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南美的通訊產業 (季度更新報告)

Latin America Telecommunications Q4 2018

出版商 BMI Research 商品編碼 360976
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 36 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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南美的通訊產業 (季度更新報告) Latin America Telecommunications Q4 2018
出版日期: 2018年09月18日 內容資訊: 英文 36 Pages

本報告提供南美各國的通訊產業相關分析,提供您地區整體今後5年的產業規模動向估計,再彙整產業的課題 (風險) 和未來性的商機 (利潤) 之相關評估,各國市場現況·未來展望的詳細分析,以及主要企業簡介·產業策略·業績等資訊。


  • 南美市場


  • 南美市場
  • 最新趨勢
  • 結構性的趨勢


  • 南美的風險/利潤指標


  • 行動付款:南美行動市場上最大的市場機會
  • Telefonica:M2M安全·解決方案所需的兩岔式策略
  • DirecTV:接受其他公司的挑戰


  • Millicom International Cellular
    • 策略
    • 相關分析
  • America Movil



  • 產業預測技術
  • 資訊來源
  • 風險/利潤指標的分析方法


Product Code: SSL01_20181001

Key View:

There are significant investment opportunities in the Latin American telecoms market, but regulation and fragmentation remain the key barriers for growth, especially in the wireline segment. The markets in the region are in different stages of development, and so regulators seek different goals and operators use different strategies. Economic and political risk can negatively affect investment even in the more mature markets like Chile and Brazil. Forward-looking investors are looking to upgrade existing networks, and prepared to face low short-term returns. These are a prerequisite to be able to offer advanced services like video content, IoT and fintech, where investors expect to realise higher returns in the future. Telefonica tends to lead in this, with America Movil and Millicom following from a distance.

Table of Contents

Key View

  • Key View

Industry Forecast

  • Heightened Mobile And Broadband To Drive Minor Market Expansion

Industry Risk/Reward Index

  • Weaker Year-End Growth Weighs On Latin America Telecoms Index

Industry Trend Analysis

  • Peru Spectrum Reforms Good For 4G, But Will Not Bring 5G
  • Telecoms Brazil: Nextel's Sale Appealing To Offer Advanced Services
  • LTE Tracker: Going Beyond The Race To 5G
  • AT&T Acquires Spectrum, But Telcel Will Maintain Mexico's Telecoms Dominance
  • LLA First Step To Expand In LatAm Telecoms Finds Resistance From Incumbents

Global Company Strategy

  • Millicom Doubles Down On Latin America Telecoms
  • Telefonica: Content Driving Growth

Telecommunications Glossary

Telecommunications Methodology

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