次,高齡消費者的消費量多
  • 全球中美國的零嘴零食市場銷售額、數量都為最大
  • 美國的零食市場為全球最有魅力的市場

第3章 購買層世代消費模式

  • 美國的女性,消費零嘴零食的數量比男性多
  • 消費者在零食消費習慣稍少
  • 美國的男性與女性的消費頻率的模式相同
  • 不滿24歲的消費者吃零嘴零食的機會最多

第4章 消費者趨勢分析

  • 生活方式變化的大趨勢
  • 關聯的大趨勢
  • 方便的大趨勢
  • 倫理的大趨勢
  • 經驗和樂趣的大趨勢
  • 健康的大趨勢
  • 個性的大趨勢
  • 信賴的大趨勢
  • 價值的大趨勢

第5章 創新的實例

  • 在美國,零嘴零食廠商配合增加產品魅力來開發
  • 配合全世界的創新為美國製造商靈感的起源
  • 廠商重視創新的配合、定位、包裝
  • 主要趨勢中的全球性創新為美國製造商靈感的起源

第6章 提案

  • 廠商、市場行銷、零售業者應該開發訴諸高齡化人口的健康需求之產品
  • 廠商,市場行銷,零售業者,應著重享受經驗,對應高漲的倫理性關心


Product Code: FD0019IS

Understanding Consumer Trends and Drivers of Behavior in the US Savory Snacks Food Market provides an overview of the market, analyzing market data, demographic consumption patterns within the category, and the key consumer trends driving consumption. The report highlights innovative new product developments that effectively target the most pertinent consumer need states, and offers strategic recommendations to capitalize on evolving consumer landscapes.

Key Findings

  • Demand for indulgent flavors will grow as stressed consumers continue to turn to Savory Snacks for comfort
  • The desire for better value will intensify with continued economic uncertainty, resulting in growing private label penetration
  • There will be an increased demand for healthier Savory Snack options
  • Product choices will reflect consumers' desire for excitement and convenience driven by their increasing ambitions and aspirations.

Understanding Consumer Trends and Drivers of Behavior in the US Savory Snack Food Market identifies the key demographic groups driving consumption, and what motivates their consumption. The report uses a unique method of quantifying consumer trends to highlight the degree of influence they have on consumption within the category. The report also identifies the most important trends within the market and shows whether beliefs over what influences consumer behavior within the category are accurate.

Get access to:

  • Key consumer demographic groups driving consumption within the US market. The figures showcase the number of times consumers of specific ages and gender consume Savory Snacks, as well as identifying whether these demographic groups "over" consume in the category (i.e. they account for a higher proportion of occasions than the proportion of society they represent overall)
  • Market value and volumes over 2008-2018 for the US and nine other countries to give a global context.
  • The degree of influence that the 20 key consumer trends identified by Canadean have on Savory Snacks consumption volumes, with granular analysis on the extent that degree of influences varies between gender and age group
  • Insight into the implications behind the data, and analysis of how the needs of will evolve in the short-to-medium term future
  • Examples of international and US-specific product innovation targeting key consumer needs.

Reasons To Buy

This report brings together consumer analysis and market data to provide actionable insight into the behavior of US Savory Snacks consumers. This is based on Canadean's unique consumer data, developed from extensive consumption surveys and consumer group tracking, which quantifies the influence of 20 consumption motivations in the Savory Snacks sector. This allows product and marketing strategies to be better aligned with the leading trends in the market.

Table of Contents


  • Category classification and demographic definitions
  • Summary methodology
  • Canadean has identified nine mega-trends that drive food choice: these can be broken down into 20 sub-trends

Market context

  • A desire for fun, convenient, and affordable options is driving Savory Snack consumption in the US
  • The US Savory Snacks market has a value of US$32.4 billion and is forecast to witness modest sales growth over the next five years
  • Processed Snacks and Potato Chips account for the majority of Savory Snacks market share by volume
  • There were over 83.1 billion Savory Snacks occasions in the US, with total consumption higher among older consumers
  • Across the globe, US Savory Snacks is the largest market in terms of value and volume sales
  • The US has the most attractive Savory Snacks market in the world in terms of volume consumption

Demographic cohort consumption patterns

  • US women consume more Savory Snacks than their male counterparts
  • Older consumers are marginally under-consuming Savory Snacks
  • There is a similar consumption frequency pattern among males and females in the US
  • Consumers aged below 24 years are most likely to be classified as 'heavy frequency' consumers of Savory Snacks

Consumer trend analysis

  • The Changing Lifestyle mega-trend: Lifestyle changes driving choice of Savory Snack products
  • The Connectivity mega-trend: The Media can be used to position the taste and quality of Savory Snack products
  • The Convenience mega-trend: The Busy Lives of consumers are causing demand for on-the-go products
  • The Ethics mega-trend: Environmental and Ethical concerns have little influence on Savory Snacks consumption
  • The Experience and Enjoyment mega-trend: Indulgence is the second most influential driver of Savory Snacks consumption in the US
  • The Health and Wellness mega-trend: Healthier Savory Snacks currently experience limited demand, with consumers unconvinced of their taste and benefits
  • The Individuality mega-trend: Consumers will continue to choose Savory Snacks while enjoying Personal Space and Time
  • The Trust mega-trend: Product safety is a basic consumer need rather than a differentiator
  • The Value mega-trend: Consumers seek value through private label offerings and multipack savings

Innovation examples

  • In the US, manufacturers of Savory Snacks are innovating in terms of formulations to boost product appeal
  • Global innovations on formulation can be a source of inspiration for US manufacturers
  • Manufacturers are focusing on innovative formulation, positioning, and packaging
  • Global innovations within key trends can be a source of inspiration for US manufacturers

Recommended actions

  • Manufacturers, marketers, and retailers should develop products to appeal to the Health needs of an aging population
  • Manufacturers, marketers, and retailers need to highlight Experience and Enjoyment and address increasing ethical concerns


  • An explanation of the sub-trends
  • Detailed methodology
  • About Canadean
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