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德國的通風設備市場 (2020年)

Germany Ventilation 2020

出版商 BRG Building Solutions 商品編碼 979588
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 100 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
德國的通風設備市場 (2020年) Germany Ventilation 2020
出版日期: 2020年10月31日內容資訊: 英文 100 Pages

德國由於法規、規定的制定和住宅新建設、維修需求等,通風設備的需求正逐漸擴大。還有從屋頂風扇等老化的效率低的產品,也發生轉換到集中型/分散式熱回收設備等最新銳設備的需求。短期性由於新型冠狀病毒感染疾病 (COVID-19) 感染擴大產生混亂,不過,長期性預期需求進一步擴大。

本報告提供德國國內的通風設備相關分析,最新的市場結構、趨勢,及市場規模、價格的變動 (今後5年份),各產品種類詳細趨勢,流通結構,主要企業簡介等調查。




  • 背景情況:德國
  • 國家概要
  • 主要的人口統計指標
  • 主要的宏觀經濟指標
  • 新建設住宅的竣工數量
  • 住宅庫存量數:各類型、各擁有形態
  • 新型冠狀病毒感染疾病 (COVID-19):市場預測的影響


  • 流通結構:部門概要
    • 主要的經銷商概要
    • 主要的購買群組概要


  • 市場概要
  • 過去的市場趨勢和今後的預測:通風設備
    • 產品價格與市場規模:通風設備
    • 產品價格與市場規模:各方式
    • 最終用途:基準年
    • 最終用途:履歷與預測
    • 安裝方式的分類:通風設備
    • 安裝方式的分類:成果值、預測值
    • 各技術的市場區隔:通風專用
    • 各技術的市場區隔:熱回收通風
    • 各技術的市場區隔:熱泵通風
    • 各技術的市場區隔:空氣調節機 (AHU)
    • 各種類的銷售量:空氣調節機
    • 市場佔有率:屋頂風扇
    • 市場佔有率:單元風扇
    • 市場佔有率:集中型熱回收設備 (全體)
    • 市場佔有率:集中型熱回收設備 - 住宅用
    • 市場佔有率:集中型熱回收設備 - 商業設施用
    • 市場佔有率:分散式熱回收設備
    • 市場佔有率:熱泵通風
    • 市場佔有率:空氣調節機
    • 只配送流程:通風
    • 配送流程:集中型熱回收設備
    • 配送流程:分散式熱回收設備
    • 配送流程:空氣調節機
  • 市場最新趨勢:通風設備

These reports provide an in-depth analysis of the German ventilation market as well as an examination of key challenges facing the industry. They examine technology innovations that will influence the future direction of the market, and also feature detailed profiles of key industry players. The market coverage includes core ventilation technologies (mechanical 'forced' ventilation systems) for residential and commercial applications. Historically, legislation was a key driver for the uptake of mechanical ventilation products in both the residential and non-residential setting across Europe. As national and EU legislation led levels of insulation in new buildings to increase, a higher level of ventilation was also required to prevent indoor air quality from suffering and moisture problems from occurring.

As legislation was a key ventilation market driver, countries that made ventilation products mandatory in new build at an early stage have mature residential markets. The ventilation only market includes the more mature ventilation products such as unitary fans, roof fans and central extract/supply systems. Due to their relatively low efficiency compared to heat recovery units, these are increasingly becoming less favoured particularly in new housing, often due stricter regulations. The heat recovery market has seen one of the highest growths within the ventilation sector over the last decade, increasingly becoming the most popular ventilation system in new dwellings. Local heat recovery also became a popular substitute for single zone systems such as unitary fans, especially in the Nordic countries. The air handling market has been predominantly characterised by a growing shift towards systems with heat recovery, either through legislation banning low efficiency systems, or simply due to consumer demand for higher efficiency in buildings. 2019 saw similar developments with further growth recorded across majority of European nations as need for more efficient products in new housing and non-housing sectors was still prevalent and many countries continued their efforts of renovating old dwelling stock. This in turn drove sales of heat recovery ventilation further and exacerbated the declining trend of less efficient products such as roof fans. The impact of the current COVID-19 crisis on ventilation sales varies across countries, however, overall demand is likely to drop due to hampered construction output and private consumption in most of the regions. In the long term, the industry is anticipated to return to its expansion as need for ventilation surges and economies get back on track.

Table of Contents

Introduction - Ventilation

  • I.0 Introduction
  • I.1 About Us
  • I.2 Methodology and Terminology
  • I.3 Overview : Ventilation
  • I.4 Research Scope : Ventilation
  • I.5 Product Scope and Definitions : Ventilation
  • I.6 EU Legislation : Ventilation

Background : Germany - Ventilation

  • II.0 DE - Background
  • II.1 Background : Country Overview
  • II.2 Main Demographic Indicators
  • II.3 Main Macroeconomic Indicators
  • II.4 New Housing Completions
  • II.5 Dwelling Stock by Type and Tenure
  • II.6 Overview of Impact of COVID-19 on Forecasts

Distribution : Germany - Ventilation

  • III.0 DE - Distribution
  • III.1 Distribution : Sector Overview
    • III.2.1 Summary of Leading Distributors
    • III.2.2 Summary of Leading Buying Groups

Ventilation - Germany

  • 1.0 DE - Ventilation
  • 1.1 Ventilation : Market Sector Overview
  • 1.2 Historical Trends and Forecasts : Ventilation
    • 1.3.1 Prices and Market Values : Ventilation
    • 1.3.2 Prices and Market Values by Airflow Range
    • 1.4.1 End Use : Base Year
    • 1.4.2 End Use : Historical and Forecasts
    • 1.4.3 Type of Installation : Ventilation
    • 1.4.4 Type of Installation : Historical and Forecasts
    • 1.4.5 Technical Segmentation : Ventilation Only

The German Ventilation Market

    • 1.4.6 Technical Segmentation : Heat Recovery Ventilation
    • 1.4.7 Technical Segmentation : Heat Pump Ventilation
    • 1.4.8 Technical Segmentation : Air Handling Units
    • 1.4.9 Sales by Type : Air Handling Units
    • 1.5.1 Market Shares : Roof Fans
    • 1.5.2 Market Shares : Unitary Fans
    • 1.5.3 Market Shares : Central Heat Recovery - All
    • 1.5.4 Market Shares : Central Heat Recovery - Res
    • 1.5.5 Market Shares : Central Heat Recovery - Comm
    • 1.5.6 Market Shares : Local Heat Recovery
    • 1.5.7 Market Shares : Heat Pump Ventilation
    • 1.5.8 Market Shares : Air Handling Units
    • 1.6.1/2 Distribution Flow : Ventilation Only
    • 1.6.3/4 Distribution Flow : Central Heat Recovery
    • 1.6.5/6 Distribution Flow : Local Heat Recovery
    • 1.6.7/8 Distribution Flow : Air Handling Units
  • 1.7 Market Revision : Ventilation