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China Telecommunications Q1 2018

出版商 BMI Research 商品編碼 177707
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 82 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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中國的通訊產業(季度更新報告) China Telecommunications Q1 2018
出版日期: 2017年11月28日 內容資訊: 英文 82 Pages





  • 最新趨勢
  • 結構性趨勢


  • 產業:風險/利潤等級


  • 推動市場要素與趨勢
  • 行動通訊
  • 有線通訊和寬頻



  • 法規概要
  • 法規的發展



  • China Telecom
  • China Mobile
  • China Unicom




  • 產業預測技術
  • 資訊來源
  • 風險/利潤等級技術


Product Code: SSCN01_20180101

BMI View: We made modest forecast adjustments in Q1 2018 but retain a generally positive outlook for the Chinese telecommunications market in 2018 and over the course of our forecast period to 2021. Growth will come from increased uptake of mobile data services and 4G LTE adoption will continue on its upwards trajectory. The ICT sector is integral to China's 13th five-year plan (2016-2020) and will stimulate growth in other industries. While the plan lays out ambitious broadband targets, profitability in the telecoms sector will be largely undermined by the state-owned operators' need to compress prices to meet them. On the other hand, local IT and consumer electronics companies will gain from a higher budget for R&D (2.1% of GDP to 2.5%) and reduced reliance on imports for high-tech inputs. Operator strategies will continue to chime with the government's directive to drive uptake of wireline broadband and machine-to-machine (M2M) connections. As the prices of basic services will be compressed, operators will derive profit growth by developing and bundling value-added services with basic connectivity.

Table of Contents

BMI Industry View


  • Telecoms

Industry Forecast

  • Latest Updates
  • Structural Trends
    • Table: Telecoms Sector - Historical Data And Forecasts (China 2014-2021)

Industry Risk/Reward Index

  • Asia Pacific Risk/Reward Index
    • Table: Asia Pacific Telecoms Risk/Reward Index, Q118
  • China Risk/Reward Index

Market Overview

  • Market Drivers And Trends
  • Mobile
  • Wireline Voice And Broadband

Regulatory Development

  • Regulatory Overview
  • Industry Risks
  • Main Development: Changing The Competitive Landscape
  • Additional Developments
    • Table: Division Of Regulatory Responsibilities In China

Competitive Landscape

  • Table: China Telecoms Market Key Players
  • Table: Mobile Market Overview
  • Table: China Mobile
  • Table: China Unicom
  • Table: China Telecom

Company Profile

  • China Mobile
  • China Telecom
  • China Unicom


  • 13th Five-Year Plan: Key Points
  • Summary Of Contents
  • Chapter 1: Overview
  • Table: Targets
  • Chapter 2: Innovation To Drive Development
  • Chapter 3: Economic Institutions
  • Chapter 4: Modernisation Of The Agricultural Sector
  • Chapter 5: Industries
  • Chapter 6: Expand The Network Economy
  • Chapter 7: Build A Modern Infrastructure Network
  • Chapter 8: New-Type Urbanisation
  • Chapter 9: Coordination Of Regional Development
  • Chapter 10: Environmental Protection
  • Chapter 11: Continue Opening Up
  • Others:

Demographic Forecast

  • Table: Population Headline Indicators (China 1990-2025)
  • Table: Key Population Ratios (China 1990-2025)
  • Table: Urban/Rural Population & Life Expectancy (China 1990-2025)
  • Table: Population By Age Group (China 1990-2025)
  • Table: Population By Age Group % (China 1990-2025)


  • Table: Glossary of Terms


  • Industry Forecast Methodology
  • Sources
  • Risk/Reward Index Methodology
    • Table: Risk/Reward Index Indicators
    • Table: Weighting Of Indicators
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