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Market Focus: Trends and Developments in the Savory Snacks Sector in India

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印度的鹹味零食市場趨勢與發展 Market Focus: Trends and Developments in the Savory Snacks Sector in India
出版日期: 2014年01月31日 內容資訊: 英文 41 Pages






  • 生活水準提高,使人們的關心從基礎需求充足轉向提高生活水準
  • 便利商店佔食品雜貨類的銷售額大半
  • 便利商店,佔印度鹹味零食市場上最大的市場佔有率
  • 城市人口的增加:尋求便利性的忙碌消費者


  • 男性的鹹味零食消費量比女性多
  • 每個年齡層都常消費鹹味零食
  • 「樂趣」是重要的消費推動因素
  • 印度的消費者,尋求大家能同樂、新口味的產品
  • 配合年齡、生命階段的產品發揮重要作用


  • 匯率的穩定化,使鹹味零食市場順利成長
  • 民族風味小吃、洋芋片:今後的成長促進因素
  • 民族/傳統性零食正奪取加工零食市場佔有率
  • 民族風味小吃、洋芋片急速成長
  • 加工零食、堅果類的正成長預測
  • 爆米花的流行預測


  • 鹹味零食市場上的自有品牌的普及率相對低
  • 儘管是急速成長,但普及率低,自有品牌無法威脅品牌產品
  • 各類別的領導品牌


  • 民族風味小吃、加工零食的市場佔有率高,創造軟包裝袋的需求
  • 民族風味小吃、洋芋片、加工零食的消費量增加,導至今後的包裝需求變動


  • 低成本且「物有所值」的產品,現在也很重要
  • 符合各地區偏好的調味日益重要
  • 健康意識(零罪惡感)零食的成長
  • 開始挑戰新口味的消費者


Product Code: CS1465MF

This report provides a concise overview of the Savory Snacks market in India. After reading this report, you will understand the size of the market, the economic, demographic, and behavioral trends that will drive its evolution and the leading players within the market, allowing you to plan effectively for the future.

Introduction and Landscape

Why was the report written?

This overview of the consumer and market dynamics of the Indian Savory Snacks sector allows new entrants and established players to gain rapid and comprehensive insight into the current state of the market, and identify the key trends that will drive growth in the coming years.

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?

The most important motivation by far is Fun and Enjoyment, which motivates consumers to Snack between meals purely for the enjoyment of its taste and to experience new flavors.

What are the key drivers behind recent market changes?

While Fun and Enjoyment is the most important motivation amongst Savory Snacks consumers in India, they also seek Snack products that help them create special moments of relaxation and recuperation, either during or after working hours.

What makes this report unique and essential to read?

This report brings together consumer insight and market data to provide a comprehensive brief of the Indian Savory Snacks sector. This allows for the rapid identification of key growth opportunities across seven Savory Snacks categories and their packaging.

Key Features and Benefits

Analysis of consumer behavior, economic conditions, and demography reveals emerging opportunities in the Savory Snacks sector.

Key growth categories are highlighted by analyzing the market dynamics of seven Savory Snacks categories.

Market shares are provided for the leading brands and private labels across Savory Snacks categories.

An overview of packaging trends in the Indian Savory Snacks sector is provided, including primary packaging material and type, packaging closures, and outer packaging.

Key Market Issues

Convenience Stores held a 65% share of retail sales of Savory Snacks in India in 2012. Hypermarkets and Supermarkets trailed behind them, with 26.2%. This highlights the impulsive nature of much Savory Snack buying in India.

Increased urbanization encourages consumers to eat out more often, with the traditional way of life being replaced by a fast-paced lifestyle.

The majority of Savory Snacks consumers in India are heavy frequency consumers, eating once a week.

The quality of a product is important for Indian consumers as the Savory Snacks sector evolves to take into account pressures on consumer spending and rising awareness of weight issues. As Indian consumers gain more disposable income, they are able to spend more on non-essential food products such as savory snacks that are benefiting from the increasing importance of snacking among middle-class professionals, particularly within urban areas.

Savory Snacks sales in India are largely driven by age related products and those that meet specific requirements consumers see as being caused by their life stage.

Key Highlights

In local currency terms, the consumption of Savory Snacks products grew steadily at a CAGR of 15.8% during 2007-2012 and is expected to register a slightly higher growth rate of 19.2% over 2012-2017.

The Processed Snacks category is expected to register the highest growth rate of all categories, at a CAGR of 18.6% in US$ terms during 2012-2017, followed by the Nuts and Seeds and Popcorn categories.

Processed Snacks and Ethnic Snacks accounted for 90% of the total number of packs used in the Indian Savory Snacks sector in 2012, driving significant demand for Flexible Packaging Bags/Sachets.

Ethnic Snacks and Potato Chips are expected to witness relatively strong growth rates between 2012 and 2017. These categories are growing in local currency terms, with fluctuations in exchange rates causing more variable growth in US dollar terms.

Private labels have gained popularity with Food retailers, who are gradually increasing the shelf space allotted to their own brands, at the expense of big brands.

Table of Contents

Country Context

  • Better living standards have shifted people's focus from satisfying basic needs to pursuing a higher quality of life
  • Convenience stores account for the majority of Food and Grocery sales
  • Convenience Stores will account for the largest share of sales in the Indian Savory Snacks market
  • Increasingly urban and busy consumers are looking for convenience

Consumer Overview

  • Men consume Savory Snacks slightly more than women in India in terms of volume
  • Consumers across all age groups eat Savory Snacks at a heavy frequency
  • Fun and Enjoyment is the major trend driving the Indian Savory Snacks market
  • Indian consumers seek products with innovative flavors that have been designed for sharing occasions to relax and enjoy
  • Age and lifestage related products play key role in the Indian Savory Snacks market

Sector Analysis

  • The Indian Savory Snacks market will register sound growth as exchange rates stabilize
  • Ethnic Snacks and Potato Chips will drive future growth in the Savory Snacks market
  • Ethnic/Traditional Snacks will gain its market share from Processed Snacks during 2007-2017
  • Ethnic Snacks and Potato Chips will register strong growth rates
  • Processed Snacks and Nuts and Seeds will register positive growth rates during 2012-2017
  • Popcorn is expected to gain in popularity

Brands and Private Labels

  • Private label penetration in Savory Snacks categories is relatively low
  • Despite rapid growth, Private labels are unlikely to challenge major brands because of their low penetration
  • Key brands by category

Packaging Insight

  • Ethnic Snacks and Processed Snacks' high volume share is creating demand for Flexible Packaging Bags and Sachets
  • Rising consumption of Ethnic Snacks, Potato Chips and Processed Snacks will drive changes in packaging demand by 2017

Future outlook -key trends in Indian Savory Snacks sector

  • Low-cost value products will remain important
  • Flavors that suit local palate are gaining importance
  • Guilt-free snacking is on the rise
  • Consumers will begin to experience new and novel flavors

Data Appendix and Summary Methodology

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