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US Aging In Place 2017

出版商 BRG Building Solutions 商品編碼 342234
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 74 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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美國的老年人設備市場 US Aging In Place 2017
出版日期: 2017年08月31日 內容資訊: 英文 74 Pages

高齡者用設備業界同時也被稱為「universal living industry」美國目前正急速成長中。嬰兒潮世代迎向了退休期,隨著這些人口居家時間變長,無障礙設施浴缸·淋浴設備的需求也就跟著高漲,結果不僅只專業業者,整體改建業者也都開始經手這類產品。無障礙浴缸原本是由專門業者開發、銷售,具有20年以上的歷史,但最近大型建築業者也將亞洲所產廉價進口商品加入產品系列中來配合需求。此外,無障礙設施淋浴設備本來進入門檻就低,處於高級淋浴用品延伸出來的地位。另外浴缸用扶手等的安全器具,近年來也被當成浴室附屬品而日益暢銷,這邊由於打入門檻低,有各種產品供給。

本報告提供美國的老年人浴室設備的市場相關分析,整體市場結構,及主要市場推動因素與其影響度,提供您主要各類別(無障礙設施浴缸,無障礙設施淋浴設備用模組,安全器具) 的市場規模實際成果值·預測值 (過去9年·今後6年份),產品別價格趨勢,各產品·技術方式詳細趨勢,主要企業·品牌的市場佔有率,流通結構等調查評估。


  • 概要
  • 主要圖表
  • 宏觀經濟趨勢與其預測
  • 住宅的新建工程數量


  • 市場流通結構:概要

第1章 美國的無障礙設施浴缸市場

  • 市場概要:無障礙設施浴缸
  • 過去的市場趨勢和今後的預測:無障礙設施浴缸
  • 產品價格·市場規模:無障礙設施浴缸
    • 各最終用途市場區隔:無障礙設施浴缸
    • 系統類別的市場區隔:無障礙設施浴缸
  • 市場佔有率:無障礙設施浴缸
    • 流通的流程:無障礙設施浴缸
  • 其他的產品

第2章 美國的無障礙設施淋浴設備市場

  • 市場概要:無障礙設施淋浴設備
  • 過去的市場趨勢和今後的預測:無障礙設施淋浴設備
  • 產品價格·市場規模:無障礙設施淋浴設備
  • 各最終用途市場區隔:無障礙設施淋浴設備
    • 市場佔有率:無障礙設施淋浴設備用模組
    • 市場佔有率:無障礙設施淋浴盆
    • 流通的流程:無障礙設施淋浴設備

第3章 美國的浴室用安全器具市場

  • 市場概要:浴室用安全器具
  • 過去的市場趨勢和今後的預測:浴室用安全器具
    • 產品價格·市場規模:浴室用安全器具
    • 產品價格·市場規模詳細內容趨勢:浴室用安全器具
  • 各最終用途市場區隔:浴室用安全器具
  • 市場佔有率:浴室用安全器具
    • 流通的流程:浴室用安全器具
  • 銷售管道分析:浴室用安全器具



This report provides an in-depth analysis of the USA aging in place market including the monitoring of recent trend patterns and demand drivers, plus substantiated volume forecasts for the next 5 years.

Market Overview

The Aging In Place industry or now more commonly described as Universal Living industry is a rapidly growing market in the US. As the baby boomer generation hits retirement, the lure of staying in their own homes has increased the need to accessible bathing and showering and as a result the market has moved from specialist care products to widely available items for both new construction and renovation purposes.

Accessible baths remain a more specialized item, with the key players having been in the market for over 20 years, but more main stream bath manufacturers are adding an accessible bath to their portfolios, and cheaper Asian imports are on the rise.

Shower modules and trays have been an easy market for players to enter requiring a low or no threshold and the designs have been incorporated in both luxury and open price point products.

Grab bars, which are included in the bath safety section of this report, are gaining in popularity and are now widely offered by faucet companies as part of their bathroom accessories line. These products are increasingly decorative and often installed into showers which are not zero threshold or next to a general soaker bath.

Product Coverage

This report focuses on the following product categories:

  • Aging in Place Products :
    • Accessible Baths
    • Accessible Shower Module
    • Accessible Shower Trays
    • Bathroom Safety

Key Data Points

  • Historical volume trends (2005-2016) and forecasts (2017-2021)
  • Analysis of key market drivers and an understanding of the main influences affecting the future market outlook
  • Market values and average prices (2015 and 2016) at manufacturer selling price (MSP) level
  • End use sector segmentation (e.g. new housing, RMI, non housing)
  • Technical segmentation and product category breakdowns
  • Volume market shares per brand/company
  • Distribution analysis including routes to market flow diagrams

Table of Contents

Background : USA - Ageing in Place

  • I.0 US - Background
  • I.1 Background : Overview
  • I.2 Key Figures
  • I.3 Macroeconomic Trends and Forecasts
  • I.4 New Dwelling Construction
  • I.5 Housing Stock by Tenure
  • I.6 Largest House Builders

Distribution : USA - Ageing in Place

  • II.0 US - Distribution
  • II.1 Distribution : Bathroom & Kitchen
    • II.2.1 Summary of Leading Wholesalers and Buying Groups
    • II.2.2 Summary of Leading Retailers and Others

The US Accessible Baths Market

  • 1.0 US - Accessible Baths
  • 1.1 Market Overview : Accessible Baths
  • 1.2 Historical Trends and Forecasts : Accessible Baths
  • 1.3 Prices and Market Values : Accessible Baths
  • 1.4 End Use : Accessible Baths
  • 1.5 Market Shares : Accessible Baths
    • 1.6.1/2 Distribution Flow : Accessible Baths
  • 1.7 US - Aging in Place : Other Products

The US Accessible Shower Market

  • 2.0 US - Accessible Showers
  • 2.1 Market Overview : Accessible Showers
  • 2.2 Historical Trends & Forecasts : Accessible Showers
  • 2.3 Prices and Market Values : Accessible Showers
  • 2.4 End Use : Accessible Showers
    • 2.5.1 Market Shares : Accessible Shower Modules
    • 2.5.2 Market Shares : Accessible Shower Trays
    • 2.6.1/2 Distribution Flow : Accessible Showers

The US Bathroom Safety Market

  • 3.0 US - Bathroom Safety
  • 3.1 Market Overview : Bathroom Safety
  • 3.2 Historical Trends and Forecasts : Bathroom Safety
  • 3.3 Prices and Market Values : Bathroom Safety
  • 3.4 End Use : Bathroom Safety
  • 3.5 Market Shares : Bathroom Safety
    • 3.6.1/2 Distribution Flow : Bathroom Safety
  • 3.7 Sales Channel Analysis : Bathroom Safety
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